A coffee table is one of the furniture that always decorates the living room, this furniture becomes one of the furniture that provides added value to the owner. In addition to the function to put a cup of coffee, a coffee table can also be used to put a variety of goods on it, for example, food or some work tools or just a book and a magazine. There are a lot of coffee table models that you can have, but this depends heavily on the design of your home and the living room design. White Distressed wood coffee table, could be your choice to fill the living room.

The coffee table is a table that has a smaller size and usually, this table is placed in the living room, this table is usually placed between the couch and other furniture objects. Besides its function to decorate the space, the coffee table is also a central point of attention from the interior design of the living room.

The type of coffee table with wood material does have many varieties and types, including a coffee table with the distress model. Distress is one kind of technique to cultivate wood with the aim that the wood looks to be like an old age wood. Wood processing technique with distress technique is very suitable for furniture with antique and rustic models.

Distressed Painted Wood Coffee Table

Having a coffee table with different models becomes a pleasure and sensation of its own, let alone the coffee table becomes a favorite place to enjoy the time as well as the place you work at home. There is a way for wood to look like it has long been used. The important thing to note is that the characteristics of the furniture are owned, it has a function to be able to recognize which part you want to be made to look like worn out.

Distressed Painted Wood Coffee Table (Picture Source: www.pinterest.com)

From the many furniture, a coffee table is one of the furniture that is very easy to do finishing with chalk paint and technique distress, because it has a very simple shape. On the coffee table, the part that you want to make becomes obsolete, located on the top table and the elbow.

Distressed White Wood Coffee Table

As a coffee lover, then have a coffee table seems to be a necessity, especially with having a white coffee table, plus again with a coffee table that we have a distressed design coffee table, certainly become more interesting. The distressed coffee table looks more awesome, this is due to the use of chalk paint. Chalk paint is deliberately chosen to make a coffee table distressed interesting because its color is pastel. Paint in pastel colors, this is suitable for all furniture with vintage style or even shabby chic.

Distressed White Wood Coffee Table
Distressed White Wood Coffee Table (Picture Source: www.overstock.com)

Why distressed coffee table using white color?. This is because the chalk paint is used to have a color that is almost similar to lime for a whiteboard. As a coffee table that has a different design with a common type of coffee table design, this coffee table does provide attractive added value, especially for those of you who use a vintage concept as the concept of a house that you use.

The most important is not how expensive the furniture is, but the main thing is how the coffee table function can provide comfort for you at home.

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For a coffee lover and also often enjoy coffee at home, having a coffee table, it seems like must-have equipment. Putting the coffee table in the living room becomes a delight, besides being able to beautify the living room, a coffee table can be a fixture to fill space in the living room. Sometimes in a living room with a minimalist concept, and incidentally want to fill the living room with small furniture, then the choice is to fill it with a coffee table. Before filling it, you need to measure the empty living room part, and also need to know the average coffee table size, to create an interesting atmosphere in the living room.

By getting the exact size of the coffee table, the purpose and function of the coffee table to be placed in the living room becomes suitable. The existence of furniture or coffee table in space, essentially want to support the function of space, in the sense without a table, especially coffee table, then the living room will be difficult to use by the owners.

Therefore choose a coffee table for the living room with the best size and design. Adapt the coffee table to your home concept and space concept. Do not let you buy a coffee table arbitrary, because it reduces the beauty of your living room.

Average Size For Coffee Table

There is an easy way to choose the best coffee table, to be placed in your home. Taking what Estee Stanley says, an editor at Domainehome.com, who says that a fan of modern aesthetics, usually prefer a coffee table with a smaller size. While fans of classic aesthetic design prefer classic-style furniture with larger table sizes.

Average Size For Coffee Table (Picture Source: royhomedesign)

Both models can be used anywhere, but on a condition that has the right size. From an aesthetic perspective, the coffee table is at least 10 inches (25 cm) long to 18 (45 cm). So, if you have a sofa with a standard length of 87 inches (220 cm), then look for a coffee table with a size between 51 inches to 57 inches (about 129 cm up to 144 cm).

Average Size Of Coffee Table

Average Size Of Coffee Table
Average Size Of Coffee Table (Picture Source: https://mediasupload.com)

A lot of types and models of the coffee table, but to choose the right size and best, you have to adjust to the shape of the space you have. Above we’ve got a reference on the size based on aesthetics. But on average, look for a coffee table with a high standard between 36 cm to 48 cm. And for the size of the width and length, it depends on the taste and design of the coffee table that you want. For coffee table width usually uses a size between 50 cm to 70 cm, and for a coffee table length, using a size of 90 cm up to 140 cm.

