Having a habit of drinking coffee in the day becomes a fun routine, besides being able to give a spirit effect before starting the activity, coffee can also give a sense of calm to the drinkers. Many ways can be done to enjoy a cup of coffee, brew coffee directly is a pleasure yourself, but there are times when you are faced with the desire to make coffee by mixing it with Creamer, especially for those of you who Not strong with sour coffee flavor. And if you want to make coffee safely, you can use coconut milk coffee creamer. This way is a safe way for the health of enjoying coffee.

Many ways can be done to enjoy coffee, one of which is to add coffee creamer on coffee. The addition of Creamer on coffee will make coffee more delicious with savory tastes. However, behind the enjoyment of creamer, there is a study that says that the Cremer on coffee can make people senile.

Research conducted around the year 1914, mention that coffee creamer containing trans fats found in coffee creamer and also pastry ingredients can cause loss of memory, heart disorders, and can trigger diabetes and disease Cancer. However, you do not have to worry about hearing it because there is a natural and healthier way, that is with coconut milk instead of creamer on coffee.

Coconut Milk As Coffee Creamer

As a creamer substitute, coconut milk provides tremendous benefits, besides being able to be used for food, it can also be used to substitute creamer on coffee. Coconut milk is a healthy source of food because it contains vitamins and minerals. Research in the year 2010, mentioned that the content of medium-chain triglycerides found in coconut milk can reduce weight.

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For you who are not strong coffee losers with sour coffee flavor, the use of coconut milk is recommended, especially for those of you who are not strong with milk, so that the coconut milk can be the best substitute alternative product.

Coconut Milk For Coffee Creamer

Nowadays, coconut milk is known worldwide as an ingredient that can be used to add flavor to traditional food and drink. Coconut milk is made by squeezing coconut meat and produces savory flavors and creamy taste. Coconut milk has a texture and looks similar to milk, coupled with the savory flavor produced, the coconut milk is very fitting when combined with coffee.

Coconut Milk For Coffee Creamer
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As a substitute for milk, the price of coconut milk is relatively very affordable and does not contain animal elements, so it is safe for you who are allergic to milk.

Best Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer

With the rapid development of information and public awareness of health, many coffee innovations have begun to be developed for commercial purposes. One of them is the trend of using organic material, namely coconut milk. Coffee drinks are developed with the product “Coconut coffee”, which is a coffee that is added to coconut milk is very savory.

Taking up data from New Nutrition Business in 2017, the number of products that use coconut milk has a tripled increase from 2010 to 2016 with a total of 318%. And it can be said, coconut milk is currently a trend as a substitute for dairy products, especially in coffee drinks.

Recipe For Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer

As a product that has a function as a substitute for milk, the use of coconut milk can give coffee flavor become more savory and have a delicious aroma. Moreover, the use of coconut milk as a substitute for milk makes a coffee drink healthier, and this product is also very favored by vegetarians.

Recipe For Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer
Recipe For Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer (Picture Source:

You are interested in making your coconut milk as a substitute for milk and creamer, here is the way or the recipe makes creamer of coconut milk easily, as follows:

  1. Prepare 2 tablespoons maple syrup and 4 cups thick coconut milk.
  2. Heat the coconut milk using small fire until cooked.
  3. Then chill it, and blend the ingredient for 30 seconds.
  4. Add 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla essence to add aroma.
  5. Use the ripe creamer as a coffee mix.
  6. The leftover creamer of unused coconut milk can be stored in a refrigerator using an airtight container to make it more durable.

Interested to try?. Immediately prepare the ingredients and enjoy your favorite coffee.

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As a coffee connoisseur, you must be familiar with Creamer. Creamer is a dairy substitute product, which is commonly used for milk coffee or other coffee blends. Maybe for those of you who are strong with sour coffee, the sour coffee flavor is not a problem, but for those of you who are not strong with a sour taste, one solution is to mix creamer with coffee that can reduce the acid levels and you can enjoy the coffee. Talking about Creamer speaks about creamer price, the price varies depending on the brand, one way if you want a cheap price, one of them is to get coffee creamer coupons. This coupon can reduce the normal price you usually buy.

