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What do you imagine about Malang City? Or you are a local food finder in Malang City ?. This city does have a variety of privileges that are different than other cities in East Java. Besides being referred to as a city of students, tourist cities, cold cities, Malang City is also referred to as a culinary city. This is due to the many interesting places to eat in Malang, even besides being interesting is also legendary. Lots of legendary eating places that has been discussed and reviewed on the internet, both on blogs and vlogs that make Malang City increasingly popular.

Onion Sauce of Mbah Djayus

Speaking of culinary, Malang is the place, a lot of new culinary that spring ups and gave culinary colors in this city. One culinary that is increasingly starting hit is spicy culinary. Even with the spicy culinary delights that Malang food lovers are increasingly interested in, there are lots of culinary places from small eating places, to restaurants, to serving spicy culinary offerings. One of the legendary places that we will discuss, namely “Onion Sauce of Mbah Djayus“.

Local Food Pantry Finder in Malang City – Enjoyment of Onion Sauce of Mbah Djayus

Enjoying spicy culinary offerings in Malang City is indeed intriguing, one of the familiar cuisine and a destination for culinary lovers when traveling to Malang City, is the spicy culinary style of “Sambal Bawang Mbah Djayus or Onion Sauce of Mbah Djayus”, this legendary culinary located on Street of Sewu Temple, No. 6, Mojolangu, Lowokwaru, Malang City. Or from Sukarno Hatta Malang Road, you can go straight to the road to Blimbing Market, before the Blimbing market is Indomaret, then turned to the right. It’s in a corner, on the left side of the road. This place is open from 10:00 AM to 10:30 PM.

Local Food Pantry Finder in Malang City - Enjoyment of Onion Sauce of Mbah Djayus
Onion Sauce of Mbah Djayus

It is interesting to talk about spicy culinary in Malang City. As one of the legendary stalls in Malang City, this automatic dining place is always crowded with culinary lovers, not only Malang residents, but also food lovers from other cities who are curious about the pleasures of the onion sauces of Mbah Djayus.

Actually as a food stall themed spicy, the menu is not far from the naming of vegetables, including tempeh, tofu, fried chicken, catfish and various other vegetables.

Ethical Eats Local Food Finder in Malang

In addition to the simple menu, and like a home-cooked food menu, one thing that is special is that after choosing side dishes or food dish selected, you will be asked how many cheeses you want to mix with the chili sauces. You are a spicy culinary lover, so this is where you can test the strength of your spiciness, you can even chosen chili until the number of chillies to 50 chillies are still made.

Ethical Eats Local Food Finder in Malang
Onion Sauce of Mbah Djayus

The secret of the pleasure of Mbah Djayus’s eating place is in the simple things of chillies, onions and a little “jelantah” (waste cooking oil, which is waste oil which usually comes from cooking oil types, including vegetable oil and corn oil). The sauced is very simple, the pleasure of sauce from Mbah Djayus will make you want to always come here.

In addition to the uniqueness in asking for the number of chillies for the chili sauces, the other uniqueness lie in the way of serving. How to serve the food dishes, each end of the person who has ordered food will get a complete mortar (stone chili places) along with a caterpillar. The side dishes or food dish chosen is then placed on top of sauces, then set itself, and after that it is enjoyed together with riced.

Local Food Truck Finder

As a place to eat that have been established since 1984, it is not wronged if Mbah Djayus eating place is a legendary culinary place. At first, Mbah Djayus sambal onion stall was only a bamboo booth on the Street of Ngrimbi Temple (precisely behind Widyagama Campus, Malang City). But now they have moved to a new place on Street of Sewu Temple.

Local Food Truck Finder
Onion Sauce of Mbah Djayus

This Mbah Djayus stall is very famous, this was proven when we arrived there, the seat was full. And we also had to wait in line to enjoy our food. Curiosity, attracted the attention of food lovers to come and enjoy the pleasure of Mbah Djayus onion sauce. Why should you choose to enjoying food on Mbah Jayus ?. Questions like this are trivial because they assume that all who sell places to eat must be the same. But what distinguishes and makes advantages compared to place to eat and other restaurants is onion chili which is the hallmark of this place to eat, because visitors can choose the number of chili for the spicy level of the sauce and that will definitely be addictive.

That’s it, a little review of the pleasure of “Onion Sauce of Mbah Jayus”, hopefully, it can be one of the choices and references to enjoy culinary in Malang City.

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