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Enjoying coffee can be anywhere, even in addition to the home, when you travel, you can bring your favorite coffee. Not only the street, even in the office, but there is also coffee for employees. Nowadays many offices provide coffee, as to drinks for a coffee break, or simply eliminate the drowsiness that is chastening, especially you are doing the work that can not be left behind. It may not be in the form of a café in the office, but it can be an office coffee stand, which is simple and does not require a large place.

Most of you who work in the office and often do meetings always provided coffee. But also many offices that provide coffee and coffee machines that are placed in a particular place, to facilitate, when you want to enjoy a coffee while working. Most of the selected coffee is not an instant coffee or coffee sachet, but it is a specialty coffee, which has the right caffeine levels.

A cup of coffee in conducting activities, is very meaningful because for those of you who love coffee, without coffee in doing routine will be boring, especially you are being pursued deadlines and target work to be completed.

Coffee Stand For Office

Usually, the office always provides a pantry, although it is only a narrow space. Pantry is part of the kitchen space that is used to store various types of cooking utensils and various ingredients to make dishes, so the pantry is often equipped with cabinets and cabinets for storing places. However, sometimes even though there is a pantry, to facilitate the employees make coffee, on the other hand also provided a full coffee stand with a coffee machine.

Coffee Stand For Office (Picture Source: uniquelywomen.net)

Coffee is important for those of you who work in any field because basically to produce the best results, depending on the mood, the better the situation will make the job even better and the result is also better. Therefore, one of them to improve the mood is to provide the coffee place itself.

Office Coffee Maker Stand

Have the following coffee maker with coffee stand be different, because the employees do not need to linger into the pantry, but just pressing some features of the coffee machine, take the needed coffee cups and immediately get back to work. There are many office models for office coffee booths to choose from. But most importantly, not in terms of the coffee stand, but the important thing is in the selection of coffee maker is strong and durable, because the obvious, coffee maker will be used by many people in the office.

Office Coffee Maker Stand
Office Coffee Maker Stand (Picture Source: bellamanufacturing)

Office Coffee Stand is a fixture of coffee or furniture that can be placed separately or in the pantry, but if the pantry becomes a space mixed with cookware, it is good to put in its place, not be Problem if the aroma of coffee will spread to the corners of the office.

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Interested in filling the living room with a set of coffee table including a sofa or an attractive chair?. For those of you who do not yet have the opportunity to fill the living room, maybe the best opportunity to get detailed information about what furniture can fill your living room. There are a lot of ways and models of tables that can be used to fill the living room, but the main thing is that you have to have the right concept before buying the furniture. If you like coffee, it is possible that “black coffee and end table sets” can be an option to fill the living room.

On the internet itself, a lot of the best offers from online stores or offline stores that offer attractive furniture. But what can be suggested is to look for the concept of space and budget of funds that you have. Many furniture shops offer a complete set of furniture at a lower price.

The coffee table can be the main table that you want to place in addition to the various furniture that you want to buy because incidentally, you are very fond of coffee. The coffee table of the living room is a table with low altitude which is usually placed in front of the living room sofa.

Black Coffee Table And End Table Sets

The coffee table has a variety of sizes, the average coffee table has a height between 40 cm to 50 cm, for a coffee table with a square shape has a size 80cm x 80cm, and a coffee table with rectangular shape has a size of 120cm x 60 cm. Various Shape, concept, and model of a coffee table, made you can have a choice of coffee table that can be customized to your liking. Coffee table concept includes classic, modern minimalist, contemporary, and many more concept about furniture.

Black Coffee Table And End Table Sets (Picture Source: royhomedesign)

Having a coffee table set is an interesting thing because your living room looks harmonious with the concept of home. Usually using a concept like this, is a home with a minimalist concept, simple and not much decoration. The coffee table has a function to put drinks, magazines, and even your fun objects while you enjoy coffee.


Having an idea to make furniture from unusual materials becomes an interesting thing. Many ways can be done to get the best furniture that can complement your living room, even your minimalist home. For you who have a coffee lover who has a fantastic idea, of course, have household furniture with the best idea to be a self-centered pleasure. From a variety of materials that can inspire you to get a coffee table, one of them is the material from the airplane part. Airplane coffee table, an interesting idea to have a coffee table from an airplane part.

