Enjoying the atmosphere in the morning will create a feeling of freshness and encouragement to carry out activities. Especially with enjoying breakfast accompanied by a cup of delicious coffee. A cup of delicious coffee is very necessary when body needs the intake of spirit-enhancing substances in the form of caffeine in the body. To make a cup of delicious coffee now is very easy, you only need a set of tools to make good black coffee. Coffee maker with a hot water dispenser, becomes a tool that will make you find a number of pleasures in the morning accompanied by a cup of coffee.

Hamilton Beach 49982 Coffee Maker (Picture Source:

Getting the best coffee equipment will help you make the coffee you want. And to get the best coffee maker is not an easy thing. Lots of coffee making machine on the market, with various shapes, types, functions, prices and good brands. And certainly the coffee maker has features and facilities that affect the selling price. For this reason, you must choose a coffee maker that is in accordance with the budget and the coffee maker needs that you need, not to be affected by the temptation of features you don’t need.

Coffee Maker And Hot Water Dispenser

Having a coffee maker is indeed very fun, this means, you don’t need to brew and not bother with brewing activities and various other activities before coffee can be enjoyed. A modern coffee maker, certainly very helpful for you, but the modern coffee maker is opened, in it is just a simple machine.

In a coffee maker accompanied by a dispenser, there are three important components that you can see after the top cover of the machine is opened, namely:

  • Reservoir or tank, this component serves to store water, and this component must be filled with water regularly for the next process of making coffee.
  • White tube, this tube is located at the bottom of the reservoir, which serves to bring hot water up to the brewing place.
  • Shower head. Water will flow to the white tube which will be sprayed out of the shower onto the surface of the coffee powder.

From various coffee makers, there is an easy to use coffee maker, namely Hamilton Coffee Maker, below we will review a bit about one of these coffee makers.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker With Hot Water Dispenser

You must be asking why in writing this time I chose Hamilton Coffee Maker ?. To be sure, I will answer, I like the Hamilton maker coffee maker model, because it is simple and fits my needs. Plus, the coffee maker is able to make coffee with a capacity of 12 cups of coffee.

In Hamilton Beach, there is an important component, which is that there are two water points provided separately, and this place operates independently. One unit is a coffee maker, and another unit is a unit for water dispensers. This Hamilton coffee maker design is quite good, and is very fitting paired on a table that can decorate your table when receiving guests.

There is an advantage in using the Hamilton coffee maker, you can adjust the capacity of water into the dispenser, besides that there is a different function between the coffee making function and other functions, which are made separately, so there is no possibility of mixing the process.

If you want another coffee machine with the Hamilton brand, besides that type, you can choose and check prices through Amazon, but only Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker is the only unit that has a heat dispenser system inside.

That’s a little information about coffee makers, hopefully a little information can help you decide on coffee maker purchases, especially Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker.


Enjoyment of coffee, has made coffee fans seem unable to escape from this one drink. Coffee has become a delicious meal, and has anesthetized our lives, like a ritual that must be done all day longs. Coffee habit in the morning, by drinking a cup of bitter coffee, has made the spirit of life for fans. Coupled with the habit of enjoying iced cofee in the afternoon, making the life lived becomes fresher. Especially with the appearance of coffee tools such as the iced coffee maker suspects, which makes it easy for you to enjoy ice cofee all the time.

Keurig Iced Coffee Maker

With the development of time and the development of coffee tools becoming increasingly sophisticated, the culture of coffee drinking by coffee lovers makes them pay more attention to the quality of coffee. Even no only the type of coffee chosen for consumption, but also the coffee maker, is also a material that is considered, by looking in more detail the coffee to be consumed.

Best Keurig Iced Coffee Maker

To make delicious iced coffee, now it’s very easy, because there are many tools or machines that can help you, to get the best ice coffee and of course more delicious. There are two types of machines that you can use namely semi-automatic espresso machines and espresso bean to cup machines. In my opinion, with heavy time needs, indeed to make delicious iced coffee needed the would right type of machine, then you better chooses the best machine from Keurig, especially for the type of coffee maker.

By using a bean-to-cup machine, the process of making coffee drinks becomes easier and shorter, where you just enter the coffee beans and just press the button on the coffee machine. For you, as a coffee lover but also a professional who only has a little time, to make coffee your own way, then one of the choices are to choose the best keurig ice coffee maker that is suitable for you.

