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The need for food in our lives today is very important, therefore efforts are needed to find healthy and good food sources. In addition, a strong effort is needed to make people aware of the importance of using local food. With this determination too, the Government and various groups began to promote the use of local food in fulfilling food needs. One activity that is also carried out by a community, is what is called “Local Food Finder“.

Local Food Finder (Source Picture: goodfoodfinderaz.com)

Very interesting, for an action with a new idea, by launching this activity. As a project from the field to the family, which aim to open a new market that aims to educate consumers and the business chain of food to buy and use local food, this not only buys, but also connect farmer as producers with consumers.

Local Food Bank Finder

It is very important now to find farmers, markets or grocery stores that can offer your local food. Even today a warehouse is needed that can store local food ingredients that are needed by the community. Why do you have to choose local food? This question really tickled my mind. By choosing local food, you will cut the distance needed to get a meal. In a sense, you will always get the best food you need. For example fresh fruits, because they are only taken when needed, and they ripen from the tree.

In addition, by using local food, you will help spin the economic chain in your local area, which will later benefit local farmers and food entrepreneurs in the area. Especially if you receive fresh food, such as fresh fruits that you buy from farmers, this will automatically help the livelihoods of the farmers or the local business owners.

Local Food Finder App

In order to get a good source of local food, there is a need for up-to-date data on the entire local foods chain, from production, distribution or consumption. One of them is carried out by the “Local First Arizona Foundation” which deliberately creates a database and a program specifically to promote all local farmers and food producers. The aim is to provide more a means for meeting local producers with consumers, with activities that are more focused on activities that showcase local food products, so that this can increase public awareness to use local food.

Local Food Truck Finder

There are so many benefits that you will get by using local food. Local food contains more nutrients, and is safe, this is because you get fresh ingredients compared to foods that contain preservatives because there are additives and chemical compounds. Plus, with increasing local food production, this can improve the environment to be healthy.

Why can it be called the use of local food to make the environment healthier? This can be explained as follows: with the increase in the use of local food, these makes the existing local farms conduct healthy agriculture by doing healthy soil treatment, which later the plant process can absorb carbon and eventually produced air or oxygen healthy and fresh, besides that it can also maintain the continuity of cleaning water in springs which can also improve animal life. This process will continue to recur in nature, especially if the fertilizer used is fertilizer from the results of livestock waste produced, composting and recycling food waste, will reduce the methane released in the environment. This is why local food is important now.

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