As we know together that Creamer is a dairy substitute product that is a fat emulsion product in water, made from vegetable oil that has been hydrogenized with some dietary additives. As an extra ingredient for beverages, Creamer does have many advantages over other dairy products.

There are currently a lot of offerings from manufacturers or sellers selling creamer products at stores or grocery vendors, in addition to varying prices, sometimes you can get special prices by getting coupons that can be used when To purchase the next period.

Free Coffee Creamer Coupons

Speaking of coupons, the coupons are one way of promotion in business to increase the sales rate. It is also done on the distribution process creamer to the consumers. Coupon vouchers become a new trend in business so that consumers use the products offered by the brand owners.

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In the process of awarding the Creamer, a coupon is to have repeated purchases that were done by the consumers. With the coupon voucher made can be a promotional media for a product in particular creamer.

Coupons On Coffee Creamer

Increasingly tight competition in creamer products, causing business owners to look for their ways to sell products sold. Awarding of coupons on the sale of products is expected to boost sales creamer. And even though it is not yet seen, in fact, with a split coupon causing potential buyers to be tempted to buy.

Coupons On Coffee Creamer
Coupons On Coffee Creamer (Picture Source:

There are several examples of coupon form offered to prospective buyers in particular to offer product creamer, among others:

  1. Baileys Coffee Creamer Coupons
  2. Natural Bliss Coffee Creamer Coupons
  3. Carnation Coffee Creamer Coupons
  4. Coffee-Mate Non-Dairy Creamer Coupons

That’s some examples of coupons for coffee creamer purchases. Hopefully can provide the best information for you.


Enjoying coffee seems like already a part of our daily life. Coffee has become a compulsory drink that we must drink, especially when in the morning. Even for those who love coffee, but not strong with the sour flavor of coffee, usually add other ingredients, so that coffee becomes a favorite drink they can enjoy. But with the growing-up of coffee lovers of health, they start looking for other creamer ingredients that can add coffee flavor, the form of all natural coffee creamer.

It is very difficult to find coffee creamer material from natural ingredients because most of the provided in coffee shops and grocery stores daily necessities is non-dairy creamer. From various research, it is not wrong if you like coffee, because, with coffee, you can get benefits for health, for example improving memory, giving a sense of calm or making the mood more comfortable, Improve cardiovascular health and also lower the risk of diabetes.

But the pleasure of coffee, sometimes limited by the ability of your body is not strong with the sour flavor of coffee is so disturbing. So far to overcome this, most coffee lovers add it with creamer, which unknowingly, enjoyment of enjoying coffee with a mixture of creamer, make a threat to health.

Natural Coffee Creamer Alternative

With the development of information that has been very remarkable, coffee creamer that used to be very well-liked, now become additional material of coffee is likely to be avoided. Non-dairy Creamer is a mixture of Creamer that is usually added to coffee drinks. The tendency to avoid this type of creamer, because this creamer contains a lot of fat so that it can cause blockages in the arteries that can cause a heart attack. And consuming a creamer in many quantities can cause diabetes.

Natural Coffee Creamer Alternative
Natural Coffee Creamer Alternative (Picture Source:

The threat to health, resulting from this artificial coffee creamer caused the creamer to begin abandonment coffee lovers. So that these coffee losers start to switch to a natural, safe and healthy creamer for consumption when blended with coffee.

Alternative creamer can be obtained using organic creamer such as organic creamer made from coconut milk as raw material. Or use other alternatives by choosing natural ingredients such as vanilla powder, peppermint or peanut extract (either almond or hazelnut). This natural ingredient is a material that can be used as an alternative to artificial creamer because it has low sugar levels and has many benefits to the body.

Best All Natural Coffee Creamer

Coffee enjoyment is nothing to match. Coffee is even served in a variety of flavors, ranging Americano, lattes, even up to instant coffee mixed with sugar and creamer. A mixture of creamer on coffee does have the same properties as milk, making the coffee sweeter and more viscous. However, with the enjoyment of creamer, it turns out to cause less good influence for the body.

