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What do you want to feel when you enjoy time in the city of Surabaya? Surely there is a lot that you want to do when you arrive in this city. Various tourist options can be chosen, with various choices of tourist attractions. But certainly there are two things you want to do immediately, namely looking for local fast food near me in Surabaya and sightseeing trips at the mall. For culinary tourism, which is definitely due to the many kinds of culinary in this city. But a mall tour or commonly called a walk in the mall, because of the many malls that stand in the city of Surabaya.

“Angkringan Ngudi Raos” Kertajaya Branch

Of course, feeling nostalgic about the city of Surabaya always makes everyone’s choice to come. Sweet memories while living in the city of Surabaya, could have made the people who once lived to recall memories. Can while enjoying the culinary, or just enjoy the culinary that began popping up in the city of Surabaya. One of the places to eat and hangout that began to emerge is angkringan. For those who have never enjoyed angkringan culinary offerings in Jogjakarta, surely they are curious about the menus offered.

Fast Food Near Me Open Now in Surabaya

One of the places that happen to offer a typical angkringan dish in Surabaya, which is an angkringan located at Street of Kertajaya, Surabaya. Call it “Angkringan Ngudi Raos” Kertajaya Branch. Precisely on Street of Kertajaya No. 103, Gubeng, Surabaya City, East Java, Indonesia. Open from 06.00 PM to 03.00 AM. The location is quite strategically located next to the BRI Kertajaya Office, close to the Airlangga Uiversity Campus of Surabaya.

Fast Food Near Me Open Now in Surabaya
“Angkringan Ngudi Raos” Kertajaya Branch

Apart from functioning as a place to eat, Angkringan is also a hangout for residents of Surabaya. By taking the Jogjakarta-style culinary concept and hangout, Angkringan Ngudi Raos gives a different color to Surabaya culinary. Actually there are 12 Angkringan Ngudi Raos outlets or outlets in Surabaya that can be chosen if you want to enjoy the typical angkringan cuisine, namely Kertajaya Outlet, Kaliwaron Outlet, Mulyosari Outlet, Tropodo Outlet, Ubaya Outlet, Jemursari Outlet, Rungkut Menanggal Outlet, Karah Outlet, Kutisari Outlet, UPN Outlets, Asri Rungkut Outlet and the last Deltasari Outlet.

Fast Food Near Me Specials

In accordance with its place of origin, Angkringan Ngudi Raos is only open at night. It just so happens that Angkringan Ngudi Raos Branch of Kertajaya Street is housed in a shop that is closed at night, so this angkringan occupies only for the night. But this is not a problem, because the city of Surabaya is a city filled with many immigrants, and also has culinary experience so that they know about the existence of this angkringan.

Speaking about the concept of “angkringan”, the word angkringan comes from the Javanese language, angkring, which means as a tool and place to sell food around with a curve upward-shaped picnic. But it developed into a wheelbarrow that sells various food and drinks on the roadside in Jogjakarta and Central Java. But in Solo there is also angkringan, commonly called a place to eat “hik” (an abbreviation of a village-style special dish) or also called wedangan.

Fast Food Near Me Specials
“Angkringan Ngudi Raos” Kertajaya Branch

At its place of origin, the angkringan cart is usually covered with cloth from plastic tarps that can contain 8 buyers, and usually rely on traditional lighting lamps, commonly called “senthir” (in Indonesian it is called lantern or simple lighting without using glass). Food sold in the place of origin usually consists of cat rice, fried foods, chicken intestine satay, quail egg satay, and others. Likewise, the drinks offered is a variety of choices, such as tea, warm oranges, coffee, ginger drinks, milk and so on. Which are sold at affordable prices.

With a true Javanese concept, it is quite reasonable for this angkringan to cure the loss of Jogjakarta. Buyers can also sit in front of the cart while drinking coffee or even while eating rice that has been provided on the angkringan cart. Even if visitors want to sit on the carpet because the “dingklik” (long seat, according to the Javanese language) on the cart is not sufficient, there is also a seat under the carpet and a small table, which can make friends comfortable while sitting relaxed in this angkringan.

This is in accordance with the egalitarian concept, which accepts buyer without distinguishing social strata. So that in enjoying food, can while freely chatting about various things, even though they don’t know each other. Moreover, the price of cheap and enjoyable culinary offerings in relaxed conditions makes angkringan a haven to drive away hunger or just enjoy a drink served.

Fast Food Near Me Delivery in Surabaya

Aside from being able to be used as a typical Jogjakarta place to eat, Angkringan Ngudi Raos is also a good place to hang out. For food sold at Angkringan Ngudi Raos, it is still the same as most angkringan, namely rice wrapped as main food, various satay (ranging from quail egg satay, chicken intestine satay, cow leather satay, and various other satay), various kinds of fried foods, and others.

Fast Food Near Me Delivery in Surabaya
“Angkringan Ngudi Raos” (Picture: Instagram of Angkringan Ngudi Raos)

Drinks that are sold are various in addition to quenching thirst, friends hang out or even comparing food, drinks that are sold as well as diverse ranging from hot drinks, warm drinks and cold drinks, all can be reached by culinary connoisseurs. Don’t worry if your friends want charcoal coffee, a typical Jogjakarta spice drink (called “wedang uwuh”), also available at Angkringan Ngudi Raos.

And one more thing, with the development of technology, this platform also receive message between applications, such as Gofood, Grabfood and many other applications.

With affordable prices and a convenient location, this angkringan can be an alternative choice for all friends to enjoy culinary offerings in fine dining places in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.


  • Safe Budget: RP. 10,000 — RP. 15,000 per person.
  • Parking: Not Available (Only along Street of Kertajaya)
  • Wi-Fi: None
  • Payment method: Cash
  • Address: Street of Kertajaya No.103, Airlangga, Gubeng, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.
  • Opening hours: 6.00 PM to 03.00 AM
  • Contact Person: 0838-3124-3429
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