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Local Fast Food Near Me – After a long time not sharing experiences about culinary in this beloved city of Surabaya, I miss to share information and experiences through this culinary blog. Surabaya with its various kinds of culinary specialties and various kinds of tourist attractions that exist, will definitely make culinary lovers and traveling lovers interested in trying to enjoy it. Not only culinary originating from Surabaya itself, but also there are culinary adopts from other regions, although the taste is adapted to the taste of the local area.

Angkringan Pak Djamboel

One of the things we will review a little is a culinary originating from Solo. If in Yogyakarta it is known as “angkringan“, which is a hangout by sitting relaxed. In Solo it is known as “HIK” which stands for “Special Village Dish”.

Fast Food Near By Me: “Angkringan Pak Djamboel” is interesting

One of the places that the model adopted from the two regions was “Angkringan Pak Djamboel“. Angkringan is located on Street of Nginden Semolo No. 101, Ruko Manyar Garden Kav. 11-12, before Bank BCA Manyar Office, Surabaya, East Java. And open from 6.00 PM to 1.30 AM WIB.

Fast Food Near By Me: "Angkringan Pak Djamboel" is interesting
Angkringan Pak Djamboel

It is very easy to find these angkringan, from the Bratang intersection, opposite the Bratang Bus Terminal, turn left after Unitomo and between the shop houses after Unitomo there is a banner posted by showing Angkringan Pak Djamboel’s writing, a special village dish.

Fast Food Near Me Specials: Angkringan Pak Djamboel and Its Uniqueness

Angkringan Pak Djamboel is unique, because the concept uses “HIK” Solo, but in naming uses the concept of “angkringan” ala Yogyakarta. And what makes it different is that Angkringan Pak Djamboel seems to modify three distinctive models in one culinary place, the HIK Solo Concept, the Yogyakarta angkringan concept and the food menu according to the typical tastes of the Surabaya community.

Fast Food Near Me Specials: Angkringan Pak Djamboel and Its Uniqueness
Angkringan Pak Djamboel (Source: aqbr – Instagram)

Angkringan Pak Djamboel, besides being a casual place to sit, also provides food at cheap prices with traditional nuances and special dishes from angkringan. The concept of a wheelbarrow is still maintained here. Angkringan which comes from the word “angkring” which means sitting relaxed, so that it is not wrong to say that Mr. Djamboel provides a comfortable place for these food lovers.

Fast Food Near Me Specials: Angkringan Pak Djamboel and Its Uniqueness
Angkringan Pak Djamboel (Source: fandy_kid – Instagram)

In addition, this angkringan tries to offer comfort to the visitors by providing a spacious place, protected from rain by installing a protective roof at the angkringan location. However, the typical impression of angkringan is still maintained. So with the concept of a modern dining place that uses the style of a typical Jogja dish, Angkringan gives the impression that if you want to eat like in Jogja, just come to Angkringan Pak Djamboel.

Fast Food Near Me Open Now

In contrast to the angkringan that usually exists, Angkringan Pak Djamboel, indeed deliberately makes a different sensation. If in the place of origin, angkringan is made with a simple model with “dingklik” which means a long chair (“dingklik” term long chair in Javanese) which is placed in front of the cart. And if this seat (dingklik) does not fit, other buyers will usually sit next to the angkringan (or usually provided with a mat to sit).

But in contrast to Angkringan Pak Djamboel, this angkringan intentionally does not provide a seat in front of the cart, but provides rows of tables and long chairs to enjoy food, and the existing cart is used to display various foods, consisting of cat rice, satay and various other foods .

Fast Food Near Me Open Now
Angkringan Pak Djamboel (Source: Facebook)

It can be said that this angkringan is a modern angkringan which is deliberately made to accommodate the expectations of the buyers, which are able to eat and also to hangout. Just like in Yogyakarta and in Solo, Angkringan Pak Djamboel is only open at night. So that you who want to come after work, can immediately come, without worrying about running out of food, because it’s not just at night.

Fast Food Near Me Open 24/7

Surabaya, with its diverse population, mostly migrants, most of whom do not bring family or can be said to be nomads, with varying professions, some are still in college, office employees, laborers and many other professions. With different backgrounds, sometimes from being quiet in boarding or at home. They prefer hangouts as a place to spend time or gather with friends.

One place to eat that can also be used as a hangout is “Angkringan Pak Djamboel”. Angkringan provides a variety of varied menus and a variety of satay that can be chosen. Various kinds of rice wrap offerings are also provided at this angkringan, including black squid rice, grilled rice, anchovy wrap rice, and various variations of nasi bungkus. In addition to various kinds of rice, there are also snacks that are typically fried in angkringan and various kinds of typical angkringan satay, such as chicken intestine satay, quail egg satay, grilled meatball satay and much more.

Fast Food Near Me Open 24/7
Angkringan Pak Djamboel (Source: dwdove_83 – Instagram)

Interestingly, this angkringan also provides rice which is a favorite of culinary lovers in Surabaya, namely black calamari rice. Plus a variety of other interesting menus. When viewed from the banner installed, the angkringan also gives a distinctive color to Jogja-style food and drinks, for example the provision of “wedang uwuh” (a drink from a typical Yogyakarta spice), wedang round and nasi bungkus which are the hallmarks of Jogja angkringan.

Fast Food Near Me Open 24/7
Wedang Uwuh
(Source: listiwardhani – Instagram)

So, it’s not wrong if we stop by this place, where to eat at Nginden Surabaya, besides trying out Jogja’s special dishes, you can also sit back and spend time with friends. Hopefully Angkringan Pak Djamboel is also one of the choices of culinary places in Surabaya.


  • Safe Budget: Rp. 10,000 – Rp. 15,000 per person.
  • Parking: Available.
  • WI-FI: None.
  • Payment method: Cash.
  • Address: Street of Nginden Semolo No. 101, Ruko Manyar Garden Kav. 11-12, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.
  • Opening hours: 6:00 p.m. to 01:30 a.m.
  • Contact Person: 0812 5901 7866
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