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Dinner Recipe Ideas For Family — Actually enjoyed this rice with mushrooms, first time we tasted. We know, usually mildew that are supplied in the market is the mushroom buttons. There is a food outlet in a town in East Java that sell riced wrapped with leafed wrappers with assorted rice along with food complements. Incidentally this mushroom rices become one of the rice being sold. With rice and mushrooms were under was on top with banana leaves as its limit. It is natural.

Dinner Recipe Ideas For Family

After talk with the owner of the food outlets, incidentally he wants to explain a little about rices with mushrooms. The fungi used are Oyster mushrooms. After searching for information through Google, I found with new details about the oyster mushrooms.

Oyster Mushrooms or the Latin language “Pleurotus Ostreatus” is one parts of a groups of fungi (Basidiomycota Group) and belongs to the class of Homobasidiomycetes, with easy access to public views, white fruits bodies and head semicircular similar to oyster shelled with the middle section a bit concave. In fact in the wild, this Oyster Mushrooms can be found almost throughout the year in the forested mountains in the cool areas. But this time, because the fungus is harmless and including the mushrooms that be edible, then started many farmers cultivate mushroom, with common media used to nurture is sawdust which is waste from sawmills.

Recipe Ideas For A Family Dinner

Armed with information from the owner of the food outlets, arouse the curiosities of mine to find a recipe to suit our tastes, including compatibility with the tongue of children. Moreover, the appropriate cuisine to the taste of typical East Java. Incidentally also oyster mushrooms are one food that tastes also favors can also be modified with various forms of cooking.

Recipe Ideas For A Family Dinner

Weekend and happened to be no event outside of the city, is actually very fit to try everyday cooking recipes that are made with the typical taste of East Java. With it tastes good, and remembered with a sense of Oyster Mushrooms prepared in the food outlets, I finally try making Oyster mushrooms as food favorites.

A collection of recipes from various specialties of Java, Indonesia, Oyster Mushrooms can be modified as the everyday food and cuisine, among other things be Oyster Mushrooms seasoning, Saute yellowest Oyster Mushrooms, mushroom soup, steamed Oyster mushroom, oyster mushroom Satay and an awful lot of creative cuisine with the basic ingredients of oyster mushrooms.

Nutrient content and benefit of Oyster Mushrooms.

Who thinks if this Oyster mushrooms have high nutritional content. Oyster Mushrooms are foodstuffs containing nutrients with a high protein content, rich in vitamins and minerals, low in carbohydrates, fat and calories. It is also reinforced the Sunan Pongsamart research, biochemistry, Faculty of Pharmaceutical, University of Chulangkorn, which mentions that the oyster mushrooms contains water, protein, calories, carbohydrates, and the rest in the form of fibers in iron, calcium, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C.

Another one, it turns out the fat that be contained in the oyster mushrooms is unsaturated fatty acids making it safe and good to be consumed by suffering (hyper cholesterol) cholesterol or other lipid metabolism disorders experience. Oyster Mushrooms also contain important vitamins, especially B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin d. in addition, micro mineral element is metal in Oyster mushrooms had a low contents of yeast, so it’s very safe for consumption every day.

Recipe Ideas For A Family Dinner

Talk about the benefits, then consumed Oyster mushrooms have its benefits as well as foodstuffs, namely lowering cholesterol in the body, as an antibacterial and anti tumor. Besides Oyster Mushrooms can also produce the enzyme hydrolysis and oxidation enzymes and also have benefits to kill nematodes.

In health, oyster mushroom has a pretty good benefits, that can reduces cholesterol and reducing heart is weak, and is believed also to having efficacy as a medicine for a disease, such as lever, diabetes, anemia, also serves as an antiviral and anticancer and lowering cholesterol levels.

In fact, I am very surprised by the would content and benefit of Oyster Mushrooms so much. It is also supported by the research of the USDA (United States Drugs Administration) who do research on mice showed that mice given food menu this Oyster Mushrooms with a period for 3 weeks, it showed a decrease in the cholesterol level up to 40% compared to mice that were not given food containing this Oyster mushrooms. And they have concluded that Oyster Mushrooms can lower cholesterol level in people with Hyper cholesterol.

One more, for those of you who lives on a would diet, this Oyster Mushrooms good for you, because of the oyster mushrooms is able to help loses weight because Oyster mushrooms have high fiber and helps digestion. Plus more, Oyster mushrooms contain plovastin, a cholesterol-lowering supplements known as (the active component is a good (Statins) to inhibit the metabolism of cholesterol in the body).

Easy Dinner Recipe Ideas For Family: rice with mushrooms

After talk about the nutrient content and benefit of Oyster Mushrooms, so this time we will try to analyze a little about recipes and how to cook every day for cuisines specialties of Java in Indonesia, which is certainly also preferred foods by children. And to think, all I wanted be to make rice to mushrooms wrapped with banana leaves to make it more natural.

This time we will share some recipes, which may is used for dining at home. The cuisine is highly preferred foods for children and are often sold at school. Mushroom rice, we choose to divide the recipe due to the ingredients in an easy and simple way of reproduction.

Yeast Rice currently being the hawker becomes the fun kids especially at school. Cheap price. But it would be nice if we could make to our children. 

Here it is the necessary ingredients for “Mushroom Rice wrapped in banana leaves”:

  • 200 g of Oyster Mushrooms, do not forgets to clean, washed and cut into small.
  • 3 tablespoons cornstarch.
  • Ingredients for white rice, rice wrapper leaves enough 1 ½ spoon of cooked rice.
  • 1 teaspoon of salt.
  • ½ Teaspoon coriander powder.
  • 2 tablespoons of oil (to Sauté mushrooms).
  • ½ Teaspoon sugar.
  • ½ Teaspoon pepper.
Easy Dinner Recipe Ideas For Family: rice with mushrooms

How to make rice with mushrooms:

  1. Oyster Mushrooms that is already washed and chopped marinated with salt, sugar, coriander powder, and pepper then stir. Added cornstarch. Once it’s in the stirring evenly.
  2. The next step, the oil is heated at the surface of the skillet or Teflon, after a hot, recently put the mushroom already spices. Then sauteed mushrooms until soft.
  3. Because the menu was riced with mushrooms served with banana leaves then, rice was put in banana leafs wrapped/then given delimiter in banana leaves, and then added 1 tablespoon of yeast that’s been sauteed. And then wrapped with banana leaves again.
  4. The last step, rice and mushroom wrapped in banana leaves this could soon be presented.

Pretty easy isn’t it. It seems indeed should try Yes, let alone how simple and cheap ingredients for Dinner Recipe Ideas For Family.

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