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As an option to enjoy a holiday, visiting Jogjakarta is a fun thing, even though it’s been here many times, but still not bored. This is because Jogjakarta City in Indonesia is a colorful city, all of which are in the city of Jogjakarta. You want a culinary tour, in the city of Jogjakarta, everything is there. You want to enjoy nature tourism, all natural attractions are very good and interesting, even without changing the shape and original structure of nature. Or you want to enjoy contemporary tourism, there is also a city in Jogjakarta, even though you only come to take photos.

Cakra Manggilingan – Sindu Kusuma Edupark Jogjakarta

Likewise with our family, even though we often enjoy holidays with children, both in the city of origin, and in other cities. The children still asked us to deliver to tours that contained children’s games, especially with interesting rides according to children’s minds. In Indonesia it is very different from other countries, if you want to enjoy the thrill of tourism in Jogjakarta, then the best month you can go is between June and November, because that month is the dry season, so you can be more comfortable and not exposed to muddy or dirty as in the rainy season.

Best Places To Travel In June Asia To Jogjakarta With Family

As an option in enjoying a holiday, it is not wrong if Jogjakarta has a tourist spot, with interesting playgrounds. One place for family recreation that is currently a hit is a recreational place for children and families in the Sinduadi area of ​​Jogjakarta. “SKE” or “Sindu Kusuma Edupark“, is a family recreation vehicle which is a playground for children and adults that was opened on December 20, 2014, located in Magelang Street Km. 2 or on Street of Jambon, Kragilan, Sinduadi, Mlati, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta. To get to the location of this tourist attraction is very easy, because from afar we can see games such as the waterwheel or in Edupark called the giant Ferris wheel or “Cakra Manggilingan”. And open from 09.30 AM to 11.00 PM.

Best Places To Travel In June Asia To Jogjakarta With Family
Sindu Kusuma Edupark

From its name, this + 7 hectare playground is part of Kusuma Agro tourism centered in Batu City, Malang, East Java, Indonesia. This SKE is a park or recreational vehicle that has a concept for the family, and the playground in SKE can be used for children and adults. In general, this SKE relies on the concept of education. And become a tourist vehicle for families.

Best Places To Travel In June On A Budget in Jogjakarta

Of the complete tourist attractions accompanied by rides to play and study in the city of Jogjakarta, the new Sindu Kusuma Edupark is the largest and most complete. By taking about 15 minutes from the center of the city of Jogjakarta, you can enter and enjoy many rides in this tourist spot.

Best Places To Travel In June On A Budget in Jogjakarta
Prambanan Temple Miniature

To enter Edupark, we must register first. We happen to register for a Gold Card of Rp. 100,000, – and if the token runs out can top up that has been provided in the SKE vehicle area, because there are many discounts obtained using this gold card.

Best Places To Visit In June in Yogyakarta for Children

As a recreational destination in Jogjakarta that is currently hits, and also worthy of being included in the list of tourist visits, the rides here have been able to fill the hearts of tourists to come to enjoy the Sindu Kusuma Edupark rides.

Lots of rides offered here, and of course interesting, including:

  • Cakra Manggilingan. This vehicle in another tourist spot is also called Bianglala, this vehicle is also an icon of SKE. Located in the middle of the Sindu Kusuma Edupark area, this cakra consists of 28 capsules, each of which can contain 4 (four) people. The attraction is when enjoying the Cakra Manggilangan and we are at the peak point with a 360 degree bird eye view offering. Please note, if Singapore has a 165-meter-high Flyer, Malaysia has an 88-meter-high Eye, Thailand has Asiatique as high as 60 meters, then in the 6th rank is occupied by Indonesia with a 48-meter high Cakra Manggilangan. Who is not interested in enjoying this vehicle? From above the height we can enjoy the views of the entire SKE area, including Jogjakarta along with buildings and hills in the distance.
Best Places To Visit In June in Yogyakarta for Children
Cakra Manggilingan
  • Panggon lunjak. For those who are happy about the challenge, can try this vehicle, with free expression, and jumping with somersaults can be done here. Me and the kids also tried this vehicle, the result, the heart felt like it would go off and only a few minutes we had asked to go down with the guard man. The price for entering the vehicle is Rp. 20,000.
Best Places To Visit In June in Yogyakarta for Children
Panggon lunjak
  • Kursi Mabur. This vehicle in another tourist place is also called the Flying Chair. This vehicle is also one of the rides for children with the ticket price of Rp. 25,000, this stretch chair can fly up to a height of 4 meters, while swinging we can enjoy the scenery around SKE.
Best Places To Visit In June in Yogyakarta for Children
Kursi Mabur
  • Roti Puter. This is also one of the rides that children try with ticket prices of Rp. 15,000. With this rotating cup we can spin in each cup cake and if the rotation is too tight we can stop it by pressing the button on the cup cakes.
Best Places To Visit In June in Yogyakarta for Children
Roti Puter
  • Sepeda Mabur. In addition to a number of rides that have been tried, there is also a vehicle that attracts attention for children to try it, which is a Sepeda Mabur. The Sepeda Mabur which is also called flying bicycle, is above 3 meters high and runs using a 100 meter long rail. And only for advice for parents if children want to try, should be accompanied by parents, unless children are brave and can reach the pedal.
Best Places To Visit In June in Yogyakarta for Children
Sepeda Mabur

In addition to the above games, there are also angkringan miniatures, or we call them stalls with typical Javanese traditional models, because they come from Jogjakarta. This Angkringan actually means a hangout. When viewed from its position at the back of several vehicles in SKE it is actually right, because these vehicles can be used to drink coffee or drink tea while waiting for the children who are enjoying the game at SKE.

Best Places To Visit In June in Yogyakarta for Children
Angkringan in Sindu Kusuma Edupark

The rides that can be enjoyed are really very many, there are about 18 rides or more that can be enjoyed besides the vehicle that I mentioned above, there are for example the House of Terror, 4D Cinema, 8D Cinema, Agility Area, Bumper Car, Mini Waterpark and Mini Lights.

Actually there are lots of games that can be tried, but due to time constraints so we have not been able to try some of these games. In essence, if you add more vehicles you can definitely attract more visitors.

Directions to Sindu Kusuma Edupark :

From Jogjakarta Kilometer Zero Point – Continue Left to Jogjakarta Street – Leave to Jalan Letjen Suprapto – Then turn right to Street of Mataram People’s Army – Continue to Student Army Road – Continue to Magelang Street – Left to Jambon Street – we arrive at ” Sindu Kusuma Edupark “which is on the right.

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