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The city of Probolinggo, a city east of the city of Surabaya and the city of Pasuruan, seems to have a pretty good culinary barometer. Culinary in the City of Probolinggo began to show encouraging and increasingly diverse developments. Lots of local fast food near me sprung up in Probolinggo, starting from the roadside, even to the form of cafes and restaurants.

Rawon Rice (Source: Facebook D&C 19)

This time we will discuss a good place to eat that has quite complete facilities, it can be said that this place is a combination of places to eat and hangout. Starting since 2014, this place is always crowded with connoisseurs and culinary lovers. For those whom are live in the city of Probolinggo, you must know this place. In addition, this place is often a meeting event or even events held by culinary lovers. “D & C 19 – Depot N Cafe“, our choice to unravel the features of this place.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast in Probolinggo City

As a place that combines food and cafe, the “D & C 19”, as if to give the color of culinary life in the City of Probolonggo, a place that is strategic and easy to reach makes this place to eat always crowded. Its location is at Pahlawan Street, No. 19, Tisnonegaran, Kanigaran, Probolinggo, East Java. Right next to AKAS car wash. This place is open from 08.00 AM to 11.00 PM.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast in Probolinggo City
D&C 19

With the development of the depot and cafe and the passage of time, many culinary offerings have been added to this place, giving a variety of menu choices and colors. And it turns out this makes it a special attraction for visitors. If you come together with group, it seems this place is perfect for you, because the place is very spacious and spacious. But it is safer if you confirm first, so that it can be prepared for its consumption needs.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast in Probolinggo City
D&C 19

Speaking of concepts, there are interesting things about this place to eat and hangout, it seems the concept taken is the comfort of a garden cafe party style, although, in general this cafe also targets a wide audience including young people. This can be seen from its wide area that can maximize visitors who come to eat and just hang out, while enjoying free internet (Wi-Fi) facilities. However, it also provides space for visitors whom want to spend time drinking coffee by enjoying the facilities provided by this D & C.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast in Probolinggo City
D&C 19

Fast Food Near Me Open Now in Probolinggo

Speaking of good places to eat, then it is proper that D & C 19 is also included in the list of one of the best eating places that are worth visiting. There are various kinds of menus offered, including: rawon rice, rawon rice with beef, egg chili rice, chicken sauce rice, eel vegetables, gurami vegetables, nasi rendang, mix rice, chicken soup, soto betawi plus rice, soup oxtail added with rice, and shared various menu choices to choose from. Apart from food choices, there are also various kinds of snacks and drinks, for those of you who just want to enjoy time while hanging out and enjoying internet facilities.

Incidentally, I also chose a number of food choices, one of which was Soto Betawi plus white rice. My impression when enjoying food in this place is, interesting and fun, because the place to eat and the cafe provides a variety of choices. And also provides Soto Betawi which is my favorite culinary. “Soto Betawi“, is soto which is very popular in Jakarta, and there is a large mix of menus mixed, including beef offal and beef. What distinguishes Soto Betawi from Soto from other cities is Soto Betawi sauce made from a mixture of cow’s milk and coconut milk, this is what causes the taste of Soto Betawi to be tasty and has its own characteristics. Soto Betawi itself has been a part of culinary cuisine in Indonesia since 1977, which was popularized for the first time by Lie Boen Po.

Fast Food Near Me Open Now in Probolinggo
Soto Betawi

In addition to Soto Betawi, chicken soup is also provided, this food is not foreign to us, because it is a type of native food from East Java. Soto ayam is characterized by its yellowish gravy with complementary food ingredients that can make this chicken soto delicious and delicious, including boiled eggs, potato slices, and other food ingredients.

Another great food, which makes you interested in tasting food at “D & C 19”, namely Oxtail Soup. Oxtail soup served in this dining place mamang looks interesting, oxtail soup made from cow’s tail, as the main ingredient. As food that is very popular in Indonesia, this oxtail soup is made from a piece of cow’s tail which has been seasoned, and then fried and freshly put into a rather clear beef broth along with potato slices, carrots, tomatoes, leeks, celery and topping fried onions.

Fast Food Near Me Open Now in Probolinggo
Oxtail Soup (Source: Facebook Vivie Vivie)

Fast Food Near Me Specials

With the many menus offered, it can be said that “D & C 19” is a restaurant, because of the complete menu choices such as in restaurants, but has a concept as a place to hang out. Another interesting thing at this time, D & C 19 also developed culinary products not only for cooking but also cakes by launching the product “Pahlawan Bluder Bread” and “Spikoe Pahlawan” cake. It looks like the bread and cake are worth and try and can be used as a souvenir for family at home.

Fast Food Near Me Specials
Pahlawan Bluder Bread (Source: Facebook D&C 19)

If you come with friends in large numbers, it is recommended that you choose a place at the bottom like a hall, especially with many tables and long benches that this place provides. But if you just want to enjoy the time by drinking coffee and relaxing, you can choose a seat in the front area of ​​the cashier, in this area given enough chairs and tables to relax. Other facilities that can be enjoyed, especially while casually drinking coffee are visitors can enjoy free internet facilities.

Fast Food Near Me Specials
Spikoe Pahlawan (Source: Facebook D&C 19)

That was just a few notes and references on culinary trips in the City of Probolinggo. Hopefully you can give choices when you visit or just pass in the City of Probolinggo.


  • Safe Budget: Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 35,000 per person.
  • Parking: Available.
  • Wi-Fi: Yes.
  • Payment method: Cash.
  • Address: Pahlawan Street, No. 19, Tisnonegaran, Kanigaran, Probolinggo, East Java.
  • Opening hours: 08.00 AM to 11.00 PM.
  • Contact Person: 0821 3888 7888
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