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CULINARY EVENT IN SURABAYA – The culinary event is a fun activity for people or society who loves culinary, not more like it, but also culinary connoisseur. On this occasion too, I also have the opportunity to enjoy a culinary event in Surabaya. This event into a culinary touring to the city of Surabaya citizens in particular and the community in East Java to enjoy culinary.

Culinary Angkringan Tunjungan 2017

‘ Culinary Angkringan Tunjungan 2017 ‘ is a culinary activity carried out on the road Tunjungan Surabaya on Saturday 19 August 2017. This activity is very interesting for the lovers of culinary attention, let alone a concept carried was the concept of cheap food and populist concept of ‘ place ‘. Another interesting thing is the event held to coincide with the anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day, August 17, 1945, the 72, this creates a sensation of its own due to foster a love of food products in the country (local food).

By placing every culinary event on the road Tunjungan Surabaya this makes the creation of messages are not written in the mind of the public that every culinary event held on the road Tunjungan became a place of good food in Surabaya.


For the people that knows about the culinary concept that have been around in various areas, the concept of ‘ place ‘ in the event this becomes the place of culinary Tunjungan different things from both side of the food being served and drinks being offered. But for the public and the laity who only knows of any exhibition or Bazaar of food, of course, the show, titled this place is not a problem, because people just wanted to enjoy the culinarytour and presented to take a break from the busy time.

Culinary Angkringan Tunjungan 2017
Culinary Angkringan Tunjungan 2017

The concept of “place” it was born in the city of Jogjakarta culture, which can be interpreted as a hangout and sit back. This hangout created by using a wheelbarrow is simple, the food is cheap and affordable. Different in Jogjakarta also differs in the city of Solo, in this city with a special Dish called angkringan village.


In contrast to in the city and in the city of Solo, place in the city of Surabaya to become different things. In general concept and appearance, is in fact coffee stalls are there in the city of Surabaya is equal to the concept of place i.e. as a hangout and place to drink coffee. The difference is only the food that be served, if place in Jogjakarta city, there are various sate, but in the city of Surabaya, always be developed and evolve into interesting things.

Culinary Angkringan Tunjungan 2017
Culinary Angkringan Tunjungan 2017

One example, in the event a culinary Angkringan Tunjungan Surabaya. The culinary offer is become very rich. By placing the food typical of the original Surabaya, the name of the place becomes interested things. Food offered and sold highly variegated rujak cingur, ranging from duck fried rice, chicken soup, “racing rice cake”, and a variety of culinary specialties of the city of Surabaya.


This culinary event into a large culinary event in Surabaya who became the arena of entertainment for residents of the city of Surabaya. Moreover, in the current conditions, which required a container of cheap entertainment for the community, it can be a comfort to the public event. In addition, this event could also be a hospitality event for the citizens of the city of Surabaya.

Culinary Angkringan Tunjungan 2017
Culinary Angkringan Tunjungan 2017

With specialties on offer, this event into a culinary ride with the gathering of the traders either online merchants are starting to introduce its products to the effort of culinary professionals. Other positive benefits are increasing with the rupiah for the seller this culinary event in the culinary. With increasing sales through one event, this can improve the livelihood of the public.


Don’t worry with subtitles, there is a shortage at an event held … And he said sure …. But in a culinary Event this drawback Tunjungan Places not too significant, the drawback is just on the suitability of the theme with the actual place names conditions in Jogjakarta. Food, drinks are served and on the concept of this place has to offer in the form of meals and a wide range of assorted Satay start quails egg, cow skin satay, sate your gut and others. However, in the event, this place became a thriving by offering special food from the city of Surabaya, for example “rujak cingur”, “racing rice cake” and others.

Culinary Angkringan Tunjungan 2017
Culinary Angkringan Tunjungan 2017

So any of its cuisine and the show still enjoyed only comrade.

It’s the lasted bit of his descriptions of ‘ Culinary Event Angkringan Tunjungan ‘. Hopefully this article can add insight into the culinary world of Indonesia.

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