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Local Fast Food Near Me — Enjoying culinary offerings is a fun activity for culinary lovers. Moreover, enjoying it is in a place that has never been visited. One city that we deliberately explored with various culinary offerings is the City of Probolinggo, in Indonesia. This city is interesting, because even though the city is not as crowding as other cities, for culinary purposes, it can be said to have a variety of variations that can is an option to be enjoyed when visiting the City of Probolinggo.

Local Fast Food Near Me Open Now — Brak Egg Tofu
“Brak Egg Tofu”

Why is Probolinggo City interesting? Because the City of Probolinggo has natural attractions that can attracts domestic and foreign tourists to come to the City of Probolinggo. Especially if you see a lot of tourists who happen to come from Jogjakarta by train, they spend more time in the city of Probolinggo. Thus giving rise to new business land for the community, with the emergence of guest houses and various interesting culinary places. And even foreign tourists who come are often seeing trying a number of culinary places.

Local Fast Food Near Me Open Now — Brak Egg Tofu

One of the culinary places that can is tried is a culinary place in the center of Probolinggo, the location is straightforward to reach, but simple, located at the intersection of the traffic light of Brak Probolinggo. Just say, “Brak Egg Tofu”, precisely located at Street of Sukarno Hatta No. 19, Sukabumi, Mayangan, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia. And open from 6.30 PM to 00.00 AM.

Local Fast Food Near Me Open Now — Brak Egg Tofu
Brak Egg Tofu

The place to sell tofu eggs are fairly simple, because it uses a brown wheelbarrow, next to Pak Kayun’s Kikil Tofu. It is called “tofu egg Brak”, because its location is at the Brak intersection, so it is called Brak tofu egg. The lighting also came from electricity connected to the eating place of Pak Kayun’s kikil.

Although the place is simple, but about tastes guaranteed good and cheap, especially with the portion that is quite a lot. If it’s not mistaken the price at that time was RP. 9,000,— per serving does not include drinking. Even though it’s only open at night, but knowing this egg has many fans.

For lovers and culinary connoisseurs, even though the place is simple and cannot accommodate many buyers, this is not a problem, because most buyers prefer to wrap and carry it to eat at home. Towards the evening and when the stomach is hungry, and wants to enjoy food, certainly a little confused too to find a good place to eat. Because in Probolinggo, the eating place usually closes at 10:00 p.m. Except for a few eating places that also become one with a cafe.

Local Fast Food Near Me Open Now — Brak Egg Tofu
Brak Egg Tofu

But this time you do not need to worry because “Tofu Egg Brak” is open until 12 o’clock at night. But if you can ask first through the existing telephone number, because it is feared before 12 pm it is up.

Local Fast Food Near Me Specials — Delicious Tofu Egg Brak

As a culinary connoisseur, don’t worry about the taste of tofu eggs, because it tastes pretty good. Match our tongue. Actually this tek tofu is a typical food from Surabaya, East Java. In essence, this food is seasoned tofu with various kinds of additional menus on it. Besides being called “tofu eggs”, this food is also called “Tek Tofu”, while the name “tek” is a nickname, when the buyer calls this tofu egg seller, which is taken from the sound of scissors used to cut food, to produce a sound “ tek … tek … tek “. In addition, it also originated the sound of the seller’s hand knocking onto the frying pan while walking peddling this tofu.

Whereas the name in Indonesia is called “tahu tek telur“, actually is a tek tofu added with fried eggs, usually an omelet. One portion of tofu tek consists of half-cooked slices of fried tofu and small pieces of lontong, french fries, little bean sprouts and slices of cucumber, then doused with delicious spices, then given a small prawn cracker. And certainly the order and the smell are very appetizing.

Local Fast Food Near Me Specials — Delicious Tofu Egg Brak
Delicious Tofu Egg Brak (Source Picture: Facebook of Andri Wahyudi)

Cutlets and “lontong” (compacted rice, usually wrapped in banana leaves), then doused with herbs made from petis (a kind of black spiced derived from shrimp), boiled water, peanuts and garlic then stirred in a stirring place concave shape until this condiment thickens. The secret of tofu eggs, lies in the selection of petis used. But while enjoying tofu tek anywhere, it seems almost the same, with a large portion of food.

When viewed, indeed the makes of tofu tek spice is almost the same as “rujak uleg”, although it is actually very different. If on “Rujak Uleg”, the spices made from processed shrimp paste, a little boiled water to thin the spices, brown sugar, chili, fried peanuts, fried onions, salt and young slices of green banana seeds (usually called klutuk banana). But in tek know, its simpler, namely petis, chili, garlic and boiled water.

So, friend. Hopefully the short article can be a choice reference to enjoy Probolinggo Culinary.


  • Budget: RP. 9.000 — RP. 15,000 per person.
  • Parking: Not Available (Only along Street of Sukarno Hatta).
  • Wi-Fi: None.
  • Payment method: Cash.
  • Address: Street of Sukarno Hatta No. 19, City of Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia.
  • Opening hours: 6.30 PM to 00.00 AM.
  • Contact Person: 0823-3707-4092.
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