Coffee, this commodity does have a tremendous appeal, both for coffee lovers and coffee entrepreneurs. For coffee lovers, coffee becomes a drink with a tremendous sensation, which is needed every time. For entrepreneurs, Coffee provides revenue from coffee sold, either in raw form or in the form of coffee drinks in coffee shops. You are a coffee lover, in enjoying coffee that requires coffee equipment that can serve coffee, so it can make coffee delicious and fresh. Coffee brewing also has many types and for the needs, at home, you can provide Manual Drip Coffee Maker, which helps you in enjoying coffee.

A manual brew coffee machine, it looks easy to use, but do not get me wrong, to have a cup of delicious coffee, you must have a coffee understanding and have the ability to brew coffee. A lot of manual coffee brewed tool is very popular, especially in the world of specialty coffee.

Speaking of a manual coffee tool, then this coffee tool is a tool to make coffee that is done without using the machine so that the coffee results are very dependent on the blends of our hands. This manual coffee tool can be said to have a cheaper price, but to have it, you also have to adjust it to the needs, whether for daily needs at home or travel while traveling.

Manual Single Cup Drip Coffee Maker

One of the world’s coffee makers that can be used is Hario V60. This coffee tool is very popular because it can produce coffee without coffee pulp. This coffee tool was originally discovered in 1908, by a housewife who wants to enjoy coffee, but does not want to feel the bitter coffee is excessive, this woman named Melitta Bentz. To get a taste of good coffee, Melitta uses paper as the best way to get a delicious coffee.

Hario V60 (Picture Source: northstarroast)

Speaking of Hario’s coffee equipment, Hario is a Japanese company that stood in 1921. Hario V60 as a tool of coffee began to be introduced in 2005, called Hario V60 Coffee because it resembles a cup that is shaped like a V. On the inside of Hario’s tool V60 there is a spiral groove that is useful to drain water and Remove gases from coffee mixed with hot water. At the base of this coffee tool, there is a hole that has a function for the place of water discharge result of coffee.

Best Manual Drip Coffee Maker

Talking about the manual coffee tool is interesting, let alone the kind of manual coffee tool. The manual coffee tool has a unique design and shape. This time, actually talking about the best type of coffee drip tool, surely a lot of it, but this time I’m interested in talking about a popular and simple tool, namely Vietnam Coffee Drip.

Best Manual Drip Coffee Maker
Vietnam Coffee Drip (Picture Source: lickmyspoon)

The use of Vietnam Coffee Drip is very simple and has a solid coffee brew result. As for the coffee of the extraction of Vietnam drip, can be used as a variety of premium coffee drinks for the middle class.

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Coffee, this type of drink still leaves a long but enjoyable story, ranging from the type of coffee to the coffee machine used to make good coffee. There is a lot of coffee equipment used to make coffee, starting from the since choosing coffee beans until the end of the production of coffee, which is a cup of delicious coffee. One of the tools of coffee that you may have never known is  “Percolating Coffee Pot “, this tool is a tool of espresso non-machine or commonly called percolator.

The use of coffee tools such as percolator is different from the use of other coffee equipment. In Percolator, coffee powder is placed between the upper tube and the bottom tube, only then the boiling water is flowing from the bottom of the top. The coffee produced will produce strong coffee or become a thick coffee, this is due to the comparison of water, fewer than the black coffee mixed.

A Percolating Coffee Pot

At first Percolating coffee or coffee percolator used by people of old, until the year 1970. The Coffee percolator was discovered by a scientist named Count Romford, or better known as Sir Benjamin Thompson (Years 1753 – 1814).

Coffee Percolator is a pot-shaped coffee maker used to brew coffee by continuously boiling coffee through the base of the pot using the power of gravity and high temperatures to the desired constraints Reached.

A Percolating Coffee Pot (Picture Source:

This coffee percolator is the ancestor of modern coffee machines that exist today and is one of the stepping stones of a coffee machine to a modern coffee machine.

Percolating Coffee Pot Reviews

Speaking of a coffee tool, the percolator is a tool for making coffee that is often used before the drip method is found. Although this tool is a coffee tool that is outdated but still often used by coffee connoisseurs who are old and have long used this tool.

Percolating Coffee Pot Reviews
Percolating Coffee Pot (Picture Source:

For coffee lovers who understand the details of coffee equipment, then there is a shortage of using this percolator, ie we will not get the highest quality coffee, although the use of this tool is relatively easy. One bag of powdered coffee is placed in a kettle, and water, which is then boiled. Boiling water overflows through the coffee powder when the coffee water has reached the black color to taste, then the coffee is ready to be served.