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Culinary and traveling, two words that we always hears in our lives. These words are very familiar and become part of culinary and traveling lovers. Likewise, in this blog, more contains writing and images about culinary and traveling. Why do I choose this theme (Local Food Finder), this is due to the love and love of the author on these two things, especially in the culinary archipelago.

Indonesia Traditional Culinary – Pecel Rice

Culinary is a word that be related to cuisine, which is from the processes of food ingredients, from raw and fresh ingredients to delicious food, our choice of culinary lovers, but this culinary is not limited to the food menu but is now developing as a supplement from food.

The culinary development of the archipelago in Indonesia is currently developing tremendously, because today there are many local foods that has been raised side by side with luxury cuisine both in hotels and restaurants. Various kinds of Indonesian cuisine has risen from the class that are usually sold on the roadside, currently being sold at cafes, restaurants with very interesting dishes.

1) Local Food Bank Finder

Talking about culinary or culinary in Indonesia, this is inseparable from the many articles that review the existence and diversity of culinary. With reviews and the number of culinary places that sells authentic Indonesian food, this will bring upped the latest information about the existence of authentic Indonesian cuisine so that it does not sink because there is rarely anyone who can process the source of raw material into Indonesian-made mature ingredients.

Traditional food or food be very different from modern food which prioritizes speed and ease in processing it. Indonesian cuisine originating from nature is indeed very richest in nutrients and vitamins, this is due to the existence of ingredients in the processed vegetables. Or there are substitutes for carbohydrates other than rice, for example sweet potatoes, corn, potatoes and so on.

Teri petai sambal balado rice with a spicy sauce

2) Local Food Finder App 

Indonesia as a country that has many diverse cultures and tribes make Indonesia has abundant wealth, about traditional food. And of course, the food that be owned by each region is different and has interesting characteristics.

Even the culinary development of the Indonesian archipelago has become a special icon that is very attractive for tourists, with the emergence of culinary groups in each city that provided information about food, drinks and even culinary places that gives positive value in culinary development in a city. The shape can also be a pleasant culinary paradise for culinary connoisseurs.


3) Ethical Eats Local Food Finder

Traditional cuisine as the culinary foundation of the archipelago in Indonesia has different tastes and tastes, even though with different names, but each region has a different characteristic. And this is the attraction of the people to learn, even try the traditional culinary business.

Moreover, with the rapid development of information coupled with the development of social media that can provides information quickly about traditional Indonesian food, coupled with the many communities in the community who encourages traditional food, this have made Indonesian traditional cuisine known which also has a positive effect on people’s welfare, namely the emergence of new business land due to the many people selling these traditional foods.

savory rice

4) Culinary delicacy of the archipelago

Speaking about delicious and delicious culinary archipelago, this certainly provide benefits for entrepreneurs who have the courage and creativity by bringing up traditional culinary business ideas, and which certainly makes traditional culinary can compete with foreign culinary that begins to overwhelm Indonesian cuisine.

This clearly provides positive benefits for people who are starting to plunge into traditional culinary businesses, because traditional culinary tastes match the tastes of the people. Plus, the cooking ingredients is straightforward to find on the market. Even now in the wet market (the term for traditional markets) is very abundant and abundant, besides that the modern market has begun to sell cooking material for this need. This is different if we try to start a modern culinary business, which is certain, the taste becomes a business bet.

5) Local Food Pantry Finder

With the ease of accessing information, both in the media, especially social media, of course these makes it easier for people to get the traditional culinary needs. At presents there are also many traditional culinary events that are conducted to boost the popularity of traditional cuisine. Just mentions the “Tunjungan Culinary Event” in Surabaya last 2017, this is very interesting because trying to bring up the exotic traditional side of culinary such as angkringan and delicious food menu.


Coupled with the delicious taste makes the community enthusiastic to enjoy the culinary offerings. In fact there is also the “Bango Culinary Event” sponsored by an Indonesian national soy sauces company to boost the popularity of traditional food.

6) Examples of Indonesia Culinary

Speaking about the traditional culinary nuance of the archipelago, I sees that in every region it must have a unique culinary specialty. I gave an example, Probolinggo, which is a city on the north coasting of East Java. Culinary in this city also develops fast and interesting, especially supported by extraordinary tourist attractions, such as Mount Bromo, Madakaripura Waterfall, Songa Rafting and other tourist attractions.

At present in the city of Probolinggo, cafes, depots, and restaurants are starting to emerge. The cafe not only provides coffee but also very interesting food. For example, with the emergence of “Angkringan Cak Kasan”, around September 2014, at first this place was conceptualized as a place to drink coffee, but in its development, this place was not only a hangout but also a place to eat. The food offered at the outset is pecel rice (i.e. rice which is topped with vegetables, then poured with delicious peanut sauce), typical rice sauce from Pasuruan, rice buk in Malang City.

About Indonesia Culinary Articles.

Talking about traditional culinary menu in Indonesia is very varied and of many kinds. Take for example in an angkringan (Angkringan Cak Kasan) in the city of Probolinggo. There are many menus offered, namely Teri petai sambal balado rice with a spicy sauce, which definitely makes you miss eating at Angkringan Cak Kasan. With the white rice, added with the tasty least anchovy and spicy vegetable, the food makes this food likes it especially for culinary lovers whom love spicy flavor.

One more food that currently also hits other cities and is offered in Angkringan is savory rice, with savory rice, plus there are side dishes, can fill spicy chicken, not spicy chicken, and tuna which can be a choice of culinary lovers.

In addition to the above foods there are two foods that is often found and are a daily favorite of people in East Java, including “rawon”. Delicious and tempting to enjoy it.

In addition to rawon rice, which is no less delicious is “Soto”, “Soto” is a kind of food with a yellow sauce with broth in it, the dishes can also vary, some add chicken meat or beef. Depending on taste, in Indonesia there were very many choices depending on the region.

Hopefully this blog can provide quality information about archipelago culinary for culinary and traveling lovers.

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