Enjoying coffee can be anywhere, even in addition to the home, when you travel, you can bring your favorite coffee. Not only the street, even in the office, but there is also coffee for employees. Nowadays many offices provide coffee, as to drinks for a coffee break, or simply eliminate the drowsiness that is chastening, especially you are doing the work that can not be left behind. It may not be in the form of a café in the office, but it can be an office coffee stand, which is simple and does not require a large place.

Most of you who work in the office and often do meetings always provided coffee. But also many offices that provide coffee and coffee machines that are placed in a particular place, to facilitate, when you want to enjoy a coffee while working. Most of the selected coffee is not an instant coffee or coffee sachet, but it is a specialty coffee, which has the right caffeine levels.

A cup of coffee in conducting activities, is very meaningful because for those of you who love coffee, without coffee in doing routine will be boring, especially you are being pursued deadlines and target work to be completed.

Coffee Stand For Office

Usually, the office always provides a pantry, although it is only a narrow space. Pantry is part of the kitchen space that is used to store various types of cooking utensils and various ingredients to make dishes, so the pantry is often equipped with cabinets and cabinets for storing places. However, sometimes even though there is a pantry, to facilitate the employees make coffee, on the other hand also provided a full coffee stand with a coffee machine.

Coffee Stand For Office (Picture Source:

Coffee is important for those of you who work in any field because basically to produce the best results, depending on the mood, the better the situation will make the job even better and the result is also better. Therefore, one of them to improve the mood is to provide the coffee place itself.

Office Coffee Maker Stand

Have the following coffee maker with coffee stand be different, because the employees do not need to linger into the pantry, but just pressing some features of the coffee machine, take the needed coffee cups and immediately get back to work. There are many office models for office coffee booths to choose from. But most importantly, not in terms of the coffee stand, but the important thing is in the selection of coffee maker is strong and durable, because the obvious, coffee maker will be used by many people in the office.

Office Coffee Maker Stand
Office Coffee Maker Stand (Picture Source: bellamanufacturing)

Office Coffee Stand is a fixture of coffee or furniture that can be placed separately or in the pantry, but if the pantry becomes a space mixed with cookware, it is good to put in its place, not be Problem if the aroma of coffee will spread to the corners of the office.

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Interested in filling the living room with a set of coffee table including a sofa or an attractive chair?. For those of you who do not yet have the opportunity to fill the living room, maybe the best opportunity to get detailed information about what furniture can fill your living room. There are a lot of ways and models of tables that can be used to fill the living room, but the main thing is that you have to have the right concept before buying the furniture. If you like coffee, it is possible that “black coffee and end table sets” can be an option to fill the living room.

On the internet itself, a lot of the best offers from online stores or offline stores that offer attractive furniture. But what can be suggested is to look for the concept of space and budget of funds that you have. Many furniture shops offer a complete set of furniture at a lower price.

The coffee table can be the main table that you want to place in addition to the various furniture that you want to buy because incidentally, you are very fond of coffee. The coffee table of the living room is a table with low altitude which is usually placed in front of the living room sofa.

Black Coffee Table And End Table Sets

The coffee table has a variety of sizes, the average coffee table has a height between 40 cm to 50 cm, for a coffee table with a square shape has a size 80cm x 80cm, and a coffee table with rectangular shape has a size of 120cm x 60 cm. Various Shape, concept, and model of a coffee table, made you can have a choice of coffee table that can be customized to your liking. Coffee table concept includes classic, modern minimalist, contemporary, and many more concept about furniture.

Black Coffee Table And End Table Sets (Picture Source: royhomedesign)

Having a coffee table set is an interesting thing because your living room looks harmonious with the concept of home. Usually using a concept like this, is a home with a minimalist concept, simple and not much decoration. The coffee table has a function to put drinks, magazines, and even your fun objects while you enjoy coffee.


With the growth of coffee into the main drink in daily life, it also develops the equipment to process coffee into a delicious drink. It makes coffee machine manufacturers, has an amazing idea to create sophisticated and modern coffee machines that help coffee lovers to enjoy a delicious coffee. Coffee in the form of beans will be processed by the automatic coffee making machine with a quick process by not eliminating the original flavor in coffee. From various brands of existing coffee machines, we are interested in the “Curtis Coffee Maker” which has a somewhat different shape to other coffee machines.

Coffee Maker is a machine that is always in the coffee booth. Various brands of coffee machines one of them is in the café or coffee shops that provide coffee even espresso. Call it coffee machine The Curtis brand, this coffee machine maker, namely Wilbur Curtis, is a company that has been established since decades, which only concentrates on coffee maker products for commercial purposes. Until now the company is still doing important research to make the perfect coffee machine and the best with the main purpose to get consistent brewing results and can be applied to various profiles roasting.

A modern-type Curtis coffee machine is a coffee brew that features a touch panel with various features with a target market for café, bar to restaurant.