Best All Natural Coffee Creamer
Best All Natural Coffee Creamer (Picture Source:

The need to know is that creamer is an additional ingredient, and this ingredient is not dairy, this ingredient is made from chemicals and artificial sugar. One of the products I know and is a high-fiber creamer is a product of “Fibercreme”. These creamers include multifunctional materials made of natural carbohydrates, with the name oligosaccharides that can be easily absorbed by the colon. And this creamer claimed to be free of gluten and lactose content, so it is safe to consume diabetics.

The product “FiberCreme” is one of the ingredients made from a combination of fiber and cream. With this natural creamer, you can still enjoy your favorite coffee calmly.


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Enjoying coffee is part of enjoying life. Coffee has been a part of life to do before starting the activity in the morning. But sometimes, some are not strong to enjoy the delicious coffee, one way to enjoy coffee is to add a substance called a creamer or coffee mate. To get it very easy, you live shopping in an online store or a supermarket nearby from your home. Interestingly, when buying a coffee mate, you sometimes get a “Coffee Mate Coupons“, which is very beneficial to you, because it can reduce the cost of purchasing the coffee mate.

It’s fun to get coupons or discount purchases that can reduce the cost of purchasing the items you’ll be doing. With that coupon, you should only be able to get one type of coffee mate, you can get two or more coffee mate for your inventory at home.

A lot of choices of coffee mate that you can choose, of course by adding coffee mate on coffee, will make your coffee have a soft flavor. Coffee-Mate is a substance that is a coffee creamer powder that is free of cholesterol, which is made and formulated especially for coffee drinks, so as to add to the enjoyment of coffee flavor.

Free Coffee-Mate Coupons

Of the art, when getting a purchase coupon of your desired item. Moreover, the coupons, for the purchase of goods that you want to enjoy such as coffee mate, because there is confidence in your mind, drink coffee is not complete without an additional coffee mate in your coffee.

Free Coffee-Mate Coupons (Picture Source:

Okay, that is clear, there is a difference between discount coupons and shopping vouchers. If you are accustomed to the e-commerce system or buy items in an online store, you will often see an online store that gives a discount on the items you will buy, but you must enter the code on the store’s site Online. When you enter the given code, you will get a discounted price, this is what is a discount coupon.

This is also true for the purchase of coffee mate, sometimes you will get a notification or you happen to find a program created by Nestle at the store, so you get discounts or discount prices with Get the coupons you show.

Coffee-Mate Nestle Coupons

Actually, get coupons or purchase vouchers or discount shopping, have the same meaning, you are directed to buy in more numbers from the usual day. Similarly, when manufacturers, such as Nestle, who offer coupons for a coffee mate, are expected to interest you by buying coffee mate with the same item, even if you get discounted price.

Coffee-Mate Nestle Coupons
Coffee-Mate Nestle Coupons (Picture Source:

Everything depends on the way we see, from which point of view, if you are interested in the purchase coupon of the coffee mate, please be taken, the purchased coffee mate can be used for supplies, let’s just say you buy for a few weeks to Front. For companies like Nestle, with a coupon giving program is a marketing technique, so you as a consumer are familiar with the coffee mate from Nestle products, and also to accelerate to make the coffee mate sold out soon, and new products Soon produced again.

With the advent of e-commerce and the existence of a market place, you will often see the many offerings of products offered using shopping coupons, automatically added by entering a certain code. Likewise, when you buy items at a supermarket nearby, you will find items that can be obtained by reducing the price, by showing evidence of the short message service, and finally, you can get a cheaper price by buying More numbers.


Enjoying a cup of coffee has become a habit for coffee lovers. A cup of coffee in the morning, like get an injection of excitement to start the day. As well as a coffee connoisseur, coffee becomes a mandatory drink to do before the work of the Office. Besides coffee, of course, there are additional ingredients to enjoy coffee, especially for those of you who are not strong with sour coffee flavor, but very want to enjoy coffee, the solution is to add ingredients, such as Coffee Mate Pumpkin Spice, to the coffee cup and Mix it with your desired ground coffee. The coffee flavor will become smoother and more delicious.

Coffee-Mate is actually a creamer, which is a product of milk substitutes made from vegetable oils. There are two types of creamer that can be selected and used, namely in powder form or in liquid form, depending on your mistake. Choosing coffee Mate or another type of creamer, have an advantage for you, when instead of adding milk to your coffee, that is creamer does not contain lactose, it causes creamer is suitable for consumption for those of you who suffer from Lactose Intolerance.

