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Local Food Finder – What can you imagine about Malang City, East Java ?. Of course, most of the respondents and readers of this blog, especially those who are happy with culinary, must answer, Malang City is a Culinary City, or even a common answer we hear, Malang as a student city, and Malang City as a tourist city.

“WARSU” in Malang City

Malang, a city in East Java that has always been the choice of culinary lovers to enjoy holidays and weekends, including me. With the nickname as a cold city, student cities and culinary cities make me always want to visit Malang City, East Java. Recognized intentionally or not, with many culinary places and emerging places of new culinary that had a variety and different variations, it certainly raises our desire to try the new culinary. One of the culinary places that we will talk about is a culinary place and also a hangout in the area of Sukarno Hatta Malang. In this area there are lots of culinary places, both those that has been around for a long time and new ones.

Local Food Bank Finder of “WARSU – In Malang City”

A nice place to eat and a nice atmosphere? This time we choose a cafe and also a good place to eat in the Suhat area, namely “WARSU” which stands for “Warung Susu” in Indonesia or in English means “Milk Stalls”. This time, we will discuss Warsu, which is located at Street of Bunga Coklat No. 26, Jatimulyo, Lowokwaru District, Malang, East Java (precisely in the Street corner of Paper Flowers). Open from 11:00 AM to 11:30 PM.

Local Food Bank Finder
“WARSU” in Malang City (Picture Source: Yuliana Purukan – Facebook)

The location is very strategic and close to the campus area, making this dining place always crowded with food lovers. After spending a long time in Malang, I just found out that Warsu already has another branch. And this first Warsu was on The Street of Bunga Coklat and was established in August 2013 and Warsu, the second branch on The Street of Tirtomulyo No. 35, Dau District, Malang Regency was established around January 2017, for Warsu 2 open from 04.00 AM until 11.30 PM.

As a place to eat and cafe that focuses on the convenience of visitors, the Warsu 1 and Warsu 2 also have the same concept of the semi-out-door concept, with tables and chairs and a comfortable atmosphere.

Ethical Eats Local Food Finder of “WARSU” Malang

By taking the concept of comfort to its visitors, it is not wrong to drop Warsu as a hangout. In addition to the semi-outdoor concept, warsu also has a concept in harmony with wood, so that the interior in Warsu is filled with wood ornaments, which causes us to feel at home.

Its true, as soon as I entered into this Warsu, I was very impressed with the concept and design of the building, simple but elegant. By using an asbestos roof and canopy, the wall of the stall which is left not in cement and with a fairly simple seat, seems to give hope that this cafe called Warsu is indeed intended for all people and can be a convenient hangout in Malang.

Different from the initial concept, because Malang City has many schools and universities, it is not wrong if the focus at that time is for students. But with increasing time and growing recognition, Warsu is currently a culinary destination for families and professionals who are taking breaks during lunch or lunch. Coupled with free WI-FI facilities, place of worship for Muslim visitors and live acoustic on Friday and Sunday. Even here there is also a socket for charging the gadget. Complete facilities.

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Milk stalls, this name is indeed at the beginning, deliberately taken because the main menu offered is from milking and supporting ingredient from milk. And the milk that are used, is really genuine milk imported directly from the Gunung Kidul area of Jogjakarta.

Local Food Pantry Finder
“WARSU” in Malang City (Picture Source: Eva Mustika Pratiwi – Facebook)

But make no mistake, despite its name using milk, Warsu also offers a variety of other foods and drinks, not just milk. There are snacks with a variety of menu choices, for example, French fries, Bandung sausages, crunchy pizza, lasagna, banana fantasy, and various other snack choices. In addition, there are also mo chi ice cream, steaks, and food such as fried noodles, soup noodles, sausage fried rice, chicken fish fried rice, WARSU fried rice and several choices of foods with varied sizes, among others, S, M, XL and XL.

Local Food Finder App

Enjoying the atmosphere of the night in the day is also good, by look at the crowd of Malang City at night and stopping for a moment at WARSU, it can be an option to enjoy the night. Even if you just enjoy a drink offered with friends.

And the drink menu offered is diverse, for example:”sulastri” is a drink with a mixture of milk and strawberry, “marshanda green” (i.e. Milkshake mixed with green tea ice cream, with a not too sweet taste, but still has milk flavor), almost the same as marshanda green, there is also strawberry marshanda.

Local Food Finder App
“WARSU” in Malang City (Picture Source: Supriyambodo Supri – Facebook)

In addition to the drinks offered, there are also various choices of snacks as friends hang out. And certainly various types of milk-based drinks with unique names, both cold milk and hot milk, yogurt, milkshakes, tea and coffee with various items. Certainly complete.

One more thing, for friends who are lazy to come out or are busy that cannot be left behind, but want to enjoy culinary offerings from this place. Now we are facilitated with a variety of online application to order between meals, for example with Gofood, Grab Food and various other applications that make it easy. So there is no need to worry about not being able to go out or not being able to enjoy the desired food.

As cover. Warsu has a different concept than other places to eat and hangout, by selling simple food and drinks, warsu uses milk as the main ingredient for the products sold. In addition, the management of Warsu is also trying to make Warsu popular and enjoyed by all people, this is evidenced by the number of family visitors who come in addition to young people. So, it is not wrong to visit Malang, this Warsu is an alternative place to enjoy culinary tourism in Malang.

Summary Reviews: 

  • Name of Culinary Place: “WARSU”.
  • Vehicle Parking: available 
  • Wi-Fi: available 
  • Address: Street of Bunga Coklat No. 26, Malang.
  • Opening hours: 11.00 AM – 11.30 PM
  • Contact Person: 0821 3500 0040
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