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Local Food Finder – City of Malang, Indonesia, a city that is endless to be used as material for stories. This city does have many very special tourist destinations. There are so many tourist attractions that can be a destination for those of you who want to enjoy Malang City. And now a lot of tourist arenas have been built that can spoil Malang tourism lovers, both in Malang City and in Batu Area, Malang.

Malang Strudel

Talking about culinary tourism in Malang City is definitely inseparable from souvenirs brought for the family. One of the well-known souvenirs in Malang, which sells Malang’s unique features and is currently still being discussed as “Malang Strudel” – Strudel Souvenir City of Malang, which sells a variety of processed pastries with typical fruits, especially Malang-style apples .

Local Food Bank Finder of “Malang Strudel”

The location of Malang Strudel outlets is increasing, but the curiosity over Strudel brought me to one of the culinary tourism outlets in Malang, which is on Street of Ardimulyo Number 14, Singosari, Malang, East Java, Indonesia. The outlet is quite interesting and good. Malang Strudel Outlet in Street of Ardimulyo is located in Malang – Surabaya. In addition to selling strudel cakes, this cake shop also provides other Malang souvenirs, and also provides attractive souvenirs that are suitable for souvenirs for families at home.

It’s fun, that’s the impression I got, when I stopped at the Strudel booth on the Street of Ardimulyo, because it seems the owner of “Malang Strudel” has a high sensitivity to the needs of tourists who want to stop here, among others by providing rest area facilities, prayer rooms spacious parking, toilets and atm center.

Local Food Truck Finder – “Malang Strudel”

As a souvenir of Malang City, tourists and visitors can only get this cake in Malang City. But don’t worry if you run out, because at this time, there are already a number of these strudel outlets in Malang, while others are on Street of Soekarno Hatta, in front of Lavalette Malang Hospital, in Front Batu Town Square, at Abdurrahman Saleh Airport and one of them is also in Street of Kawi, Malang.

There are several Malang Strudel flavors that can be found, including: Apple Strudel, Chocolate Banana Strudel, Cheese Strudel, Strawberry Strudel, Pineapple Strudel, Orange Strudel, Mixfruit Strudel, Dates Strudel, Manggo Strudel and Taro Strudel.

Local Food Bank Finder of "Malang Strudel"
Malang Strudel

Ethical Eats Local Food Finder – History of Malang Strudel.

Taking the information and writing on the wall of Outlet Strudel feels quite good as information for Customer Strudel.

Strudel is a layered cake made of pastry and filled with various fruits. This Strudel is a popular food in the Age of Hashburg Empire (1278-1780) in Austria. The initial discovery of this food is thought to be found by the Greeks and Turks known as Back Lava. Because it is increasingly popular, this food is a favorite for the people of Austria, Germany and other European countries. Apple strudel is currently a favorite in Europe, even Germans call it apple strudel.

The first idea was the Strudel in Malang, when Teuku Wisnu (owner of Malang Strudel) and Shireen went to Europe. And they like Strudel, and finally they chose this cake for souvenirs for their family and friends in Indonesia. It turns out that there are also many friends and family who like this cake.

A few years later, since Teuku Wisnu often came to Malang, he thought that it might be suitable to make a typical Malang Strudel, because Malang is also famous as a producer of quality apples.

The original Austrian Strudel was modified to suit local tastes through a professional Chef, to become a variety of typical Malang strudel sold in Malang’s first outlet on Street of Ardimulyo Number 14 Singosari Malang. Since it opened on December 24, 2014, there have been many positive comments about the delicious taste of Malang Strudel.

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Malang Strudel is very special. Why can it be said to be special, this is because the Malang strudel cake does not only serve cakes containing apples but also other fruit variants, which can be selected and tried by “Malang Strudel” lovers, including:

Local Food Truck Finder - "Malang Strudel"
Malang Strudel
  • Apple Strudel, which is the original menu from Malang Strudel in the form of puff pastry containing pieces of native apple Malang combined with palm sugar and raisins. This combination produces a sweet and sour taste that fits on the tongue. This original variant is one of the most in demand variants.
  • Cheese Strudel, which is a puff pastry intended for cheese lovers. This variant contains delicious cream cheese mixed with raisins. Besides apple flavor, this variant was also included in their best seller list.
  • Chocolate Banana Strudel, which is a puff that is specially prepared for sweet lovers because it contains a blend of processed chocolate with banana slices from the original temple of Malang. This variant is also included in the best seller variant.

The three types of strudel mentioned above are the best-selling strudel or best seller, but there are also other variants that can be tried, including:

  • Taro Strudel, which is a puff pastry with a contemporary taste that is processed using traditional ingredients and methods. Taro taste is produced from the use of purple sweet potato pieces from Malang.
  • Orange Strudel, which is a puff pastry containing processed local oranges, which is equipped with raisins and palm sugar. The fresh sweet taste of local oranges that meets the sweetness of palm sugar and sour raisins makes this variant have the right blend of flavors.
  • Mango Strudel, which is a puff pastry that has a sweet, sour, fresh taste because it contains pieces of native mango which are added with raisins.
  • Pineapple Strudel, which is a puff pastry containing pieces of honey pineapple mixed with cinnamon and palm sugar. For cinnamon aroma lovers, you need to try this one variant.
  • Mixfruit Strudel, which is a puff pastry containing various combinations of local fruits such as melon, strawberry, orange, and pineapple.
  • Strawberry Strudel, which is puff pastry that uses pieces of native Malang strawberries which are then combined with palm sugar and raisins to produce the right fresh sour taste.
  • Dates Strudel, which is a puff pastry containing dates made specifically only to be served in the month of Ramadan, the rest of this menu is not sold on weekdays.

There are so many choices of “Malang Strudel” flavors that can be a choice for souvenirs. And even though nowadays there are many other strudel cakes, “Malang Strudel” remains a favorite for culinary lovers.

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