Coffee Mate Pumpkin Spice Creamer

Creamer, make your coffee even more delicious. As an additional coffee material, which is a product of Nestle. Coffee-mate can make coffee, such as coffee with the addition of milk, such as milk coffee in your favorite coffee shop. Coffee-Mate is one of the creamers that are perfect for your coffee enjoyment. As one of the additional ingredients in coffee, this creamer is able to change the flavor of coffee to be more delicious and softer.

Coffee Mate Pumpkin Spice Creamer (Picture Source:

Experience shows that there are many coffee lovers who use this coffee mate because it tastes creamy and smooth that can be combined with various types of coffee. Even when you enjoy traveling, with the packaging that is practical and not easy to spill, Coffee Mate can be taken as a provision. Add one to two teaspoons of coffee mate on hot coffee, a taste of favors will get you after stirring the coffee.

Coffee Mate Pumpkin Spice Creamer Reviews

The artificial coffee Mate from Nestle is a cholesterol-free coffee creamer powder made with a special formula, for coffee drinks that can make your coffee more delicious. With the addition of this coffee mate creamer powder, coffee that you will drink becomes more creamy, coffee becomes more viscous, can reduce the sour flavor and bitter taste in coffee.

As one of the existing creamer and sold in the market, the coffee mate becomes one of the best creamers that can be chosen to add enjoyment in enjoying coffee. The special sensation of enjoyment will be you get on coffee with a mix of savory creamer, which is ready to accompany your activities.


It was an interesting discussion this time. Talking about coffee is certainly a lot of discussions that can be talked about, ranging from about coffee itself, type of coffee, the development of coffee, type, and type of coffee machine, ranging from traditional to modern, even also about the coffee machine That can make espresso quickly. There are a lot of coffee support products that can always be enjoyed. With regard to this one additional product of coffee that is often in demand is coffee creamer. But this time different than other coffee topics is about wanting to choose a vegan lifestyle. Of course, by choosing the lifestyle of a vegan, automatic drinks that are enjoyed also to follow the vegan lifestyle, as well as to enjoy coffee, one of which is needed is vegan coffee creamer.

Before continuing the topic of discussion about beverages suitable for vegans, this time we will surgery what is vegetarian and also what is vegan. Most of us consider these two terms to have the same meaning. At first glance, there is the same thing, that is to avoid meat and give priority to food ingredients of plants for the main food. But behind that, there is a significant difference.

Vegetarians are the ones who choose lifestyle depends solely on vegetables, fruit, nuts and everything that emerging from plants to get nutritional needs for the fulfillment of its life source. But despite avoiding meat, some vegetarians still have a tolerant of some products of animals. This is different to the vegan lifestyle. Vegans are the one who adheres to a more extreme vegetarian lifestyle, avoiding everything related to animals and all the products it produces, even eggs and milk. In addition, vegan lifestyles also avoid products produced from animals, including gelatin and honey.

Vegan Coffee Creamer Alternatives

It is obvious that vegans do not want to consume anything related to animals. Of course, many vegans are also pleased to be coffee, and most are pleased to have coffee drinks that contain milk, such as Caffe Latte, Cappucino. However, because milk comes from animals, it is an alternative to use vegetable milk, such as soy, Almon and other types of nuts.

Vegan Coffee Creamer Alternatives
Vegan Coffee Creamer (Picture Source:

As an alternative to animal milk, vegetable milk when formulated with an expert will have a delicious flavor. Examples of cappuccino mixed with almond milk for coffee addict will have a delicious flavor, with a good taste compared to ordinary milk.

All Natural Vegan Coffee Creamer

Today’s lifestyle trends are very influential in daily life. One of the patterns of coffee consumption also took effect. As one of the emerging trends, the vegan lifestyle is one of the options used today. In a few years ago, a crazy assumption was given to people who did not eat animal-derived products, without drinking milk, without eggs, even without meat. By reason of wanting to do healthy eating options and also follow the trend in maintaining the environment. Then this is the basis of various restaurants and things related to the lifestyle of vegan patterns.