This bean to cup machine is truly amazing, because it can make coffee with the same taste made by a barista. This machine can automatically grind, compact, and extract coffee until it becomes delicious coffee.

Iced Coffee With Keurig Coffee Maker

Enjoying coffee with a cold sensation, seems to be a necessity, especially in hot weather. Apparently, the need to enjoy drinking coffee with fresh and cold taste, you will get it, especially with the recipe 1-Brew-3.

Choose ice coffee? It feels like a have to overcome the desire to drinking coffee with a fresh sensation. Actually the secret is very easy, you just use your keurig coffee maker and just add a little iced to make the coffee delicious. Or by pouring coffee on ice. This method is very simple, but you can apply it quickly and easily.

You are curious, want to know who first created this ice coffee, the guess is, this delicious ice was created by the French Force in Algeria in the mid 1800s. Because of the need for coffee with a cool and fresh taste, the soldiers mixed coffee syrup with cold watered to overcome the burning heat.

And, now, you can get it in an easy way, you just use the best keurig coffee maker and make ice coffee with a secret recipe. The method is as follows:

  1. Use your best Keurig Coffee Maker (maybe with any type and model).
  2. Coffee.
  3. Ice.
  4. Milk and sweetener to taste (or according to your taste).

The next steps are:

  1. Fill your favorite cup with ice (according to your taste).
  2. Brew the best coffee you have (can be 6 ounces or 8 ounces of Dark coffee into your ice cup).
  3. Add enough milk and sweetener.

Now, you can enjoy good coffee, using Keurig Coffee Maker to be a cold drink, especially by touching the ice button on your coffee machine. And now, you can experiment with making delicious coffee ice according to your taste.


Coffee was a serving of delicious drinks that always accompany our activities. Enjoyment of enjoying coffee increases when there are supporting facilities, such as a coffee table. Lots of types of coffee tables that can be used. What exactly is this coffee table and how is the coffee table suitable for us? In this article, I will explain a little about the coffee table, especially coffee tables under $ 50.

Coffee Tables Under $ 50 (Picture Source: royhomedesign)

Actually a coffee table is a small size table that is placed in the living room or living room, with the function to put food or drinks when gathering with guests or family, accompanied by a cup of coffee or other drinks.

Coffee Tables Under 50 Dollars

There are so many coffee tables that can be your choice, but the main thing is that the coffee table selection should be adjusted to the shape or interior of the building in your house, so that it looks good. With the coffee table, which will definitely make the living room and family room the center of attention.

How do I see a coffee table that is suitable for us? One important key as tips is that this depends on the color of the sofa and the furniture around it. Besides that you can, adjust the coffee table that you selected with the shape of the sofa which will later be the pair of the coffee table.

Cheap Coffee Tables Under 50

You are interested in getting a cofee table to be placed as your collection? Choosing the right coffee table is a dream for coffee lovers and beautiful interior design lovers. So choose a coffee table with a wide surface which you can use to put all your needs, such as putting a coffee cup, all paperwork, a laptop, or you want to relax while enjoying coffee. With a good table, this will be great and good for you.

A good coffee tables usually comes from wood with medium density composites produced from recycled materials. A good coffee table, you can choose by placing the bottom of the coffee table for storing magazines, newspapers or books. There are so many choices of coffee table designs that you can choose, even usually sold together with a sofa, so that later it will look harmonious and nice.

The last one is tips on choosing a coffee table:

  1. Choose a coffee table by looking at the size, ingredients, dimenation, and placement of other furniture in your room.
  2. Make sure the coffee table you choose is the best coffee table that can blend with the concept of the room you are building.
  3. Choose the form that is appropriate, in the sense that it is suitable for placing objects or items you need when enjoying relaxing with coffee.
  4. Pay attention to the triangle concept in your room. Coffee tables with a wide size and with a low position, capable of providing visual effects that make the room look more spacious. At least the length and width of the coffee table is not allowed to have similarity to the sofa near it.
  5. The most important and the main factor is not how expensive or luxurious in choosing a coffee table, but how far the coffee table can give you and your family a sense of comfort.
  6. After you get the coffee table that suits you, in treating, you should, use a clean damp cloth and avoid using harsh chemicals in the treatment of the coffee table.


