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What do you imagine about Jogjakarta? It must be a city with many interesting names. And of coursing it always makes us want to always enjoy the calm atmosphere of Jogjakarta in Indonesia, coupled with the traditional Javanese atmosphere that is so thick, especially Jogjakarta is one of the best places to travel in June in the world. Even with a lot of designations besides tourist cities, Jogjakarta is also called the city of education, because there are so many tourist attractions that have interesting educational facilities.

Taman Pintar Jogjakarta

One of the places in the Malioboro area, Jogjakarta which has various facilities is “Taman Pintar Jogjakarta or Jogjakarta Smart Park”. This educational venue is located on the east side of the Malioboro Street intersection or on Street of Panembahan Senopati No. 1-3, Gondomanan, Ngupasan, Jogjakarta. Taman Pintar is located in the center of Jogjakarta, is a tourist vehicle intended for children that was built as a vehicle for expression, appreciation and pleasure with a pleasant atmosphere.

Best Places To Visit In June in Jogjakarta and the Thrill of Enjoying Education in Taman Pintar

At the beginning of the departure to Jogjakarta, it was actually unthinkable to invite children to enjoy a holiday in this Taman Pintar education tour. However, because this holiday deliberately make children learn history and at the same time can take a vacation while studying, one of them is to choose Smart Park as a means of vacationing and learning. And it turns out that in this tourist place is very complete, because there are various vehicles that can make children interested in learning science.

Best Places To Visit In June in Jogjakarta and the Thrill of Enjoying Education in Taman Pintar
Taman Pintar

There are lots of fun activities that visitors can do, especially children. You can try various rides, such as learning to research in an oval building or learning about the solar system in the planetarium building. As a tourist place that combines recreation and education in one locations, making this park attractive, especially with the playing arena as well as educational facilities that have their own zones, and coupled with direct access to the Jogjakarta book center which is a former Shopping Center.

And, children are very satisfied and so enjoy various rides, especially at the age of those who have extraordinary curiosity. I can conclude that this tourist spot is very suitable for children, moreover they are in the stage of development and learning.

About Jogjakarta Smart Park

As a park focused on educational events, with its motto, which is educating and fun, this educational park, which was built in 2003, has an extraordinary positive goal, namely to develop children’s and young people’s interest in science through imagination, experiments, and game to develop quality Indonesian human resources. And of course Taman Pintar is trying to realize the teachings of Ki Hajar Dewantara, namely Niteni (Javanese) means to understand, Niroake (Javanese) which is imitating, and Nambahi (Javanese) means developing.

The construction of the Smart Park was completed on December 16, 2008 and was officially opened by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. And on this occasion it could be spelled out, the Jogjakarta Government was able to realize the hopes of the Jogjakarta people to be able to have educational tourist attractions for children who were in the school ages stage.

Best Places To Visit In June in Jogjakarta and the Thrill of Enjoying Education in Taman Pintar
Taman Pintar

This Smart Park has several zones and rides, which can be enjoying by visitors, including:

  • Playground. This zone is a welcome and game zone and various public space for visitors. In this zone various rides are available to play, including whispering parabola, tree houses, storytelling, water corridors, a spectrum of colors on the wall of the singing, rocking bridges, water dancing, teeter totter, pulley system, cranks, stone forums and sand castles.
  • Oval building. In this zone consists of introduction zones of the environment and exhibitions of science, exposure zones, history, science and technology.
  • Heritage building. This zone is intended for early childhood education consisting of preschool children to kindergarten.
  • Box Building. In this building there are various zones and consist of three floors. On the first floor is a complementary zone of Taman Pintar facilities that include exhibition space, audio visual space, Jogjakarta children’s radio, food court, and souvenir center. On the second floor, it is a zone of basic material and a zone of application of science and technology consisting of Indonesia, bridges of science, popular technology, libraries, and advanced technology. On the third floor there are science, animation and television laboratories, as well as courses classes.
Holiday Savings in Jogjakarta and Best Places To Travel In June Cheap
Smart Park

Holiday Savings in Jogjakarta and Best Places To Travel In June Cheap

Speaking of costs, of course, every tourist place has its own standards, but we can choose accorded to the budget that we budget. But among various tourist attractions, this Smart Park has cheap ticket prices, even though the price is relative for everyone. I think ticket prices are relatively affordable, for children Rp. 10,000 and adults Rp. 18,000. This Smart Park is open from Tuesday to Sunday at 09.00 AM and closes at 04.00 PM.

Holiday Savings in Jogjakarta and Best Places To Travel In June Cheap
Best Places To Travel In June Cheap

But the most important thing is, the purpose of educational trips are achieved, children can learn and play. And just as a parent, direct the child to learn better.

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