All Natural Vegan Coffee Creamer
Natural Vegan Coffee Creamer (Picture Source:

A lot of products are developed with this vegan base. From the meat start made from soy, cheese is made not from cow’s milk. So as a way of getting a natural coffee creamer for vegans is to make a creamer of soy milk, which currently has been circulating in supermarkets.

Vegan Coffee Creamer Brands

Speaking of coffee creamer for vegan lifestyles, with a growing understanding of healthy living, it opens up opportunities such as companies that produce creamer, making special vegan creamer, among others:

Vegan Coffee Creamer Brands
Vegan Coffee Creamer Brands (Picture:
  • Silk Creamer with a multitude of options.
  • Ripple Foods Original Half & Half.
  • Nutpods Dairy – Free Creamer.
  • Califia Farms Almond Milk Creamer.
  • Trader Joes’ Vegan Creamer.
  • So Delicious Dairy-Free Creamers.
Best Vegan Coffee Creamer Recipe

The Creamer function becomes very important if you want a coffee with a soft taste. If usually a creamer is made of milk, then it is different to be an option for a vegan who is very avoiding derivative products from animals, including milk. By looking at it, there is an easy way to create your own milk-free and low-carbohydrate creamer.

Preparation of materials, prepare the materials needed, as follows:

  • 1/4 cups water.
  • Vanilla Essence.
  • 1/2 cups almond paste.

How to make it very easy, as follows:

  1. Put the almond paste into the cup.
  2. Add water and a few drops of vanilla essence.
  3. Stir well and the coffee creamer is ready to be served.
  4. Put two to three tablespoons of creamer into the coffee, and also do not forget to add sugar, so that the coffee tastes delicious.


Coffee has become the usual thing to do and be daily habits before doing the activity. Currently drinking coffee is already a routine that must be done. With the abundance of coffee production, coupled with the emergence of a coffee place start, this opens the chance presence of creative drinks with the basic ingredients of coffee. Even now the helper materials began to appear which can be mixed on a coffee for you coffee lovers who are not strong with a sour taste to the coffee. There is a variant of the type of material that can be added on coffee drinks IE creamer, which divided into the coffee creamer and whipped cream. Two types of these materials would make the copies that you want to enjoy being more delicious and beautify the look of coffee. In addition, the manufacturer of coffee creamer that introduces also a lot with this type of “sweet cream coffee creamer”.

Creamer in the form of powder or called  “non-dairy creamer “, is a milk substitute product, which means that milk is not in the true sense. Creamer is currently consumed in the rest of the world to replace milk and as a mixture of coffee, which has a range of brands and types of creamer. Creamer has two forms, namely in the form of powder and liquid. That is interesting here, is not the creamer milk so that this material does not contain lactose, hence creamer could be consumed by anyone including persons who have Lactose Intolerance.

Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer Calories

For those of you who love coffee but not strong with the strength of the acid contained in coffee, you could add the creamer. The creamer is priced cheaper than cow’s milk, it makes coffee with the mixture has a cheaper price than coffee depends on a mix of cow’s milk. Nevertheless, in the everyday life of coffee creamer to the general public in the packaging also called coffee with milk.

Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer Calories
Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer (Picture Source:

Creamer has a fat content of different types, ranging from 28% to 35%. The fat content that exists in savory flavors evokes a creamer, the higher the fat content, leading to the more savory flavored creamer.

Homemade Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer

Making the creamer yourself into its own challenges, especially for those of you who love coffee mixed with creamer. Vegetable Creamer in making it there also are using coconut oil and there are also taking oil from the oil palm. The second use of such oils certainly,  has its advantages and disadvantages, it is situated on the savory smell, posed, and time expired in usage.

Homemade Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer
Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer (Picture Source:

Creamer that uses palm oil from the usually more durable, and does not appear the odor in a long period of time. There is a simple way of making the creamer. Any materials used are simple, that only 14 ounces sweetened condensed milk and 1 ¾ cup fresh milk.

Step process makes creamer, among others:

  • Mix the two ingredients (sweetened condensed milk and liquid milk) until blended.
  • The Second Step, the material is put into the jar and should be concluded with a meeting.
  • Then mix both ingredients and shake, processed the next milk into a creamer is ready to add to your coffee drink.