Drink Coffee was an activity to enjoy coffee, appetizing drinks, especially when taken in the morning. Coffee, also a word that we often hear, especially for connoisseurs and drink addicts. Hang out with friends while drinking a cup of coffee, the pleasure is truly extraordinary. For connoisseurs of coffee, the activity of coffee together while enjoying a sip of coffee is a special sensation especially with coffee made from extraordinary ingredients.

Robusta Black Coffee at Angkringan Cak Kasan

Enjoying the aroma of coffee will arouse the fresh taste of coffee connoisseurs, this time an early morning enjoyments accompanied by a cup of coffee “Robusta Black Coffee”, in an angkringan in Kota Probolinggo, “Angkringan Cak Kasan”.

Drink Coffee Black

The coffee served is coffee made specifically for coffee connoisseurs in Angkringan Cak Kasan made from oven Robusta coffee so that it will cause a fragrant aroma of coffee that is different from other coffees. While accompanying time and friends to sit back, this black coffee is perfect for relaxing friends.

If you see the pleasure of this coffee, do you know that culinary is once an illegal coffee that is almost the same as marijuana. Wow, surprise … Well, this is the news according to folklore …

Drink Coffee Good For Health and History of Coffee

In the past, enjoying coffee was not as easy as the present conditions, among religious leaders also had experienced fear of the ingredient  of this drink, even in some countries. The first inventor of coffee was cattle herders in Abyssinia, currently called Ethiopia. Kaldi, just called his name, saw that his goats were having funned after the goats ate red berries. Finally, he also tried and caused fresh effects. Finally, Kaldi tells people, so these would fruit are popular in the area.

Hearing this, the religionists were suspicious of the effect of the fruit. Does this includes the intoxicating khamar? Its influence on the body because coffee is also considered a “work of the devil”.

It is not known how long this conditioning lasts, until finally after it is known that these fruit can help them stay up late for worship, the fruit which be later known as coffee is legalized for consumption.

Regarding the call not to allow coffee, it also applies to Christian circles. This happened there in 1600, where there were some churching leaders who asked Pope Clement VII to give a fatwa forbidden about coffee, this was due to their ignorance about coffee.

Sir George Sandys, a poet from England had written this in his record in 1610. Sandys also said that Turks used to chat all day while drinking drinks drunk least by little which were described as drinks “as black as soot and having a taste unusual. Also written, “as they (the Turks) say, make digestive plongs and refresh the body.”

So, even though coffee was once a prohibited item, now this coffee has risen to a favorite drink. Well, friend, want to enjoy the pleasure of a cup of “Robusta Black Coffee“, come to Street of A. Yani 2D, Shop House in the North of the Regional General Hospital Dr. Moch. Saleh, City of Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia.


Enjoying culinary offerings and enjoying drink coffee is the most pleasant thing, especially after travelling. If you travel to Probolinggo City and Probolinggo District, in East Java Province, Indonesia, you must have a list of delicious Probolinggo culinary places that must be visited. Especially if you stay in the city of Probolinggo. As a place that is located in the middle between existing natural attractions, it is perfect if you stay in the city of Probolinggo. Because the city of Probolinggo is in the middle between Mount Bromo Tourism and tourism in the eastern area of ​​Probolinggo City.

Celsius Juice and Coffee

This time, we will try one of the culinary places in the city of Probolinggo. This place can actually be said as a hangout or can also be said as a place to drink coffee, but can also be said as a culinary place, this can be seen from the various kinds of menus offered. “Celsius Juice and Coffee”, becomes a culinary place that is always crowded with food lovers in the City of Probolinggo.

Drink Coffee At Night in the City of Probolinggo

Celsius Juice and Coffee“, is a culinary place that seems earmarked for hangouts and enjoying time together with friends. This place is on the Street of KH. Mas Mansyur No. 58, Mangunharjo, Mayangan, City of Probolinggo, East Java and open every day from 11:30 AM to 11:30 PM. The location is very easy to reach to the east of the Probolinggo City Railway Station.

Drink Coffee At Night in the City of Probolinggo
Celsius Juice and Coffee

As a hangout and gathering place, this place is indeed made with a relax atmosphere, you will get a hommy and comfortable impression once you enter this culinary place. This place can also be said as a cafe, even though this place is more of an open concept, and indeed most of those who come are young people whom wants to enjoy gathering timed with friends.

