Greetings and wonderful thanks, especially to God, who has given us time and breath to meet, even if only through writing. And thank you, I convey to you because you have already visited at Tampacrit Blog. The long journey in managing this blog made me make drastic changes, both in terms of theme and concept and blog content.

The Covid-19 pandemic that broke out two years ago made a significant change, of course, making this blog not managed properly. At first, this blog focused on reviewing coffee, starting from the coffee itself, and various coffee equipment, ranging from coffee machines, and brewing tools, to coffee accessories. But since the pandemic outbreak hit, of course, the management of this blog has become neglected.

Seeing the development of conditions and writers who currently often travel, this blog from now on no longer focuses on the world of coffee but is directed to become a blog that discusses everything interesting to the author. Of course, this may bother readers or those who are used to enjoying writing about coffee on tampacrit.com. But believe me, everything discussed will give us meaning that everything will benefit us.

Even now, the author is active in Asia, and is interested in the natural beauty and atmosphere in Java, especially Yogyakarta and its surroundings. This is what makes some writings will discuss things or traveling about the condition of the area.

tampacrit.com will continue to grow and try to provide information that hopefully will be useful to readers. We also welcome feedback and constructive criticism from you as a reader so that I can address the shortcomings. Please submit your feedback and criticism via the contact page.