Curtis Coffee Makers Commercial

One of the Curtis coffee machines that we intentionally see is the Curtis coffee machine with the type Curtis G4 GCC. As a commercial-focused coffee machine, this machine consumes 3,000 watts of electrical power to heat 6.7 liters of water within 10 minutes. This machine has dimensions of 33.3 x 53.3 x 46 cm with a machine weight of 15 kg.

Curtis G4 GCC (Picture Source: coffeewishes)

Curtis G4 GCC Type coffee machine, has interesting specifications with the flagship features, as follows:

  • There is a touch screen.
  • There is a setting for water tank temperature.
  • This coffee machine can render coffee for each brew and can store 40 types of recipes that can be downloaded via the USB connection.
  • There is a temperature setting for brewing.
  • G4 Technology’s feature that can make the coffee maximum of 12 pulses, pre-infusion time, to the amount of water for a single process.
  • Can provide a diagnosis if there is damage that can be seen directly on the screen.

How To Use Curtis Coffee Maker

Having a Curtis coffee machine has become a sensation of making coffee more enjoyable. Very easy to operationalize this Curtis G4 GCC engine. Once the coffee machine is connected with an electric flow, you just have to press the “Ready to Brew” button on the touch screen. In the display panel, there are six icon features that you can use to make coffee, but there are 3 important features that you can use in making coffee:

How To Use Curtis Coffee Maker
How To Use Curtis Coffee Maker (Picture Source: kitchendatabank)
  • Recipes, in this feature you can enter 40 recipes brewing and can make continuously according to the settings of the machine that you have done.
  • Control setting is the temperature setting of the water tank and brew temperature, the lowest temperature in the tank is 79.5 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature used is 96.5 degrees Celsius.
  • Brew setting, this function is used to adjust the volume on each cup of coffee produced with the size of LG (Large) and SM (Small).

Curtis Coffee Maker Reviews

The Curtis G4 GCC coffee machine or also known as the “Curtis Gold Cup Brewer” is a coffee machine that is a mainstay for the coffee tweaker who is given the freedom to make a variety of recipe brewed coffee with the program available on the brewing panel.

Although it is more focused for commercial purposes, for cafes, restaurants or bars, you can also choose this coffee machine to be used at home.

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Mugs coffee becomes very vital coffee equipment that a drinker and coffee lover must-have. Even the mugs can be said to be a very personal drinking place because someone in choosing a mug coffee will show the characteristics and identity of the owner of the coffee mug. Also, mug coffee can affect the flavor in coffee, which becomes an important element in enjoying coffee drinks. Flavors can be crowded as subjective elements, and many things affect the flavor of coffee, including the selection of coffee mugs. Plain White coffee mugs, being a mug that is often selected coffee lovers, besides looking more simple and this mugs most commonly found in home furnishings stores.

Take what professor of experimental psychology says from the University of Oxford that is Charles Spence, who says that consumers perceive coffee in general subjectively and depending on their respective experiences. Likewise, the selection of mugs and coffee cups containing subjective elements. Even based on recent research, the perception of bitter taste on coffee can change depending on the color of the place we drink.

Retrieving information from the Medical Daily page, the color and design of a product affect the perception of consumers. The same is also revealed by Federation University Australia, who strongly believes that café owners and baristas can increase coffee sales and can get more customers, only taking into consideration the color of coffee mugs.

Plain White Ceramic Coffee Mugs

The mug is currently a beverage container that we often encounter, its current existence is very popular for coffee lovers. The mug is available in a variety of shapes and interesting designs. But among various types of ceramics when viewed from the material mug, the mug of ceramic material that is not colored very in the studies by coffee lovers, besides considered as the most secure mug or coffee cup, has heat resistance, also As a good isolation effect. For that besides the outside look plain white, the inside of the cup or mug should also be plain white.

Plain White Ceramic Coffee Mugs (Picture Source:

Chose a coffee mug with a basic color clean white, besides looking clean and nice to see. Mug with a plain white basic material shows that the mug you have is more qualified and more beautiful viewed.

Plain White Coffee Cups With Lids

As a coffee lover, let alone you are very hobby to travel, then you need a mug or coffee mug that is not easy to spill, therefore you need a mug that can absorb heat and can make it easier for you to grind. Therefore, you have to choose a thick mug, with a strong grip and keep your coffee spilled while on the go.

Plain White Coffee Cups With Lids
Plain White Travel Coffee Mug With Lids (Picture Source: pinterest)

For that, you can choose cups of plain white color, not a problem even though it is not ceramic. And to be durable, you can choose a mug made from stainless steel designed to carry a hot drink equipped with a lid that can make you enjoy a coffee while in the vehicle.