Drink Coffee After Workout and Fun Hangout in Probolinggo

Sitting relaxed in this cafe, while having a coffee together, it feels very comfortable, even lingering is not a problem because this place is equipped with Wi-Fi facilities, plenty of seating and is comfortable. Even if you want to linger with a laptop, at each table is also equipped with an electrical interface that will make you feel at home.

Drink Coffee After Workout and Fun Hangout in Probolinggo
Celsius Juice and Coffee

For drinks and food can be ordered directly at the cashier, and do not need to wait long, the order has arrived at our table. The drinks we ordered are only coffee and juice. For the taste of both coffee and juice, it doesn’t disappoint, it feels right, and the price is not expensive.

Drink Your Coffee at Probolinggo Night Culinary Place

It seems “Celsius” is right for a gathering place and a relaxing gathers place for people not only young people. Because the place is spacious and the food and drinks that are served do not disappoint. For those whom like to surf in cyberspace and enjoy surfing and need a comfortable place, Celsius is suitable for culinary lovers whom need a comfortable and lingering place to sit downed while drinking coffee.

Drink Your Coffee at Probolinggo Night Culinary Place
Enjoy for coffee and juice

For food, we tried ordered tofu egg and banana chocolate tofu as a snack. It feels pretty good and doesn’t disappoint. Not bad as a belly choppers. As the name implies, it is fitting that this place is visited by many Probolinggo City youth.

Drink Your Coffee at Probolinggo Night Culinary Place
Tofu egg at Celsius Juice and Coffee

Okay, friends, all culinary lovers, that’s the information of our culinary trip this time. If your friends go to Probolinggo, then “Celsius” can be used as a reference for relaxing other cafe in Probolinggo.


ESPRESSO COFFEE – Coffee is the most fun and has its own pleasures. Moreover, the coffee is enjoyed in accordance with the flavor or taste. For coffee lovers like me, enjoy the coffee is grounded with freshly brewed, then enjoying drink slowly.

Espresso Coffee

But this time I get a different experience to enjoy coffee. Namely, coffee bottle, coffee is different from the other bottle of coffee, because it tastes great. Direct coffee drinking actually have long existed, but now it appears the coffee new product with plastic or glass bottles. This product is the diversification of the kopiko products with Mayora Group.

Espresso Coffee Drink and the Quotes about Coffee Philosophy

Still remember my friends about a movie that deals with the excitement of enjoying coffee?. Certainly still remember right … “philosophy of coffee“, indeed the movie deals with the pleasure of enjoying a black coffee brewed up his own in a cafe. But the bottom line is an understanding, because coffee is not just about a drink, but living life while drinking coffee.

Espresso Coffee Drink
Espresso Coffee

And certainly the most interesting quotes was “perhaps God made coffee so that all can be friends” … (anonymous). True enough, so we gather with friends, sometimes it is difficult when we should be preparing in advance of coffee we will create. Although this is contrary to the principle of coffee lovers, but this time there is a coffee that has been specially formulated in the form of the bottle. The aim is to streamline the process of enjoying coffee, especially if we have to get together with for a short time.

Certainly very different indeed enjoy a coffee with our own BREW coffee compared to the factory-made, but the core is primarily due to the short time so that we can enjoy a coffee together and be friends with joy.

Espresso Coffee How To Make

Quotes on this one it seemed very fitting to represent product “Kopiko 78 ° C”, … “we can’t equate coffee with sugar. As perfect as any coffee you make, fixed coffee, have a bitter side of unlikely you hide “…

The passage of such beautiful words also has the same flavor with coffee products, artificial sweetness-as nicely as the factory definitely has a bitter taste although a bit. Coffee in “Kopiko 78 ° C” this is a kind of coffee latte. A latte or Caffe latte in Italy means milk or coffee in a language called coolest espresso, namely coffee mixed with milked foam and thin at the top. A comparison between the milk with coffee at caffe latte is 2:1. Different in Indonesia, different in the United States, where the latte is made with a combination of one-third espresso and two-thirds of hot milk, making it feel a sense of her milk.