There are many ways to get interesting ideas and designs using airplane parts. One of them is ordering a coffee table with material from an airplane wing, which can be transformed into a unique table. Have you ever imagined a plane that has not operated converted into furniture or household furniture? You must be confused to imagine because nowadays started a lot of material modification of the aircraft used for furniture use, especially the coffee table.

And this has happened, with the emergence of real photographs showing the existence of a coffee table of aircraft wing materials, not only a coffee table but various household furniture, many are made with modified materials from the fuselage Fly. It’s interesting, of course, the living room can be more artistic and more futuristic.

Airplane Inspired Coffee Table

Using unused scrap material into an item that can be used to be an interesting idea, especially to reduce dirt or debris that accumulates. Likewise, with inoperable aircraft, it will usually disassemble and take part that is still useful for reuse, but the remainder will be discarded as a plane or finally used for other uses, such as for Restaurant.

Airplane Inspired Coffee Table (Picture Source: royhomedesign)

One of the airlines, Lufthansa, which is the airline from Germany, does a different way to the aircraft that are no longer used. Lufthansa deliberately changed the aircraft with the registration code D-AIHO into a product that is popular and can be collected by tourists.

Plane Coffee Table Book

One of the products made from the aircraft wing is a coffee table. This coffee table is made from slats and side panels. The creators of this furniture are Lufthansa, Miles & More GmbH and Lufthansa Technik. This Program is called Luthfansa Upcycling Collection which deliberately makes furniture from parts of aircraft that have been withdrawn after operating for 10 years of service.

Plane Coffee Table Book
Plane Coffee Table Book (Picture Source: http://writehookstudio.com)

In addition to coffee table products, part of the aircraft can also be made the table of Windows and safety glass. The idea of making furniture and other unique designs is an excellent result of the airline’s design team who also make furniture utilizing the outside of the other aircraft.

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Furniture is still an eye-catching home. A lot of choices of furniture that can decorate the contents of the house, from the type and model is simple to the complex and modern. If you are someone who puts the side of beauty and harmony, then the selection of furniture will be based on the concept of an artistic house. Likewise, if you are a coffee lover, you will choose the furniture that gives you the comfort of enjoying coffee, one of which is a coffee table. There are a lot of shops that provide attractive furniture, one of which is Joss and Main. You can choose Joss And Main Coffee table at Joss and Main furniture shop.

Joss and Main are one of the subsidiaries of Wayfair.com which was founded by Wayfair LLC around the year 2011. Joss and Main is a sub-organization or can be called as a new division of the company that provides household furniture. As a company that provides furniture and furniture, Joss and Main is a website with a membership system and offers all kinds of decorations for the home.

By offering household furnishings of all brands, Joss and Main provide a great deal for those who need furniture for the home. Especially if you need a coffee table, Joss and Main can be an easy solution to get your furniture needs. Joss and Main is the largest company engaged in furniture sales in the United States, headquartered at 177 Huntington Avenue, Suite 6000, Boston.

Joss And Main White Coffee Table

A coffee table can be said to be one of the most important household furniture to fill your living room. And your choice is very precise when determining the choice to Joss and Main to choose a coffee table. If you like a neutral color coffee table as white, then Joss and Main give a choice of the white coffee table from various famous brands and with the best and attractive design.

Joss And Main White Coffee Table (Picture Source: 12thandwhite)

The White coffee table of Joss and Main is a furniture product that has a luxury furniture design. You can choose a coffee table made from mahogany wood with super grade A quality. By having good quality, the coffee table model is made with precision and thorough, and has the best quality, more durable and can be worn in the time Long.

Joss And Main Rustic Coffee Table

In addition to a selection of coffee tables above, Joss and Main also provide a coffee table with a rustic concept. The Rustic Model coffee table is a coffee table concept with nature and natural themed. The blend of rustic coffee table furniture will make your living room appear to be nicer and beautiful, even with a natural impression will be reflected from the use of wood and make the living room warmer.

Joss And Main Rustic Coffee Table
Joss And Main Rustic Coffee Table (Picture Source: https://id.pinterest.com)

The combination of rustic concept as well as a small touch of your modern house will complement the design of your space. Rustic architecture is a style or architectural model from the United States that are used for buildings in the village or on the structure and also the interior of a private home. But in its development, the modern rustic concept develops into a concept that fills each other and makes furniture more attractive.

