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Enjoying culinary offerings is a fun activity. How unpleasant? Only by enjoying a meal and enjoying the hobby of tasting food, of course, is very pleasant, especially enjoying our favorite culinary offerings. Same with this edition, this time we will review a little about the experience of enjoying culinary at local fast food near me in Surabaya. Of course Surabaya as the second largest city after Jakarta has a diverse variety of foods because the Surabaya is also a meeting of various traditions and cultures.

“Warung Abah Bandung”

Unlike the previous culinary experience, while enjoying culinary in Surabaya, just enjoy fried duck dishes or fast food. So this time, we tried to enjoy a culinary dish from West Java. Actually, we pass this place very often, especially when living in Surabaya first. But only now, we can stop by and try culinary offerings in this place.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast in South Surabaya

”Warung Abah Bandung”, located at Permai Housing Number 03, Street of Ketintang Madya, Ketintang, Gayungan, Surabaya City, East Java, 60232. This place is open every day, from Monday to Sunday, starting at 07.00 AM until by 08.00 PM. By taking Bandung’s culinary characteristics, “Warung Abah Bandung” offers typical Sundanese food and can be a remedy for missing Sundanese specialties.

Of the many Sundanese culinary places in Surabaya, indeed “Warung Abah Bandung”, which offers culinary offerings at affordable and cheap prices, with a simple place. The location is also straightforward to reach, which is located in the culinary area of Ketintang, Surabaya.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast in South Surabaya
“Warung Abah Bandung” (Picture Source: From Open Rice)

Speaking of good places to eat, it is to not wrong if we choose this place as a place to eat especially at lunchtime. And this is true, at lunchtime, this dining place is always full, moreover the price is very affordable, with varied menu choices. Lots of Sundanese choices that can be chosen with good taste.

There are so many menus offered in this place, there are 40 types of dishes to choose from, including: chicken porridge, timbel rice, uduk rice, yellow rice, fried rice, Bandung soup, tamarind beef rib soup, chicken claw soup, whipped noodles, chicken noodles, lotek, karedok, siomay, batagor, kupat tahu, lontong opor, pepes kampung chicken, pepes carp, pepes catfish, pepes tuna, pepes pedo, pepes shrimp, and many other menus. This menu does not include a drink menu that can be selected, surely to just choose it to be confused, because of the many menu choices.

Fast Food Near Me Breakfast
Menu (Picture Source: Facebook – Tongat Choeruddin)

In addition to the menu options mentioned above, this dining area also provides choices in the form of a choice of menu packages, there are 8 (eight) packages of menu choices to choose from. There is a package with uduk rice, timbel rice, lotek, karedok and various other packages.

Fast Food Near Me Specials in Surabaya

As a family choice concerning good food, of course Sundanese specialties, then Warung Abah Bandung deliberately makes a place to eat with specialties from the Sundanese people. This Sundanese cuisine has characteristic in terms of the freshness of ingredients, such as vegetables eaten with chili sauce, and also called “karedok” (this food uses more rawvegetables added with peanut sauce).

Sundanese cuisine is indeed different compared to cuisine from other regions, Sundanese cuisine features a lighter, simpler taste, with a savory taste, fresh and spicy acid. Of the many menus that make me confused to choose, finally we chose “timbel rice.” This “timbel rice” is rice wrapping in banana leaves when the rice is still hot. The hot rice makes the aroma of rice wrapping in banana leaves to become more delicious, how to wrap by pressing it, compressing it and then rolling it with banana leaves. The presentation can also be with a choice of complementary foods, such as fried chicken, fried duck, fried beef, tofu, Tempe, tamarind sauce, fresh vegetables and chili sauce.

Fast Food Near Me Specials in Surabaya
“Timbel Rice” (Picture Source: From Internet)

From the various references that I got, there was an interesting thing about timbel rice, it turned out that timbel rice is a provision of food that is usually carried by farmers to eat in the fields. And timbel is a typical food that has been prepared from home in the form of warm rice and wrapped in banana leaves.

Fast Food Near Me Open Now

Surabaya, as a culinary city and also a tourist city, does have its own charm. With so many culinary places, it has become an extraordinary wealth, especially in the culinary world of Surabaya. As a culinary destination, “Warung Abah Bandung” is indeed worthy of being a reference place for good dining in Surabaya. Especially with the choice of menu and delicious culinary offerings here.

Fast Food Near Me Open Now
“Warung Abah Bandung”

This culinary review is very short, but with the enjoyment of Sundanese specialties, you can become as medic and comforter for feeling nostalgic about Sundanese cuisine in Surabaya.


  • Safe Budget: RP. 15,000 — RP. 25,000 per person.
  • Parking: Not Available (Only along Street of Ketintang Madya) 
  • Wi-Fi: None 
  • Payment method: Cash 
  • Address: at Permai Housing Number 03, Street of Ketintang Madya, Ketintang, Gayungan, City of Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.
  • Opening hours: 07.00 AM to 8.00 PM 
  • Contact Person: 031-8285124, 8284032, 087751056800, 085102444396.
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