Espresso Coffee How To Make
Espresso Coffee

Coffee latte or collectively, the “coffee latte” was discovered first by Lino Meiorin in 1950 who is also the owner of a cafe and is also the first barista from Italy. The timing visitors cafe cappuccino flavor are unfamiliar with traditional has very sharp flavors, so they ask for more milk (latte) for mixed with coffee. So due to the large number of requests then Lino decided to sell espresso drinks with more milk and call it “caffee latte”. (Source:

Espresso Coffee Brands of “Kopiko 78 ° C”

“Kopiko 78 ° C” or collectively, the “seventy-eight degrees” Coffee Latte, giving new shades. And of the kopiko coffee packaging products only 78 ° C suitable and fitting for me to enjoy.

Judging the time displayed in the cooling rack, Kopiko 78 ° C it is indeed next to other products, such as Coffee Moccacino GoodDay. Or for a Nescafe tins. And only the taste or the taste that causing peoples choose Kopiko 78 ° C.

Espresso Coffee Brands of "Kopiko 78 ° C"
Espresso Coffee

With his strong latte and more noticeably cause consumer coffee lovers choose Kopiko 78 ° C compared to other packaging coffee. With coffee latte 250 ml PET bottle packaging, coupled with packaging that premium becomes attraction so exciting to be purchased.

Espresso Coffee Price

Kopiko 78 ° C this product is coffee in the artificial bottle of PT. Mayora with PET bottles 250 ml sized who enliven the development and packaging of coffee directly into the coffee packaging of competitors that already exists first. With premium packaging, product price Kopiko 78 ° C set at a price of RP. 5,000 per bottle. Actual prices with other products are almost the same. And consumers choose products coffee packaging usually is because the match is on taste alone.

One thing interesting, why is it called Kopiko 78 ° C? … This is due to the coffee, according to the information in the extract at a temperature of 78 degrees Celsius and is the optimal temperature in the heating process. This caused the taste and smell of coffee stay awakes. And what’s interesting is this coffee became more delicious when enjoyed in the cold state. When the usual conditions enjoyed in the coffee still tastes bitter. 

One more thing … Kopiko 78 ° C, now a morning coffee substitute when having to travel, do not need to carry a cup or coffee maker, just to the nearest supermarket, we can simply enjoy the fresh coffee latte.


GROUND COFFEE – Coffee … You could say this coffee is a special consumption item, even though it is only a drink, but can be warm the atmospheres. For coffee connoisseurs, even a coffee addict, they can tell which Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee are, even the most extreme, these coffee lovers can tell which coffee is genuine and which mix coffee is usually sold and sold in public stalls.

Ground Coffee For Charcoal Coffee
Charcoal Coffee at Angkringan Cak Kasan

Never heard of a quote in a film that talks about coffee, that “Good coffee will find its audience.” What do these words imply? What is certain is quality will beat everything, as well as coffee, coffee with excellent quality certainly has a very high prices. And good coffee is definitely found by connoisseurs, so it’is to not wronged if there is a slogan “there is a price there are quality.” And one thing that is certain in coffee is that there are two distinct levels, coffee drinkers and coffee connoisseurs. A coffee connoisseur, will enjoy the best coffee with a different sensation. While coffee drinkers, only people whom wants to drink coffee, so drink coffee with a small amount, in other words, the important thing is to drink coffee.

Ground Coffee Best

Coffee, can be said to have a different life philosophy compared to other types of drinks. Coffee has a philosophy that means “patience”, why can it be said to be patient? Because to make quality coffee beans required a long process, starting from the selection of coffee to the rosting process to brewing.

Even to enjoy good coffee has its own way to drink it. The delicious way to enjoy coffee is to drink by sipping coffee accompanying by a sip of coffee in the esophagus.

Coffee philosophy is coffee that always inspires. Speaking of inspiration, then talking about creativity, because the bitterness of coffee is always an inspiration for us. Knowing the philosophy of coffee means knowing the pleasures of coffee.

Likewise, in Indonesia, the best Indonesian coffee has different tastes, ranging from Aceh to Papua. This coffee has distinctive features and delicious characters. The best ground coffee is obtained from coffee that be managed welled, professionally and with high technique, and definitely produces coffee with a more delicious taste.

Ground Coffee Make for Charcoal Coffee

Before knowing about the development of coffee becoming more diverse, at the beginning of its development bettered known as “black coffee” or in Indonesia commonly referred to as “coffee brewing.” And why is it called “brewed coffee”? Actually brewed coffee is black coffee doused with hot water. “Broiled coffee” is actually the simplest level of black coffee. “Broiled coffee” is traditional coffee that is always enjoyed by the public.

