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Glad this time, we can still enjoy delicious food that is served completed in a good place to eat in Probolinggo, Indonesia. Probolinggo, is an area that is divided into two administrations between cities and districts. Talking about Probolinggo Regency, there are many tourist attractions that are the favorite of travelers. In addition to the attractive tourist attractions, this is also supported by eating places which are also a haven for food lovers.

Rawon Nguling, Probolinggo, Indonesia

The eating place that we will talk about is a place to eat that is in the Probolinggo Regency area, and is always crowded and becomes a temporary stop for those whom travel to the east of the East Java Province or a trip to Bali. It’s easy to find this legendary place. As a place to eat that offers typical East Javanese food, namely Rawon culinary, it cannot be denied, this place is always full of rawon culinary lovers whom want to enjoy culinary offerings at Rawon Nguling. This can be seen from the cars parked in front of this eating place, and always full.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast In Probolinggo

Rawon Nguling“, a legendary East Java dining place, is addressed to Highway of Tambakrejo Number 75, Tambakrejo Village, Tongas District, Probolinggo Regency. Open from 06.00 until 21.00 WIB. This eating place is very easy to find, because from far away when heading towards Bali from Surabaya, there is a large writing (signpost) in front of this place to eat.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast In Probolinggo
Rawon Nguling, Probolinggo, Indonesia

As a legendary place and opened since 1942, which was first pioneered by Ms. Hajah Siti Fatimah Dahlan, currently this Rawon Nguling Warung is managed by her grandson, Ibu Hajah Nikmah, it is only natural that this place is very well-known, even “Rawon Nguling” was once the main dish Mr. President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono in 2006, who had stopped by here several times while visiting Jember City.

About Rawon

Hearing this famous eating place, it might not be wrong if this place is used as a reference as a culinary icon of the archipelago. Speaking of rawon, it seems it’s no longer a secret, if rawon is the most delicious dish and becomes the mainstay of cuisine in East Java.

Rawon” is an authentic dish from Indonesia, which is in the form of meat soup with black gravy, black comes from the main spice mixture called “kluwek” (in Latin called Pangium edule Reinw. Ex Blume; Achariaceae tribe, which is a wild tree producing cooking spices in Indonesia, the seeds used are used as kitchen spices that give rawon black color). Rawon is a specialty of East Java.

About Rawon
Rawon Nguling

Rawon, using beef which is cut into small pieces, beef is used usually on the brisket portion (Brisket, i.e. part of beef in the lower chest in the area around the armpit). For rawon seasoning, use seasonings typical of Indonesia, which are a mixture of shallots, galangal, garlic, lemongrass, coriander, chili, turmeric, salt, kluwek, and not to forget vegetable oils. And finally the material is mashed, and sauteed until it smells sweet. The cooked spices are then put in a meat broth that has been boiled together with the meat.

In general, rawon is served with white rice, which is complemented by small bean sprouts, prawn crackers, leeks, fried beef and chili sauce.

Fast Food Near Me Specials in Famous Probolinggo

This Rawon Nguling Restaurant is one of the famous and legendary eating places. The rawon rice served, becomes one between rice and rawon soup along with small cut beef. But if you ask that rawon be separated with rice, it will still be served. One portion of rawon price is Rp. 24,000, – comparable to the pleasure offered, especially with the large rawon meat. Rawon in Rawon Nguling Restaurant has a delicious taste that is different from other rawon, this rawon has a sweet taste, and definitely makes culinary lovers addicted to this rawon. In addition, every serving of rawon rice is also provided with a complementary menu placed on separate plates, including fried tempeh, potato cakes, beef lungs, fried beef, satay and crackers, at prices different from the rawon rice we ordered.

Fast Food Near Me Specials in Famous Probolinggo

As a large restaurant, you do not need to worry about a car park, because here is provided a spacious parking lot. For the menu, it turns out after seeing the menu that was delivered, the food offered was not only a menu of rawon rice but also varied, among others, gule rice, mixed rice, vegetable rice soup, lodeh rice, pecel rice, vegetable tamarind rice, chicken soup rice, curry rice chicken, krengsengan rice, meat stew rice, fried liver sambal rice, and garingan rice. If you don’t want rice, you can order the menu without rice, at a price different from rawon rice.

So, those of you who has an agenda in Bali or even enjoy a tour to Mount Bromo, you can take the time to enjoy culinary tours in this delicious “Rawon Nguling”.

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