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Enjoying Malioboro tourism as the best place to travel in June was a part of Jogjakarta vacation tourism in a pleasant Indonesia Especially in the Malioboro area there are various interesting tourist attractions, ranging from historical tours, shopping tours, even educational tours for children. As part of historical tourism, of course Malioboro and its tourist attractions are important parts of history in Indonesia.

Fort Vredeburg

If you want to enjoy historical tourism in the Malioboro area, you can just walk along Malioboro, at the southern end of Malioboro there is a fortress, precisely behind the General Attack Monument on March 1, standing a building that was once used by the Netherlands to secure the government of the Dutch East Indies it resides opposite the fort. The fort was named “Fort Vredeburg“.

Best Places To Visit On June in Jogjakarta to Fort Vredeburg.

Vredeburg Fortress or also called Vredeburg Fortress Museum is a fort in front of the Great Building and Kraton of the Sultanate of Jogjakarta. And at this time, this castle building became a museum that introduced Indonesian history.

There are many tourist attractions that you can visit in Jogjakarta, as one of the tourist attractions that have historical value, so one of the recommendations for tourist attractions that need to be visited is the Vredeburg Fortress Museum. It is very interesting to visit this museum, because you, especially children, can learn history, and in it there are also dioramas that tell the heroic stories of the Indonesian struggle.

Best Places To Visit On June in Jogjakarta to Fort Vredeburg.
Fort Vredeburg.

There are interesting things that you can get when visiting this Vredeburg museum, including Fort Vredeburg has a very beautiful architectural design. Very interesting, that was the impression I got when I entered this museum, because this museum has a unique architecture added, it has a very thick Dutch feel, because the fort was built during the Dutch colonial government, so the building was built with typical Europe in ancient times. In addition to its unique design, Fort Vredeburg also has a unique collection and watchtower tower like a fort. There are four watch towers, which were used as a place to keep an eye on the movements of Jogjakarta people from above altitude. But now, the tower is used to enjoy the twilight atmosphere and also for interesting photo spot.

About Vredeburg Fort, Jogjakarta

Very interesting, when looking for information including history about Vredeburg Fort, Vredeburg Fort was established in connection with the birth of the Jogjakarta Sultanate. At first the fort was built by the Dutch in early 1760 and was named Fort Rustenburg or interpreted as a Resting Fortress. And in 1765, the building on this fort was refined and changed its name to Fort Vredeburg which means the Fortress of Peace. This fort has a rectangular shape that has four watchtowers in each corner and cube that allow the Dutch army to walk around while on guard, and the fort is also surrounded by a ditch.

About Vredeburg Fort, Jogjakarta
Vredeburg Fort

Aside from being a fortress (in 1760 – 1830), Vredeburg Fort was once used as a Dutch and Japanese military headquarters. And since Indonesia’s independence, this fort has changed its function to become the military headquarters of the Indonesian army.

About Vredeburg Fort, Jogjakarta

On November 23, 1992, the National Struggle Special Museum was renamed the “Jogjakarta Fortress Museum”. The museum contains restored Dutch heritage buildings, dioramas depicting struggles, collections of historical objects, photographs, and paintings of national struggles.

Best Places To Visit On June in Jogjakarta to Fort Vredeburg.
Collections of historical objects

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The location of the Vredeburg Fortress Museum is right in the city of Jogjakarta, precisely at Street of Ahmad Yani No. 6, Jogjakarta City or to be exact at the end of Malioboro Street, in front of the large post office building in Jogjakarta. To enter the museum and fort is very cheap, for adults only Rp. 2,000 and children only Rp. 1,000, -. As for foreign tourists, the ticket fee is charged Rp. 10,000 per person. The museum’s opening hours are from Tuesday to Friday, open from 08.00 AM to 04.00 PM, whiled on Saturdays and Sundays open at 08.00 AM to 05.00 PM. Every Monday and on Indonesian national holidays, the Vredeburg Fortress museum is closed. In addition, the museum manager also provides various facilities, including:

  • Library.
  • Space that can be used for seminars, training and meetings.
  • Free Hot spot.
  • Tour guide.
  • Performance room.
  • Islamic Prayer Room.
  • Audio visual and space for group learning.
  • Bathroom.

To reach this museum is very easy, from Jogjakarta Tugu Station, you can go directly along Malioboro Street, and before the intersection will be seen the Vredeburg Fortress Museum.

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Collections of historical objects

In addition to have a high historical value and the right moment to fill a vacation to Jogjakarta, Vredeburg Fortress is also used as a learning place for our children by introducing history about the struggles of the people of Mataram. What is interesting here, with the strength of this fortress, in each camp until now can be used to walk around the fortress while introducing history.

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