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Do you like culinary offerings? Maybe that’s what we have in mind, when we will try to enjoy culinary offerings in an area. Culinary or enjoying food is now a fun activity, especially the many culinary places that become a form of culinary tourism. Likewise, in the city of Probolinggo, at this time, many local fast food near me are starting to be delicious in Probolinggo, which can be your choice when visiting Probolinggo City.

Duck & Fried Chicken Bu Lely

Our discussion this time is also somewhat different, because it is more focused on heavy culinary offerings but also becomes my idol every time I stop by or stop in several cities. The pleasure of this culinary dish is always curious and wants to try. Duck cuisine, currently spread throughout all cities and districts in East Java, as well as in the City of Probolinggo, one of which is “Duck & Fried Chicken Bu Lely“.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast In Probolinggo City – Fried Duck of Bu Lely

Talking about the place to eat delicious fried duck in the City of Probolinggo, indeed “Duck & Fried Chicken Bu Lely“, is now a legendary dining place that are a culinary choice for Probolinggo residents and culinary lovers. This culinary place is also located not far from the usual hangout places aimed at culinary lovers and is located only around the city centering of Probolinggo.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast In Probolinggo City - Fried Duck of Bu Lely
Duck & Fried Chicken Bu Lely

Bu Lely’s Duck & Fried Chicken is also known as “Tugu Pahlawan Surabaya Shop of Bu Lely”, its location is quite easy to reach and is located in the middle of Probolinggo City, on the Street of KH. Mansyur 6 B, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia. Open from 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast In Probolinggo City - Fried Duck of Bu Lely
Location of “Duck & Fried Chicken Bu Lely”

Bu Lely’s Duck & Fried Chickens as a typical culinary place of Probolinggo, is now familiar to the person of Probolinggo, if connoisseurs and culinary lovers all come to the City of Probolinggo and are still confused to go to Bu Lely’s stall just follow the main road (Panjaitan Street) and if from the city of Surabaya is on the left side of the road before Probolinggo City Square, there are banners whose colors are quite striking in red and yellow.

Fast Food Near Me Open Now in Probolinggo Famous

As a place to eat that have become a famous restaurant, “Duck and Fried Chicken Lely” currently has many mainstay menus in addition to duck and fried chicken menus. From the menu presented there are indeed many menu choices, including chicken, duck and pigeon menus. For these three menus there are 4 (four) kinds of choices, namely by frying, burning, in addition to green chili or very spiciest menu. In addition to fry duck dishes, there are still many other menu choices that can be chosen by friends, if you are bored with the duck dishes menu.

Fast Food Near Me Open Now in Probolinggo Famous
Menu of “Duck & Fried Chicken Bu Lely”

In addition to the three menu items, there are also other menu choices, namely the menu of beef ribs and gouramy (these two menus can only can be selected in three types of choices, namely flaked with stone, grilled and very spicy). And what’s interesting, Mrs. Lely also provides a menu of processed seafood and also provides a variety of chili sauces that can be chosen to add a spicy sensation, including eggplant chili sauces, match sauce, chili sauce (chili sauce with shrimp paste mixture), petai chili sauce, sambal bajak with anchovy, green sauce, green sauce with petai and tomato sauce.

Finally, with a variety of menus to choose from, we chose the fried duck menu that seemed to be a mainstay in this “Lely Duck & Chicken Fried”, with the addition of green sauce menu. Its true what we heard, the fried duck was delicious, tender and tasty. The dish is very interesting and the price is affordable in the pocket.

Fast Food Near Me Open Now in Probolinggo Famous
Duck & Fried Chicken Bu Lely

Fast Food Near Me Specials

Enjoying processed duck dish does have its own pleasure, because in duck meat has more fatter content than chicken or the like. When consumed in reasonable amounts, duck meat is very beneficial for health because it contains calories, protein, healthy fats, iron, vitamin b6, vitamin b12, minerals and others. Duck meat also have benefits to maintain muscle performance and blood pressure because of the sodium content in it.

Meanwhile, the iron and vitamin B12 content can prevent anemia because iron is needed in the formation of hemoglobin in red blood cells. Besides duck meat is useful for the body’s metabolic system in the presence of phosphorus, b6, amino acids and fatty acids. Those are some of the benefits of consuming duck meat naturally, there may be many other benefits that have not been explained.

That was just a bit of a trip to enjoy culinary ducks in Probolinggo, East Java. Hopefully, it can provide a reference to enjoy culinary in the City of Probolinggo.


  • Safe Budget: Rp. 25,000 to Rp. 35,000 per person.
  • Parking: Available.
  • Wi-Fi: None.
  • Payment method: Cash.
  • Address: Street of KH. Mansyur 6 B, Probolinggo, East Java.
  • Opening hours: 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM.
  • Contact Person: 0812 5260 5065
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