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Enjoying culinary offerings has become a fun part of our lives. Especially if the culinary offerings that we are going to eat are the culinary we want. The focus of our discussion this time is culinary offerings which are one of the local fast food near me in Probolinggo City, East Java, whose culinary has been growing, especially with many people who come from out of town. With the increasingly diverse community, especially with the combination of various ethnic and ethnic groups, the Probolinggo Culinary Tourism treasury has become richer in type and taste.

Gado-gado Rock n ‘Roll (Source: Facebook Gado Rock)

Various culinary choices have made the City of Probolinggo have interesting culinary tours. Not only culinary offerings from the origin of the city of Probolinggo itself, but it is becoming increasingly developed with the inclusion of archipelago culinary offerings. Moreover, many culinary sellers come from their hometown, or even come from other cities that try their luck to earn fortune in the City of Probolinggo. One of the culinary offerings that we will discuss this time is the culinary gado-gado presented by “Gado-gado Rock n ‘Roll“.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast in Probolinggo City

As a culinary dish in the city of Probolinggo, gado-gado as a traditional Indonesian salad is a culinary dish that is also in demand and is most often choice of the people of Probolinggo City. “Gado-gado Rock n ‘Roll”, is located on the Street of KH. Hasan Genggong No. 42, Sukoharjo, Kanigaran, Kota Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia. The exact location is from the Randu Pangger water tower to the south, approximately 150 meters. This stall is open from 07.00 AM to 09.00 PM.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast in Probolinggo City
Stall of gado-gado

Currently the stall of gado-gado food that is owned by Dwi Hamzah does not only provide gado-gado food, but also provides a variety of choice menus, besides gado-gado, including tofu, tofu tek, lontong rock n ‘roll, pecel rice(rice with peanut sauce vegetables) and rawon rice (soup with black gravy due to additional kluwek spice mixture). But the culinary offerings in this shop that are most in demand are gado-gado. Especially since beginning of the trade, which was originally located in Asabri Probolinggo Housing, this shop only sold gado-gado.

There are often questions, why use the name “rock n’ roll “?. According to Dwi Hamzah as a gado-gado shop owner, the reason is that in doing business and running this dining business, he can have a soul like in rock and roll music, and also to always be passionate about life. And in my opinion, this is not a problem, for anyone to use the trademark.

About Gado-gado

Still curious about the culinary gado-gado? You could say gado-gado is a traditional salad from Indonesia. In addition, gado-gado is also one of the foods from Indonesia in the form of boiled vegetables, then mixed into one and given mashed peanut sauce, then added boiled egg slices, and also emping (or chips from melinjo fruit) or there are also added who added shrimp crackers.

The presentation of gado-gado does depend on taste, some are eaten immediately after topping with peanut sauce or can also be eaten by adding lontong (rice cake). The vegetables used vary, including green vegetables (which are usually used are lettuce, cabbage, long beans, thinly sliced ​​sprouts), additional vegetables (i.e. cucumber and carrots, and tomatoes), boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, tempeh and tofu.

What distinguishes gado-gado from other similar foods (e.g., pecel, karedok, or lotek) is from the peanut sauce seasoning used. The ingredients commonly used for spice sauce are, garlic, chili, pepper, mashed peanuts, salt, brown sugar, soy sauce, shrimp paste and kencur.

Fast Food Near Me Specials in the City of Probolinggo

As a culinary choice that has given color to Probolinggo’s culinary wealth, this gado-gado Rock n ’Roll is able to attract connoisseurs and culinary lovers in the City of Probolinggo. This gado-gado has become a mainstay menu for sale here, this can be seen from many orders and visitors whom order gado-gado more than other cuisines.

The pleasure of “gado-gado Rock n ‘Roll” lies in the marinade, which certainly distinguishes from gado-gado sold elsewhere, this gado-gado spice is served with special spices typical of Malang City, East Java. In one portion of gado-gado it consists of rice cake, tofu, tempeh, potatoes, eggs, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, carrots and long beans, which are sliced ​​into small pieces, then poured with special delicious spices like “Gado-gado Rock & Roll” .

Fast Food Near Me Specials in the City of Probolinggo
Gado-gado Rock n ‘Roll (Source: Facebook Hadi Susanto)

There is an interesting thing, if you are lazy and reluctant to leave the house, this Gado-gado owner (Dwi Hamzah) also provides services that can be contacted. So you as a gado-gado culinary lover, just sit and wait for an order so you don’t have to be tired to leave the house.

Still curious, or getting more and more curious about this gado-gado culinary? Just come to the Gado-gado Rock n ‘Roll shop, because gado-gado is a food consisting of vegetables which certainly contains lots of fiber which will make the metabolic system betters so that the body will be ready to explore to enjoy culinary and traveling to various places.


  • Safe Budget: RP. 9,000 up to RP. 15,000 per person.
  • Parking: Available.
  • Wi-Fi: None.
  • Payment method: Cash.
  • Address: Street of KH. Hasan Genggong No. 42, Sukoharjo, Kanigaran, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia.
  • Opening hours: 07.00 AM to 09.00 PM.
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