How to make this coffee is very simple, you don’t need an expensive tool to produce it, you just need a dryer on a large area and simply roast it. The method of offering is also very easy, by pounding coffee can be in a way that is smooth or rather rough, according to taste, just brewed and doused with hot waters that are still boiling.

“Brewed Coffee”, has an interesting philosophy, which is innocent, simple, but very attractive if we know it more deeply.

Ground Coffee How To Use for Coffee Charcoals

This time I will discuss the development of a dish of black coffee drinks, in Jogjakarta, commonly referred to as ” Joss Coffee “, also called coffee charcoal, and also called Charcoal Coffee.

Joss Coffee … Often hears about this type of coffee? Those who have been to Jogjakarta have heard of it. Likewise, for you coffee lovers. This coffee is one of the typical coffee dishes in the city of Jogjakarta. This coffee is actually ordinary black coffee or “brewed coffee” which is given a charcoal mixture that is still burning.

The History of Charcoal Coffee in Indonesia, is also inseparable from an “angkringan” or hangout in Jogjakarta. At first this joss coffee came from angkringan which is a hangout, a place for coffee for all people in Jogjakarta. Call it “Lek Man”, a trader from Klaten, Central Java who first concocted this charcoal coffee. “The legendary Angkringan Lek Man” is located in Tugu Station area, Jogjakarta City. In Jogjakarta there are currently very many sellers. Which is scattered in almost the entire city of Jogjakarta.

Ground Coffee How To Drink For Charcoal Coffee

Although we usually only enjoy this charcoal coffee, but it doesn’t hurt to know how to make this charcoal coffee. The way to make charcoal coffee is very easy, but the most important thing here is to choose the best coffee and charcoal that is good for this charcoal coffee.

At the time of writing, we were not hanging out in the city of Jogja, but we enjoyed “Joss Coffee” in one of the shop in the city of Probolinggo.

Coffee that be used as an ingredient of “Joss Coffee” is made from Robusta coffee in the oven so that it will cause a fragrant aroma of coffee that is different from other coffees.

Ground Coffee For Charcoal Coffee
Charcoal Coffee at Angkringan Cak Kasan

Making “Joss Coffee” is also very easy, after the coffee powder is mixed with a little sugar, then pours the boilings hots waters into a glass or cup of coffee. Only then is it mixed with smoldering charcoal that have been cleaned from the former charcoal dust. This charcoal is then dipped in a glass or cup of coffee, then stirred again. Don’t worry about this charcoal, because the charcoal used is only used once in its use.

Ground Coffee Benefits For Charcoal Coffee

Just as in enjoying coffee, charcoal coffee is very delicious when enjoyed in hot conditions and added charcoal that is still in flames with temperatures above 250 degrees Celsius, which can turn charcoal into activate carbon which is handy to bind pollutants and poisons founded in inside the bodied.

The question … are still worried to drink joss coffee or still consider the benefits of Joss Coffee as a myth? Do you know, the existence of charcoal coffee or “Joss Coffee” was actually discovered by Gajah Mada University students who often hangs out in angkringan or coffee place in Jogjakarta.

Ground Coffee Recommendations For Charcoal Coffee

Based on the writings of Dede Ariyanto at Kompassiana which also reviews about “Joss Coffee”, it was stated that “If this Charcoal Coffee can be dangerous after consuming because the coffee in it is dipped in charcoal, then the Health Office in Jogjakarta must have banned” Joss Coffee “for sale. But in fact, since the initial sale in the 1970s until now, charcoal coffee is still preferred by coffee lovers.

Ground Coffee For Charcoal Coffee
Charcoal Coffee (Source: Facebook, Foto by Rufinus Rony)

Ground Coffee Bean For Charcoal Coffee

Maybe for some people, enjoying coffee tastes normal. But for coffee lovers or coffee lovers, enjoying coffee is not only drinking coffee but has its own sensation that can be only be felt by coffee lovers. 

Charcoal Coffee also has deep meaning that should be understood by coffee lovers. Charcoal Coffee had the meaning of “respect for traditional culture”, especially coffee charcoal or “coffee joss” originating from the city of Jogjakarta which is full of traditional nuances. 

In general, enjoying coffee joss is usually done at angkringan or coffee shop that have the concept of Jogja. Enjoying this coffee is best done by hanging out with friends while chatting and accompanied by a menu of dishes that is on angkringan.