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Drink Coffee was an activity to enjoy coffee, appetizing drinks, especially when taken in the morning. Coffee, also a word that we often hear, especially for connoisseurs and drink addicts. Hang out with friends while drinking a cup of coffee, the pleasure is truly extraordinary. For connoisseurs of coffee, the activity of coffee together while enjoying a sip of coffee is a special sensation especially with coffee made from extraordinary ingredients.

Robusta Black Coffee at Angkringan Cak Kasan

Enjoying the aroma of coffee will arouse the fresh taste of coffee connoisseurs, this time an early morning enjoyments accompanied by a cup of coffee “Robusta Black Coffee”, in an angkringan in Kota Probolinggo, “Angkringan Cak Kasan”.

Drink Coffee Black

The coffee served is coffee made specifically for coffee connoisseurs in Angkringan Cak Kasan made from oven Robusta coffee so that it will cause a fragrant aroma of coffee that is different from other coffees. While accompanying time and friends to sit back, this black coffee is perfect for relaxing friends.

If you see the pleasure of this coffee, do you know that culinary is once an illegal coffee that is almost the same as marijuana. Wow, surprise … Well, this is the news according to folklore …

Drink Coffee Good For Health and History of Coffee

In the past, enjoying coffee was not as easy as the present conditions, among religious leaders also had experienced fear of the ingredient  of this drink, even in some countries. The first inventor of coffee was cattle herders in Abyssinia, currently called Ethiopia. Kaldi, just called his name, saw that his goats were having funned after the goats ate red berries. Finally, he also tried and caused fresh effects. Finally, Kaldi tells people, so these would fruit are popular in the area.

Hearing this, the religionists were suspicious of the effect of the fruit. Does this includes the intoxicating khamar? Its influence on the body because coffee is also considered a “work of the devil”.

It is not known how long this conditioning lasts, until finally after it is known that these fruit can help them stay up late for worship, the fruit which be later known as coffee is legalized for consumption.

Regarding the call not to allow coffee, it also applies to Christian circles. This happened there in 1600, where there were some churching leaders who asked Pope Clement VII to give a fatwa forbidden about coffee, this was due to their ignorance about coffee.

Sir George Sandys, a poet from England had written this in his record in 1610. Sandys also said that Turks used to chat all day while drinking drinks drunk least by little which were described as drinks “as black as soot and having a taste unusual. Also written, “as they (the Turks) say, make digestive plongs and refresh the body.”

So, even though coffee was once a prohibited item, now this coffee has risen to a favorite drink. Well, friend, want to enjoy the pleasure of a cup of “Robusta Black Coffee“, come to Street of A. Yani 2D, Shop House in the North of the Regional General Hospital Dr. Moch. Saleh, City of Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia.

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