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Rustic, one of the most interesting concepts, especially if you use the rustic concept in your home. The rustic model can be interpreted as a concept that uses a rustic model that can be used for home and furniture in the house. A lot of houses adopt a natural style and design by taking home ideas in the countryside. Included in the furniture to fill the house, most materials used are derived from wood with a somewhat rough structure and fiber. For those of you who love coffee, the rustic model can be your choice to choose furniture with a rustic model, including choosing cheap rustic coffee tables as a coffee table option.

Rustic is a concept that uses wood material as the main element, but in addition to wood can also use natural materials such as stone. In a growing era with the many concepts that can be used, you can integrate the concept into one, such as the concept of modern, minimalist rustic. With a variety of additional modern furniture that is polished with a rustic twist, it will make your house and furniture more unique and attractive.

The living room becomes a vital place for you, especially those who love coffee and use the living room to enjoy a coffee. The use of a coffee table with a rustic model makes you feel comfortable and enjoy the coffee. The combination of wood at the coffee table makes the coffee table look more natural, especially in the design of the living room that combines the wood with natural material from the stone, so that it can provide good lighting, which can cause a comfortable impression.

Rustic Coffee Table Ideas

The idea of choosing a coffee table with a rustic model is the best choice for you who love the rustic concept. By having the idea, the main key in the use of this concept is material, the placement of furniture, furniture, and accessories used, must be natural. Coffee table becomes an important element to choose if you are a coffee connoisseur. Placing a rustic model coffee table in the middle of the living room will give you a different focal point, especially with a unique and interesting look.

Rustic Coffee Table Ideas (Picture Source: palletsdesigns)

Besides the selection of rustic concept, it should not be underestimated in terms of color selection, the color used must be harmonious between the color used and the concept of the house used, namely to look more natural. Natural color that can be used, among others, soil color, grass color or the color of trees.

Rustic Coffee Table Black

The rustic concept is different if the modern minimalist concept prefers bright colors, but in the rustic concept, you should choose natural colors.  Although you should use natural, you can mix or use other interesting colors, as long as you are in harmony with the concept of the house and the rustic furniture that exists. Coffee table selection can be an attractive choice for coffee furniture, or you can choose a black rustic coffee table, which is a neutral color.

Rustic Coffee Table Black
Rustic Coffee Table Black (Picture Source: midcityeast)

The combination of color you can do, along with the furniture or shape and design of the wall, not as opposed to rustic-themed furniture that has a distinctive characteristic, ie furniture is not done the finishing, so it gives a sense of hard and natural.

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What can you do with a cup of coffee?. Of course, there are many things you can do, especially with a cup of coffee at the coffee table. Nowadays, the coffee table becomes an inevitable need, especially for coffee lovers. With the presence of a coffee table in the living room, become a uniqueness of its own, especially with the small shape, but a focal point in the middle of the living room. To determine the choice of a coffee table, at least you have to adjust to the concept and shape of your house when you choose the concept of minimalist house, the skinny coffee table can be an option to fill your living room.

A lot of coffee table selection that you can choose. Coffee table becomes one of the most popular furniture nowadays, especially since coffee rose class into a premium beverage that began to be liked by all circles so that making coffee inspires all things related to coffee. With the function of a coffee table that is used to put food and drinks, a coffee table can also be used to store magazines, books can even be used to work.

Coffee table with a skinny model has many designs, but the main thing that encourages the concept of skinny, is a minimalist concept, with a rectangular shape with a slim model. This Skinny Model coffee table is perfect when placed in the middle of the room, between the chair or the couch, and the table of the box becomes a focal point to make the living room more attractive.

Skinny Black Coffee Table

Coffee table with a skinny model indeed has its uniqueness, with elongated and somewhat short shape, causing a coffee table with this model is perfect to put in a house with a minimalist concept. Coffee table with a skinny model has the main characteristic, namely, the table legs are rather short compared to the usual coffee table. The coffee table with this model is perfect for the living room that does not use the chair or by sitting on the floor above the carpet.

Skinny Black Coffee Table (Picture Source: knittystash.com)

Black Skinny Model coffee table, very suitable for the living room with the concept as above. The skinny Model is indeed inspired by 1950 furniture and nowadays began to be enthused again by the community to beautify the modern minimalist living room.

Long Skinny Coffee Table

One more minimalist coffee table model suitable for your living room, ie coffee table with long skinny design. This coffee table Model is suitable for a minimalist house with a wide space and length, or if placed in a limited space, can be placed on the side of the couch, so instead of being placed in the middle of the living room. But even though this coffee table is elongated, it is very interesting to fill your living room.

Long Skinny Coffee Table
Long Skinny Coffee Table (Picture Source: www.1stdibs.com)

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