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Local Fast Food Near Me – Talking about poultry culinary, this one has no death, even on average in all cities in East Java, Indonesia, certainly has excellent culinary about these poultries, both duck and chicken. Apart from that, cooked in the form of fried, burned or steamed for sure each restaurant has its own characteristics.

Local Fast Food Near Me

Likewise, when I enjoy traveling in the city of Jombang which is also referred to as a student city in the field of Islamic Religion, while looking for good places to eat in Jombang, enjoying culinary here does have its own pleasures, moreover the culinary characteristics are different from other cities.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast: Choice of Sagu Duck Residents of Jombang City

One of the good places to eat in Jombang that I happened to stop by was “Stall of Sagu Duck – Brigadier General Kretarto Branch”. This sagu duck have many branches, including in the City of Jombang, Mojokerto, Kediri and others. And the coincidence that I had visited was Sagu Duck at Brig. Gen. Kretarto No. 120, Jombang, East Java, Indonesia, precisely to the west of the Police Station – Jombang City Traffic Unit. This duck stall is open from 09.00 AM until 09.00 PM.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast: Choice of Sagu Duck Residents of Jombang City
Fast Food Near Me Breakfast: Sagu Duck

Actually, if you look at the location of the Sagu Duck stall, it is not in the direct center of the city of Jombang but it is rather on the outskirts of the city, but many visitors visit the duck sago, which is located on a connecting road between cities, especially before bus terminal between cities in Jombang, so that marketing does not require promotional costs that are too large because indirectly this Sago Duck will be seeing by motorists, especially those from outside the city, so this Sagu Duck is a temporary stop to rest and to fill a hungry stomach.

Fast Food Near Me Chicken: Sagu Duck Menu

The menu offered also varies, but only around the duck and chicken. It seems that the owner of the Sagu Duck is indeed focusing solely on culinary duck and chicken poultry, because all this time visiting a duck shop, usually the place offers an additional menu besides duck and chicken, for example shrimp and some fish menus.

Fast Food Near Me Chicken: Sagu Duck Menu
Fast Food Near Me Chicken: Sagu Duck Menu

There are several types of duck and chicken menu packages offered, among others, honey roasting duck, sagu fried duck, and duck head and duck gizzard liver. Likewise, chicken is also offered, among others, honey grilled chicken, sago fried chicken, chicken head and chicken gizzard livers. Besides that, there are also various drink’s menu, both warm and cold drinks.

Fast Food Near Me That’s Open

My family and I happened to choose the mainstay menu here, namely sagu fried duck along with white rice. The fried duck are savory and indeed has a distinctive taste, which also makes my little daughter likes this sagu duck, the duck have a taste like chips that comes from a kind of fried spices that add to the taste of this fried duck. In addition to the chili provided at the table, chili sauce is also made from a mixture of young mango, which adds to the enjoyment of this fried duck. The price of one portion of these duck are set at RP. 12,500 per serving excluding white rice (for white rice per serving for RP. 3,500), so the total price of fried duck rice per serving is RP. 16,000. Very affordable friend.

Fast Food Near Me That's Open
Fast Food Near Me That’s Open

In addition to the duck and fried chicken menus offered, the Brigadier Kretarto Sagu Duck Branch also offers economical package menus, both fried duck and fried chicken, which can be seen in the picture below. Per saving package portion is worth RP. 16,000 includes drinking, maybe because of the bundling program with bottled tea products, so this menu becomes cheaper than when buying at a price per menu item.

Fast Food Near Me Healthy: Delicious and Healthy Eat Duck

With its location on the edge of the road, and its spacious and clean place makes it a special attraction for culinary places. It seems that the place occupied by “Sagu Duck Brigadier General Kretarto” had once been a former warehouse, which was seen from its very large building shape, and with its vast location now it is possible to accommodate many visitors and lovers of duck and fried chicken.

Speaking of duck culinary delights, of course duck meat also has tremendous benefits in addition to the taste of the meat that has a distinctive taste, this is due to the fat contented in ducks meat has a composition that is more than other poultry meat.

Its name is consuming food, if excess is definitely no good for health, so also in enjoying duck meat, but interestingly, enjoying duck meat within reasonable limits also have benefits that is good for our body, because these duck meat has an ingredient, protein, iron, calories, vitamin b6, healthy fats, minerals, and others, besides the sodium content in ducks meat is also good for blooded pressure and muscle work.

In addition to the benefits above, consuming duck meat can also prevent the onset of anemia which is very necessary in the formation of hemoglobin in red blood cells, which is caused by the presence of vitamin B12 and iron. And another benefit of enjoying duck meat is the presence of amino acids, b6, essential fatty acids and phosphorus in the body’s metabolic system.

And finally, please enjoy the fried duck dish from Sagu Duck and also thank you for opening a culinary review and traveling on this blog. Thanks.


  • Safe Budget: RP. 16,000 – RP. 25,000 per person.
  • Parking: Available
  • Wi-Fi: None
  • Payment method: Cash
  • Address: Street of Brigjen Kretarto No. 120, Jombang, East Java, Indonesia .
  • Opening hours: 09.00 AM to 09.00 PM 
  • Contact Person: 081-235-33-980
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