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Local Fast Food Near Me – Enjoying delicious and delicious food is a fun activity, especially for culinary lovers. The city of Probolinggo, is one of the cities that is currently growing, both natural tourism and culinary tourism. And coincidentally Probolinggo, has an attractive tourist spot, namely the Bromo Mountains – Tengger –Semeru Tourism Range plus a lot of tourist attractions that are being developed. Talking about the tourist conditions of an area, this cannot be released with other supporting tours, especially culinary tourism that is increasing and growing.

Pak Kayun’s Kikil Tofu

One of the best places to eat, which is currently a legend in the city of Probolinggo, one of which is “Pak Kayun’s Kikil Tofu“. Actually I have known and known about Kikil for a long time, even though when I first arrived a few years ago, I didn’t know the name of this place to eat. Initially because it often passed through Probolinggo City when heading east, both to Jember or Lumajang. Finally, curiosity led to trying this food menu.

Fast Food Near Me Now in Probolinggo – “Pak Kayun’s Kikil Tofu”

Pak Kayun’s Kikil Tofu” is located at Street of Soekarno Hatta No. 17, Tisnonegaran, City of Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia. The location is very easy to reach, because it is located in the middle of the City of Probolinggo, exactly opposite the Husada Probolinggo Hospital, or at the intersection of the traffic lights of Brak Probolinggo. However, the people of Probolinggo used to call this place a special name, “Kikil Brak”. Open from 11.00 AM until 10.00 PM.

Fast Food Near Me Now in Probolinggo - "Pak Kayun's Kikil Tofu"
“Pak Kayun’s Kikil Tofu”

Who would have thought that the name of this food was called ” Kikil Tofu “? Because usually what I enjoy while in Surabaya, Lamongan or even the West Java region, is mixed tofu from Lamongan. This culinary place includes legendary culinary, because it started trading kilil tofu from a simple cart, then moved on the storefront until it became big like it is today.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast

Enjoying the culinary and eating places really makes you curious, especially besides the main menu, which is ” kikil tofu”, there is also another menu that is worth trying, namely “Pak Kayun meatballs”. The bacon is delicious and good. This depot or place to eat, which is located at the intersection of Brak Probolinggo, indeed offers two delicious meals that really arouse the appetite of culinary connoisseurs in Probolinggo and can become a typical culinary archipelago in the City of Probolinggo. These two food menus are highly sought after and always want to be enjoyed by culinary lovers who come to this place.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast
Pak Kayun meatballs

But for kikil tofu lovers, there is no need to be sad, because knowing that Pak Kayun’s kikil is not only in the form of kikil and vegetables, but also added meatballs that add to the delicious tofu of the kikil. And certainly, “Pak Kayun Meatballs” at this time also become one of the culinary reference meatballs in the City of Probolinggo.

Fast Food Near Me Healthy

For you kikil culinary lovers, right now you are in the right position when reading this article and then move on and dream of enjoying this kikil culinary. Also need to know, that eating places in the city of Probolinggo that sell kikil culinary can be said a little. And what I know, is that in Pak Kayun this is selling delicious food in the city of Probolinggo.

You are confused by naming kikil? Actually kikil is a part of a cow’s leg that has many fans. This cow kikil is found in the part of the legs and the toes of the cow, with a thick and transparent white texture. Usually many people call kikil with young bones, because kikil does contain soft bones even though it is small.

Fast Food Near Me Healthy
“Pak Kayun’s Kikil Tofu”

Luckily for us, because we only have to enjoy this kikil without processing the cow’s kikil directly. In addition to the good taste, consuming kikil is also beneficial for our body. This is because the location is close to the bone, causing the kikil to have a high calcium content. In addition, kikil can also function as collagen (however, you need to be aware of the function of calogens too, because collagen in kikil contains high amino acids). In sufficient amounts these amino acids will not cause body fat.

With a delicious taste, especially in the content of gravel. It turns out that Kickil also has high saturated fat content. In order for you to enjoy the delicious taste of kikil, you must consume it in a reasonable amount so that it is safe for your body.

Fast Food Near Me Specials

Speaking of unique culinary, it can be said that the culinary “Pak Kayun Kikil” is unique. Because most people say that knowing kikil is tofu mix. But for culinary lovers who usually enjoy mixed tofu, for example Mixed Tofu from Lamongan, will be surprised, because it is different from the mixed tofu that is usually enjoyed.

If it is chewed from spices and presentation, “Pak Kayun Kikil” is almost the same as Lamongan mixed tofu which uses kikil, petis and vegetables as its main ingredients. If “Mix Tofu from Lamongan”, consists of fried tofu, cakes usually made from cassava, vegetables (usually used in the form of lettuce), kikil and added crackers made from shrimp. Then it is mixed into a plate with petis spices, chili sauce and fried onions.

Fast Food Near Me Specials
“Pak Kayun’s Kikil Tofu”

But for “Pak Kayun Kikil” only uses kikil, fried tofu, vegetables and paste not using cassava cakes (or in Javanese is called “lentho”) plus beef meatballs which taste is indeed solid.

Usually after enjoying tofu, a lot of people try to order additional menus, namely meatballs. Or it could be because you don’t want to enjoy kikil, but just want to enjoy meatballs. For meatballs, in one serving only consists of 2 beef meatballs plus rice noodles and a little vegetable.

Curious ???. It seems after reading this article, you should try Probolinggo Culinary “Pak Kayun Kikil” and you are guaranteed to add more portions.


  • Safe Budget: Rp. 18,000 – Rp. 25,000 per person.
  • Parking: Not Available (Only along Jalan Soekarno Hatta).
  • WI-FI: None.
  • Payment method: Cash.
  • Address: Street of Soekarno Hatta No. 17, Tisnonegaran, City of Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia.
  • Opening hours: 11.00 AM to 10.00 PM.
  • Contact Person: 0812-5276-7775 .
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