To add to the deliciousness, creamer could do a combination with other materials, such as vanilla, chocolate syrup or any other materials to add variations of the creamer. In order to be used on the other time, you can use the way, inserting the creamer into the mold of ice cubes, then the liquid creamer is frozen and stored in a plastic bag, and put into the freezer. Recently when it needs to immediately enjoy coffee, creamer was issued from the freezer.


Coffee. A full drink sensation who became the favorite for the coffee lovers. Enjoy a coffee in the morning like giving spirit, that there were deep motivations in the coffee drink. In addition to the enjoyment of coffee, there are times when you add ingredients mixture so that the coffee tasted more delicious, one of which was with creamer. A lot of people who love coffee, but due to the strong will not sour taste that evokes, so they added a mixture of coffee creamer into the black. With the addition of coffee creamer in coffee, will feel soft. Lots of options for mixed drinks coffee creamer that is on the market, one that caught the attention of creamer products to try is a type of Irish cream coffee creamer.

In the market there are many different types of creamer to choose from, there is a powdery and shaped sweetened condensed milk. The main thing in determining the creamer is you can discover flavors to suit your tastes. Creamer’s election is very important for you coffee lovers, this is due to the aroma and taste that is generated on every coffee has the distinction, it is influenced by the type of coffee beans, how to save the coffee and the main thing is the process grinding coffee beans. Add creamer into your coffee cup, will soften the sour taste that owned coffee and change the taste of the coffee.

Irish Creme Creamers For Coffee

As a mixture of coffee required connoisseurs of coffee, creamer is vegetable fat processing has been done so that it becomes like milk. One of creamer and often create curiosity for coffee lovers beginners is a type of Irish Coffee Creamer products. Actually whether Irish coffee it?. Irish coffee is actually the cocktails are made by mixing the ingredients of whiskey Ireland with black coffee.

However interesting this time was many cafes serving Irish Coffee, but don’t use the whiskey as a mixture of coffee, but used is a combination of black coffee and creamer. So this coffee creamer in the function is the replacement of whiskey in Irish Coffee.

Irish Creme Creamers For Coffee
Creamers For Coffee (Picture Source:

Why whiskey in Irish Coffee is replaced with creamer?. It is by reason of whiskey is an alcoholic beverage and coffee lovers among anyone avoiding alcoholic drinks. Then to replace the function of the whiskey, whiskey is replaced with creamer. In fact, to make Irish Coffee at home is easy, you can simply combine between black coffee, creamer, and sugar with a size not too many. But in some of the large cafe usually add the mixture of Rum cake with a coffee aroma, in addition to replacing the role of whiskey and drink alcohol in Irish Coffee.

Best Irish Cream Coffee Creamer

For a coffee addict, coffee-like beverage releases the thirst that must soon be enjoyed so thirsty. An awful lot of coffee creamer mix, in addition, to choosing from to enjoy a coffee, let alone in order to reduce the aroma of strong coffee. Creamer could become one of the ingredients to reduce the impression of strong coffee. As coffee lovers who like a mixture of alcohol or whiskey in coffee, surely you would choose coffee-flavored alcohol such as Irish coffee.

But to feel the aroma of whiskey in the coffee, you can choose safer ingredients, namely Coffee creamer Irish Cream. There are some products that could become Creamer Irish option to mix your coffee.

Baileys Irish Cream Coffee Creamer

Among the various products of the creamer could be a mixture of enjoying Irish Coffee, one of which is a product of Bailey’s. Products for Baileys Irish Creamer is available in size 32 fl oz bottle. A mixture of Bailey’s creamer is a nonalcoholic who originated from Ireland. The writing of such products and Baileys is a trademark of R&A Bailey & Co.

Baileys Irish Cream Coffee Creamer
Baileys Irish Cream Creamer (

As a substitute for milk, Irish Baileys Creamer product is a product that is free of lactose and it has been pasteurized so it could be durable without being opened. Although it doesn’t contain lactose or milk products, none of these products contain casein, dry granular products need not be refrigerated and can be used and stored in a place that doesn’t exist to cabinets.