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GROUND COFFEE – Coffee … You could say this coffee is a special consumption item, even though it is only a drink, but can be warm the atmospheres. For coffee connoisseurs, even a coffee addict, they can tell which Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee are, even the most extreme, these coffee lovers can tell which coffee is genuine and which mix coffee is usually sold and sold in public stalls.

Ground Coffee For Charcoal Coffee
Charcoal Coffee at Angkringan Cak Kasan

Never heard of a quote in a film that talks about coffee, that “Good coffee will find its audience.” What do these words imply? What is certain is quality will beat everything, as well as coffee, coffee with excellent quality certainly has a very high prices. And good coffee is definitely found by connoisseurs, so it’is to not wronged if there is a slogan “there is a price there are quality.” And one thing that is certain in coffee is that there are two distinct levels, coffee drinkers and coffee connoisseurs. A coffee connoisseur, will enjoy the best coffee with a different sensation. While coffee drinkers, only people whom wants to drink coffee, so drink coffee with a small amount, in other words, the important thing is to drink coffee.

Ground Coffee Best

Coffee, can be said to have a different life philosophy compared to other types of drinks. Coffee has a philosophy that means “patience”, why can it be said to be patient? Because to make quality coffee beans required a long process, starting from the selection of coffee to the rosting process to brewing.

Even to enjoy good coffee has its own way to drink it. The delicious way to enjoy coffee is to drink by sipping coffee accompanying by a sip of coffee in the esophagus.

Coffee philosophy is coffee that always inspires. Speaking of inspiration, then talking about creativity, because the bitterness of coffee is always an inspiration for us. Knowing the philosophy of coffee means knowing the pleasures of coffee.

Likewise, in Indonesia, the best Indonesian coffee has different tastes, ranging from Aceh to Papua. This coffee has distinctive features and delicious characters. The best ground coffee is obtained from coffee that be managed welled, professionally and with high technique, and definitely produces coffee with a more delicious taste.

Ground Coffee Make for Charcoal Coffee

Before knowing about the development of coffee becoming more diverse, at the beginning of its development bettered known as “black coffee” or in Indonesia commonly referred to as “coffee brewing.” And why is it called “brewed coffee”? Actually brewed coffee is black coffee doused with hot water. “Broiled coffee” is actually the simplest level of black coffee. “Broiled coffee” is traditional coffee that is always enjoyed by the public.

How to make this coffee is very simple, you don’t need an expensive tool to produce it, you just need a dryer on a large area and simply roast it. The method of offering is also very easy, by pounding coffee can be in a way that is smooth or rather rough, according to taste, just brewed and doused with hot waters that are still boiling.

“Brewed Coffee”, has an interesting philosophy, which is innocent, simple, but very attractive if we know it more deeply.

Ground Coffee How To Use for Coffee Charcoals

This time I will discuss the development of a dish of black coffee drinks, in Jogjakarta, commonly referred to as ” Joss Coffee “, also called coffee charcoal, and also called Charcoal Coffee.

Joss Coffee … Often hears about this type of coffee? Those who have been to Jogjakarta have heard of it. Likewise, for you coffee lovers. This coffee is one of the typical coffee dishes in the city of Jogjakarta. This coffee is actually ordinary black coffee or “brewed coffee” which is given a charcoal mixture that is still burning.

The History of Charcoal Coffee in Indonesia, is also inseparable from an “angkringan” or hangout in Jogjakarta. At first this joss coffee came from angkringan which is a hangout, a place for coffee for all people in Jogjakarta. Call it “Lek Man”, a trader from Klaten, Central Java who first concocted this charcoal coffee. “The legendary Angkringan Lek Man” is located in Tugu Station area, Jogjakarta City. In Jogjakarta there are currently very many sellers. Which is scattered in almost the entire city of Jogjakarta.

Ground Coffee How To Drink For Charcoal Coffee

Although we usually only enjoy this charcoal coffee, but it doesn’t hurt to know how to make this charcoal coffee. The way to make charcoal coffee is very easy, but the most important thing here is to choose the best coffee and charcoal that is good for this charcoal coffee.

At the time of writing, we were not hanging out in the city of Jogja, but we enjoyed “Joss Coffee” in one of the shop in the city of Probolinggo.

Coffee that be used as an ingredient of “Joss Coffee” is made from Robusta coffee in the oven so that it will cause a fragrant aroma of coffee that is different from other coffees.

Ground Coffee For Charcoal Coffee
Charcoal Coffee at Angkringan Cak Kasan

Making “Joss Coffee” is also very easy, after the coffee powder is mixed with a little sugar, then pours the boilings hots waters into a glass or cup of coffee. Only then is it mixed with smoldering charcoal that have been cleaned from the former charcoal dust. This charcoal is then dipped in a glass or cup of coffee, then stirred again. Don’t worry about this charcoal, because the charcoal used is only used once in its use.

Ground Coffee Benefits For Charcoal Coffee

Just as in enjoying coffee, charcoal coffee is very delicious when enjoyed in hot conditions and added charcoal that is still in flames with temperatures above 250 degrees Celsius, which can turn charcoal into activate carbon which is handy to bind pollutants and poisons founded in inside the bodied.

The question … are still worried to drink joss coffee or still consider the benefits of Joss Coffee as a myth? Do you know, the existence of charcoal coffee or “Joss Coffee” was actually discovered by Gajah Mada University students who often hangs out in angkringan or coffee place in Jogjakarta.

Ground Coffee Recommendations For Charcoal Coffee

Based on the writings of Dede Ariyanto at Kompassiana which also reviews about “Joss Coffee”, it was stated that “If this Charcoal Coffee can be dangerous after consuming because the coffee in it is dipped in charcoal, then the Health Office in Jogjakarta must have banned” Joss Coffee “for sale. But in fact, since the initial sale in the 1970s until now, charcoal coffee is still preferred by coffee lovers.

Ground Coffee For Charcoal Coffee
Charcoal Coffee (Source: Facebook, Foto by Rufinus Rony)

Ground Coffee Bean For Charcoal Coffee

Maybe for some people, enjoying coffee tastes normal. But for coffee lovers or coffee lovers, enjoying coffee is not only drinking coffee but has its own sensation that can be only be felt by coffee lovers. 

Charcoal Coffee also has deep meaning that should be understood by coffee lovers. Charcoal Coffee had the meaning of “respect for traditional culture”, especially coffee charcoal or “coffee joss” originating from the city of Jogjakarta which is full of traditional nuances. 

In general, enjoying coffee joss is usually done at angkringan or coffee shop that have the concept of Jogja. Enjoying this coffee is best done by hanging out with friends while chatting and accompanied by a menu of dishes that is on angkringan.

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