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Best Places To Travel In June– Describes the city of Surabaya as a destination tourist spots for right now it is not too difficult. This is due to Surabaya has many attractive tourist destinations, starting a tour of the history, culinary tour, shopping tour, religious tourism, tourism is even playing. Very complete, there’s even one more nickname given to the city of Surabaya, namely tourism mall, due to the large number of modern mall started to stand by giving comfort to the streets.

Best Places To Travel In June: Surabaya People's Amusement Park
Surabaya People’s Amusement Park

As the second largest city after Jakarta, Surabaya has an attraction, namely with the legendary attractions. Especially with some sight of the child that still exists and is still relevant to the changing times.

Best Places To Visit On June at Surabaya

With the abundance of choice tourist destination, of course, provide different options, let alone with some interesting sights and modern, will certainly make confused for us who will be traveling to tourist attractions in Surabaya. Rightfully before traveling to Surabaya, should we specified in advance what attractions and tours where can I go. Due to spend a day visiting the sights it will not be enough.

In this time we will be visiting any one tour in the city of Surabaya, the legendary and never become a tourist destination in the city of Surabaya. Especially with so many rides and play a varieties of entertainment in it.

Best Places To Travel In June Asia

Enjoy the holidays, seems to be a mandatory event for parents to please the son of her daughter let alone after she did the exam schools. Even if just for a walk to the city of Surabaya. Actually in Surabaya has been many sights free let alone cheap, for example some playground or garden city which already existing spacecraft playground that’s been well-maintained. Sometimes it even there are some animals as children’s entertainment that also provided food, for example carrots for the reindeeror vegetables.

Best Places To Travel In June On A Budget in Surabaya

Long live in Surabaya, about 10 yearly and recently, it could pay a visit to a place of cheap vacations, theme parks and the game. One of the cheap vacations spots that can is visited with the family is the people’s amusement park. Entertainment is very legendary and never became an icon of the entertainment in the city of Surabaya. This place has been around since the year 1961. Actually this THR existed from the Netherlands East Indies colonial era. At that time, this amusement parks is the siting of performances by the citizens of indigenous from various regions. That activity named Activity Annual Market or in the language of the Netherlands called “Jaarmarkt Soerabaia”.

The location of these people’s amusement park is straightforward to reach, adjacent to Hitech Mall, in the city of Surabaya, a station with a minibus passing through the Hitech Mall, its location is between the Memorial and the monument to General Sudirman. And because of its frequent hunting tools of the computer in the Hitech Mall making my curiosity to visiting THR Surabaya.

Finally, in the afternoon it could visit with family in the legendary rides in Surabaya. Located at Jalan Kusuma Bangsa No. 116 – 118, Tambaksari, Surabaya, East Java. In this age of THR + 40 this year and with an area of 16,910 m2, still standing upright in the middle of garden games that appeared in this era.

Best Places To Travel In June Cheap To Surabaya: Surabaya People’s Amusement Park

An awful lot we can visit rides in amusement park, from the extreme rides and triggers the adrenaline up to probe educational, and typical traditional amusement rides, i.e. “Ludruk”.

As the playground and holiday destinations which existed until now, to enter and enjoy the attractions of this very affordable. There are three types of payments that have to be met the visitors to enter the amusement parks. The first, the visitors will have to pay the entrance tickets is priced at Rp. 15,000, still affordable. And if you wanted to enjoying entertainment at these media we could buy tickets again, among other packages 5 Rp. 30,000 rides, Canal and Packard. 50,000,-, still very cheap compared to modern entertainment venues that exists today. But if you just wanted to enjoy “ludruk” or traditional comical drama Surabaya, you just pay one ticket performances only.

Best Places To Travel In June: Surabaya People's Amusement Park
Pay Entrance Tickets of Surabaya People’s Amusement Park

Where Is Best Place To Travel In June

Is there any business hours this THR from 15.00 until 22.00. Is there any timetable for THR business hours can be seen below:

Best Places To Travel In June: Surabaya People's Amusement Park
Business Hours of Surabaya People’s Amusement Park

It turns out that after getting into this game rides THR there are quite entertaining and not less with a new games that started popping up at this time.

As an illustration in THR 16 games for children and adults with game machines/attractions Fun Fair (Boom Boom Car, Ghost House, Shooting Gallery, Merry Go Round, Twin Dragon, Twists Aldin, Mini Train, Ball Pool etc), stage entertainment, cafe and many dishes and drinks which can be found here.

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