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Culinary hobby? Not a culinary hobby if you don’t know about the preferred culinary cooking method. It must be difficult, but this time the cooking process to become a favorite food is easier, because there is a lot of information both from writing on the Internet or even videos on you tube, about how to cook the desired food. Trying 21 Day Fix Recipe Ideas, it can be a solution when you want to try an existing dish.

“Spicy Chicken Claws” (Picture Source: “Ndoro Putri Recipe” – Facebook)

This time the recipe we will try is food that is being hit and liked by culinary lovers in Indonesia, especially East Java, “Spicy Chicken Claws”. Incidentally this recipe is a collection of recipes that we usually collect and there is also on Facebook from the “Ndoro Putri Recipe” page with the album title “Various Delicious Claws Creations”, and deliberately stored by the author on a personal blog for preparation if you want to cook this menu.

21 Day Fix Extreme Recipe Ideas: “Spicy Chicken Claws”

Talking about a collection of recipes, the recipes are indeed very many and must be chosen. I deliberately chose “Spicy Chicken Claws” as a recipe discussion, coupled with various information about the chicken claw cuisine. Chicken Claws, one part of chicken is indeed considered trivial and useless. But actually chicken claws being parting of the legs that are usually consumed and can be found in Asian, Eastern European, Caribbean, Latin American and African cuisines. In fact, art in the culinary dishes of chicken claws can also be found in Indonesian, Chinese, Korean and Thai cuisines.

Please also note, in the chicken claw there is no muscle or meat, while of the edible tissue is the skin and tendons. Indeed, some people do not like culinary claws, because chicken claws are disgusting chicken parts. But for those who whom are culinary chicken claw, chicken claw is still preferred because of its soft and unique texture plus its savory taste. In addition to be a dish, it turns out that chicken claws that are separated from the bone and then fried until dry, can become to chicken claw chips.

Speaking of chicken claws, it turns out that chicken claws have tremendous benefits, namely:

  • Rich in collagen. The chicken plug contains high collagen. Collagen is one of the special substances needed by the body’s skin to strengthen elasticity.
  • Maintain joints and reduce the risk of brittle bones. Consuming chicken claws since young will provide different benefits and effects. Nutrients in chicken claws that is rich in protein, calcium, cartilage and collagen are very important to strengthen bone structure and prevent bone fragility in old age.
  • Cure injuries. Nutrients in the form of protein and calcium in these chicken claws, are very important in forming and regenerating nerve, muscle and human bones.
  • Healthy digestive tract. This benefit has not been known by many, that chicken claws that contain nutrients in protein, collagen, chondroitin and glucosami are good for making digestion healthy.
  • Balancing body hormones. Amino acids produced from chicken claws are called arginine, these types of amino acids form the body to release hormones that cause feelings of stress and stress, even arginine plays a role in producing reproductive hormones both male and female.

Lots of culinary variations from chicken claws. Chicken claws can be used as soup, or additional servings in the soy sauce chicken menu. Many connoisseurs of this spicy chicken claws make it as a snack food, they can also make this dish an additional side dish combined with warm white rice. And belows are also added menu recipes that you can try as new creations for the family.

21 Day Fix Simple Recipes: “Try the Spicy Chicken Claw Menu”

After knowing a little about chicken claw, including its benefits, this time we continue on how to make spicy chicken claw dishes. Here are the steps in preparing recipes for typical East Java daily dishes “spicy chicken claws”:

21 Day Fix Extreme Recipe Ideas: “Spicy Chicken Claws”
“Spicy Chicken Claws”

Spicy chicken claw ingredients:

  • 1/2 kilo chicken claw, clean it
  • Leeks 1 stalk, cut into small pieces
  • 2 sheets of bay leaves, choose a rather old one
  • 2 pieces of orange leaves, cut 2 parts
  • Lemongrass 1 stick, beat hard and spread
  • 2 cm long, hit hard and bruise
  • 2 cm ginger, beat hard and spread
  • White sugar 1 tbsp
  • 1 tablespoon flavoring
  • Adequate kitchen salt
  • 4 tablespoons oil, for sautéing
  • Water 2 cups medium

Spices are mashed for spicy claws:

  • Garlic 5 cloves
  • Shallot 5 grains
  • 5 large red chillies
  • Spicy chilis 25 pieces
  • Pecan 3 items
  • Powdered pepper ½ tsp

How to make delicious spicy chicken claws:

  • The first stage, please stir-fry first the mashed spices until slightly fragrant.
  • Then add stir-fried spices of ginger, orange leaves, lemongrass, galangal, stir until blended.
  • New water is added if the sauteed aroma and ingredients begin to wither, and wait until the water boils.
  • The next step, the chicken claw is inserted and then stirred until submerged until the claw is soft and cooked.
  • If the sauce in the claw starts to shrink, immediately sprinkled with onion leaves and then stirred again. And finally, serve the chicken claw into a dish to serve.

Of course to make “spicy chicken claws” in the 21 Day Fix Recipe Ideas needed to be considered in how to cook it, because chicken claws must be washed clean so as not to cause negatives effects on our health.

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