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Starting a business is an exciting thing, especially for those of you who are still working or really new in business. One business that is easy to start, is a culinary business. If you are still hesitant to start with a fix place, you can rent or the easiest is to use the concept of food truck. The concept of a food truck, is a simple concept, which essentially is to do a business activity by selling a number of products, whether in the form of food or drinks using vehicles that has been modified to become a place to sell. One example of the concept of a food trucks that have used this concept is “Local 215 Food Truck“.

Local 215 Food Truck (Picture Source: philly.eater.com)

It is very interesting to use this food trucks concept, and this is what three young people used the concept and named this food truck as Local 215, which is owned by Eric Zolodessy, Alex Buckner, and Jon Murphy. It is right to use this food truck because with this concept it will be more economical in spending, more flexible, also does not require location rental, besides the most important thing is with this concept, vehicles that has been modified as food trucks can attend food events or bazaars.

Local 215 Food Truck Philadelphia

There are so many advantages to use a food truck in the food business run by Alex Buckner, as the founder of Local 215, let alone its ability to keeping upped with marketed developments. This is what caused Alexander Buckner as a businessman from New York who brought this food business to Philadelphia.

Actually there is a reason why Buckner took his food trucks business to Philadelphia, this was due to the moratorium in New York City which asked sellers to make this business an expensive business. Coupled with the conditions, when Buckner visited Philadelphia, which saw that the business he developed only needed very low initial costs, coupled with the density of professionals and the many students in this city, this became an opportunity to develop his food trucked in the City of Philadelphia.

Finally, Buckner decided to choose the city of Philadelphia, because there was a balance between running a food trucks business or a catering business, which could come from the local area. And in its continuation Local 215, will stop to provide food services, at important locations or activity-intensive locations, including University City, Callowhill and locations close to The Mann Center.

Local 215 Food Truck Menu

The menu provided by Local 215, is a menu of delicious dishes, such as homemade Merguez lamb sausages in fat duck sauces, boiled duck, and fresh corn, which are slowly roasted with red onion and then sprinkled with mascarpone cheese.

The menu will be regularly replaced. And this food truck opens regularly for five or six days a week, because they already have regular customers.

Moreover, coupled with the source of food ingredients derived from local ingredients with good quality, fresh and natural. Because in their view (Buckner), buying from local farmers in addition to making food delicious because of the fresh ingredients, will also help local farmers to improve their livelihoods. And this is what concerns Local 215 Food Truck.

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