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ESPRESSO COFFEE – Coffee is the most fun and has its own pleasures. Moreover, the coffee is enjoyed in accordance with the flavor or taste. For coffee lovers like me, enjoy the coffee is grounded with freshly brewed, then enjoying drink slowly.

Espresso Coffee

But this time I get a different experience to enjoy coffee. Namely, coffee bottle, coffee is different from the other bottle of coffee, because it tastes great. Direct coffee drinking actually have long existed, but now it appears the coffee new product with plastic or glass bottles. This product is the diversification of the kopiko products with Mayora Group.

Espresso Coffee Drink and the Quotes about Coffee Philosophy

Still remember my friends about a movie that deals with the excitement of enjoying coffee?. Certainly still remember right … “philosophy of coffee“, indeed the movie deals with the pleasure of enjoying a black coffee brewed up his own in a cafe. But the bottom line is an understanding, because coffee is not just about a drink, but living life while drinking coffee.

Espresso Coffee Drink
Espresso Coffee

And certainly the most interesting quotes was “perhaps God made coffee so that all can be friends” … (anonymous). True enough, so we gather with friends, sometimes it is difficult when we should be preparing in advance of coffee we will create. Although this is contrary to the principle of coffee lovers, but this time there is a coffee that has been specially formulated in the form of the bottle. The aim is to streamline the process of enjoying coffee, especially if we have to get together with for a short time.

Certainly very different indeed enjoy a coffee with our own BREW coffee compared to the factory-made, but the core is primarily due to the short time so that we can enjoy a coffee together and be friends with joy.

Espresso Coffee How To Make

Quotes on this one it seemed very fitting to represent product “Kopiko 78 ° C”, … “we can’t equate coffee with sugar. As perfect as any coffee you make, fixed coffee, have a bitter side of unlikely you hide “…

The passage of such beautiful words also has the same flavor with coffee products, artificial sweetness-as nicely as the factory definitely has a bitter taste although a bit. Coffee in “Kopiko 78 ° C” this is a kind of coffee latte. A latte or Caffe latte in Italy means milk or coffee in a language called coolest espresso, namely coffee mixed with milked foam and thin at the top. A comparison between the milk with coffee at caffe latte is 2:1. Different in Indonesia, different in the United States, where the latte is made with a combination of one-third espresso and two-thirds of hot milk, making it feel a sense of her milk.

Espresso Coffee How To Make
Espresso Coffee

Coffee latte or collectively, the “coffee latte” was discovered first by Lino Meiorin in 1950 who is also the owner of a cafe and is also the first barista from Italy. The timing visitors cafe cappuccino flavor are unfamiliar with traditional has very sharp flavors, so they ask for more milk (latte) for mixed with coffee. So due to the large number of requests then Lino decided to sell espresso drinks with more milk and call it “caffee latte”. (Source:

Espresso Coffee Brands of “Kopiko 78 ° C”

“Kopiko 78 ° C” or collectively, the “seventy-eight degrees” Coffee Latte, giving new shades. And of the kopiko coffee packaging products only 78 ° C suitable and fitting for me to enjoy.

Judging the time displayed in the cooling rack, Kopiko 78 ° C it is indeed next to other products, such as Coffee Moccacino GoodDay. Or for a Nescafe tins. And only the taste or the taste that causing peoples choose Kopiko 78 ° C.

Espresso Coffee Brands of "Kopiko 78 ° C"
Espresso Coffee

With his strong latte and more noticeably cause consumer coffee lovers choose Kopiko 78 ° C compared to other packaging coffee. With coffee latte 250 ml PET bottle packaging, coupled with packaging that premium becomes attraction so exciting to be purchased.

Espresso Coffee Price

Kopiko 78 ° C this product is coffee in the artificial bottle of PT. Mayora with PET bottles 250 ml sized who enliven the development and packaging of coffee directly into the coffee packaging of competitors that already exists first. With premium packaging, product price Kopiko 78 ° C set at a price of RP. 5,000 per bottle. Actual prices with other products are almost the same. And consumers choose products coffee packaging usually is because the match is on taste alone.

One thing interesting, why is it called Kopiko 78 ° C? … This is due to the coffee, according to the information in the extract at a temperature of 78 degrees Celsius and is the optimal temperature in the heating process. This caused the taste and smell of coffee stay awakes. And what’s interesting is this coffee became more delicious when enjoyed in the cold state. When the usual conditions enjoyed in the coffee still tastes bitter. 

One more thing … Kopiko 78 ° C, now a morning coffee substitute when having to travel, do not need to carry a cup or coffee maker, just to the nearest supermarket, we can simply enjoy the fresh coffee latte.

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