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It’s great to enjoy time with good things that we can use for people in our environment and to help others. March has come, this month is the month of spring in the United States. There are so many things that can be done to do good things, especially by making an activity with the theme of local food drives.

Local Food Drives (Picture Source: Sentara Martha Jefferson)

One of the things that can be done is by holding an activity to collect food ingredients to be donated to people who can not afford it. Or collect food items that are not perishable, to be collected at food banks.

Local Food Drive Drop Off

To facilitate the process of gathering food, there are so many communities or social groups that help to facilitate the collection process by taking the items to be donated. For example, what was done by Sentara Martha Jefferson, carried out a process of social activities by collecting food and food ingredients that were not easily spoiled for the poor. This community has been proven to help poor people with more than 25 years now.

By looking at this, it is necessary to generalize people who have excess income in order to be able to share, this is what can move some of the people who have the program, to move local food so that people do not experience hunger.

Local Canned Food Drives

By starting to be vulnerable to food needs, especially in the United States, where it causes many people to depend on food kitchens and public kitchens, food that can last long is needed, one of which must be packed with tight and hygienic containers, especially packaged with cans.

There are several foods, especially foods that will be donated to food banks, which are carried out by the Martha Jefferson Center, namely:

  • Protein foods, including salmon, canned tuna, canned soup made from meat, peanut butter, peas wrapped in bags and cans.
  • Starch, which consists of whole-grain cereals (oatmeal, cream of wheat or cheerios), bags and boxes of rice and pasta, as well as barley and quinoa.
  • Canned fruits and vegetables, which are included in this are vegetables that are low in sodium.

Food needs that are so large, especially this season, make these social movers have to work hard to provide food, or prepare food in food banks.

Local Food Drives Near Me

Providing food in the event of food insecurity, making parties committed in this social field think hard, in order to be able to provide good quality food. In the sense that those who have social concern tried to provide good quality food, so that food banks do not become a place of disposal for items that are not eaten, in the sense that more food is donated containing only foods full of fat, salt and sugar only.

This has caused peopled who becomes social objects to be prone to illness, because consuming food in department stores and fast food outlets, which makes them is exposed to the risk of obesity, weak brain function, and diseases that make their bodies are weak.

To mobilize and raise awareness of social activities, there are many schools, community organizations and various religious groups, especially during the school holiday season, making this holidays an activity to gather healthy food. Besides educating them, so that in giving donations, only in the form of healthy and hygienic food.

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