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Enjoying the holiday while traveling is a fun activity, especially when you are on holiday with your family. The story and experience this time is indeed a little different from the articles written before, if most of the previous articles were more filled with culinary experiences and reviews, this time I tried to review the traveling pleasure. Jogjakarta holidays, seems to be the right title in this article.


This time the city we are heading to is the city of Jogjakarta, why choose Jogjakarta as a place for vacation and traveling ?. The answer is simple, because Jogjakarta is the main tourist destination in Indonesia, besides it is famous for its history and cultural heritage. Jogjakarta, do not get tired of enjoying this city, although repeatedly come, whether using private vehicles, tourist buses or using trains. Besides that Jogjakarta has an impressive historical record and is also the center of the kingdom of Mataram (1575-1640), and interestingly until now the Kraton (or Istana) is still functioning and used until now.

Best Places To Travel In June Asia

Sub Title is a bit strange? Why is it the best choice in June in Asia, especially Yogyakarta, because in June the dry season starts, and not the rainy season, so you are safe from the possibility of rain, wetness, or muddy soil or even floods. But this is true … After taking days of consideration and calculating the costs incurred and added to the condition of the body after the trip, for example, tired of driving alone, then this trip to Jogjakarta was decided to use the train. Apart from this time being the first time using a train, another reason was that we brought a group of about 12 (twelve) people including children, so we thought that the choice to use the train was the best decision. And this is very appropriate.

Best Places To Travel In June Asia
Tugu Station

Lots of Jogjakarta trains from Surabaya, ranging from executive classes to economic classes, including Bima, Gaya Baru Malam Selatan, Jayakarta Premium, Logawa, Mutiara Selatan, Pasundan, Ranggajati, Sancaka, Sri Tanjung and Wijaya Kusuma. After considering the day and time of departure we chose the “Sancaka” train. For departures from Surabaya, depart in the afternoon that departs from Gubeng Train Station at 17.25 and is expected to arrive in Jogjakarta at 22.32 according to the scheduled arrival.

It is fun to enjoy a vacation by taking a train with the family including small children, because they consider riding a train is also part of a tour package to Jogjakarta. Moreover, this Sancaka Railway is a passenger train for the executive class that provides comfort for the family. It is very interesting to enjoy a vacation with the Sancaka train, by taking the name of the figure of the Python snake, as a snake and can survive in all circumstances, this train is indeed more focused on providing comfort to the passengers who have rented it to take to Yogyakarta destinations.

Best Places To Travel During June And July To Jogjakarta

Who said that a vacation to Jogjakarta is expensive? As long as you can plan and diligently search for information on the internet, and also take into account the budget that will later be issued, then you can also spend a low cost to enjoy vacation time in Jogjakarta.

Best Places To Travel During June And July To Jogjakarta
Sancaka Train

One of them is to enjoy a trip to Jogjakarta by train. You can also plan tourist attractions to be visited, because of the many tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, both natural, natural, and modern tourism. Then the travel time and time to enjoy a vacation must also be taken into account.

Due to the tight schedule and places to be visited, enjoying time on the train was included as part of a tour to Jogjakarta. Of course this is very fun for children, because they have never enjoyed a long journey by train.

Best Exotic Places To Travel In June with Family with Sancaka Train

Choosing a vacation to Jogjakarta is the right choice, but we always choose the time outside of the holiday season, in addition to the vacant tourist attractions, we can enjoy the tourist attractions more freely, because there are not too many arrivals.

Best Exotic Places To Travel In June with Family with Sancaka Train
Toegoe Resto

Likewise, when choosing a vacation to Jogjakarta by train, by choosing time outside the holiday season, we can get tickets easily, especially every time we enjoy our holidays with groups of 10 to 12 people, so we can together in one train car.

Speaking of the price of train tickets, we can get ticket prices that are cheaper than prices during the holiday season. The price of Sancaka class executive train tickets from Surabaya to Jogjakarta per person is around Rp. 205,000 up to Rp. 270,000, -. Usually we first order tickets online and just pay and exchange them for the original ticket at the counter at Gubeng Train Station. Even on other trips we can buy it through other train stations in the city we traveled.

Best Hot Places To Travel In June in Jogjakarta

With a great tourist atmosphere, even just arriving at Tugu Station we can enjoy the atmosphere of longing for Jogjakarta. Tugu Station is a large class train station with type A, Tugu Station is in the management of PT. Kereta Api Indonesia Operational Area VI Yogyakarta and located in Gedongtengen District, Yogyakarta City.

Best Hot Places To Travel In June in Jogjakarta
Train Track Map in Java

Tugu Station includes an old station which was inaugurated in 1887, the station building faces the street axis of the city of Yogyakarta. As one of the cultural reserves in the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Tugu Station has art deco architecture that was popular during World War I and World War II.

Tugu Station is very interesting, because it has two entrances and exits, with the main door facing Margo Utomo Street (Jalan Pangeran Mangkubumi, which includes the area of ​​Gowongan Village, Jetis District), while the south door faces Jalan Pasar Kembang (which includes the Kelurahan area). Sosromenduran, Gedongtengen District).

Best Hot Places To Travel In June in Jogjakarta
Menu in Toegoe Resto

As a part of tourist attractions, Tugu Station is also very good and for those who have a hobby of photography, Tugu Station can be used as an option for photo hobby. What is interesting in Tugu Station is the restaurant which is the destination for breakfast. This Toegoe Resto has a classic look that tends to be classic like the city of Jogja. Besides that, in Tugu Station there is also a cafe that visitors can use to wait for the scheduled departure while drinking coffee at Loko Cafe.

Best Hot Places To Travel In June in Jogjakarta
Loko Cafe

To prop up the stomach so as not to catch a cold, we usually order Jogja specialties, “gudeg”, although not dishes like Gudeg Yu Djum, but it feels good to fill the stomach.

Best Hot Places To Travel In June in Jogjakarta
Gudeg In Tugu Station

After 4 days and 3 nights enjoying the city of Jogjakarta, it’s time for us to go back to Surabaya City, on this return trip we go back to the same train as we departed “Sancaka Pagi” which departs at 6.45 and is expected to arrive at Surabaya at 11:45.

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