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Having an idea to make furniture from unusual materials becomes an interesting thing. Many ways can be done to get the best furniture that can complement your living room, even your minimalist home. For you who have a coffee lover who has a fantastic idea, of course, have household furniture with the best idea to be a self-centered pleasure. From a variety of materials that can inspire you to get a coffee table, one of them is the material from the airplane part. Airplane coffee table, an interesting idea to have a coffee table from an airplane part.

There are many ways to get interesting ideas and designs using airplane parts. One of them is ordering a coffee table with material from an airplane wing, which can be transformed into a unique table. Have you ever imagined a plane that has not operated converted into furniture or household furniture? You must be confused to imagine because nowadays started a lot of material modification of the aircraft used for furniture use, especially the coffee table.

And this has happened, with the emergence of real photographs showing the existence of a coffee table of aircraft wing materials, not only a coffee table but various household furniture, many are made with modified materials from the fuselage Fly. It’s interesting, of course, the living room can be more artistic and more futuristic.

Airplane Inspired Coffee Table

Using unused scrap material into an item that can be used to be an interesting idea, especially to reduce dirt or debris that accumulates. Likewise, with inoperable aircraft, it will usually disassemble and take part that is still useful for reuse, but the remainder will be discarded as a plane or finally used for other uses, such as for Restaurant.

Airplane Inspired Coffee Table (Picture Source: royhomedesign)

One of the airlines, Lufthansa, which is the airline from Germany, does a different way to the aircraft that are no longer used. Lufthansa deliberately changed the aircraft with the registration code D-AIHO into a product that is popular and can be collected by tourists.

Plane Coffee Table Book

One of the products made from the aircraft wing is a coffee table. This coffee table is made from slats and side panels. The creators of this furniture are Lufthansa, Miles & More GmbH and Lufthansa Technik. This Program is called Luthfansa Upcycling Collection which deliberately makes furniture from parts of aircraft that have been withdrawn after operating for 10 years of service.

Plane Coffee Table Book
Plane Coffee Table Book (Picture Source:

In addition to coffee table products, part of the aircraft can also be made the table of Windows and safety glass. The idea of making furniture and other unique designs is an excellent result of the airline’s design team who also make furniture utilizing the outside of the other aircraft.

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You are a coffee lover and love to travel, then it is certain that coffee is always available beside you, but surely you need a tool that can accommodate coffee to be enjoyed in your journey. There are a lot of tools that can assist you in enjoying coffee, but the tools needed are a thermos, which can hold a drink and can maintain the temperature conditions to keep it hot. Likewise, if you travel for a long time, it will automatically need a large coffee thermos that can accommodate a lot of coffee drinks in bulk.

Speaking of Thermos, as a tool that can withstand temperature, this tool plays a big role in all situations, especially when you travel. A flask is a bottle given in a double wall that is designed with a glass-like shape with shiny material to store the liquid to have a temperature like the original.

In the beginning, Thermos was a brand name for hot and cold water storage to be durable. The thermos was discovered first by a Scottish scientist named James Dewar (1842 – 1923). Scientists who have taught at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Cambridge make vacuum flask, a vacuum tube that can maintain the temperature of the liquid in the year 1892.

Large Capacity Coffee Thermos

Thermos coffee with large capacity is a tool that has the function to accommodate coffee and also hot water with large size, besides, thermos it also has the function to keep the coffee or water to keep it hot. Large Thermos are often a family choice that wants to enjoy hot springs during family events.

Large Capacity Coffee Thermos (Picture Source: business99)

Large, commercially sized coffee thermos there are two types of large-size thermos models without electric heaters called a Thermos bucket, and the other is a large-size thermos with an electric heater called a water boiler.

Large Thermos For Coffee

Having a large-sized thermos for coffee does have many benefits, especially for those of you who often hold events or travel with many people. Thermos coffee has a way of working that will keep your water or coffee temperature hot for a long time, this is due to the condition of the water temperature is awake because the thermos material has good quality and has a thickness that Right.

Large-sized coffee Termos are a great choice for those of you who always need a lot of coffee. The thermos is not only used to accommodate coffee, but also to keep your coffee in a hot state.

Best Large Coffee Thermos

To get the best thermos, you need to know a few things below so that you can get a quality coffee thermos, so please see the following:

1. Thermos material. A lot of material to make thermos, for that choose the thermos material from glass or stainless steel material. In addition to being safe to use for hot temperatures, the material can withstand better temperatures than other materials.

2. Needs. Choose a thermos to suit your needs, whether for a heat-resistant requirement, or a thermos for two needs that can be hot and can be cold.

3. Thermos size. Choose the size of the thermos according to needs, such as family needs must be different when compared to the needs of thermos at the office.

4. Choose a thermos design to suit your needs. For example thermos with a bag or a handle, it is suitable for those of you who enjoy traveling without a bag.

The following are the thermos options you can choose from, as follows:

1. Shuma Termos Stainless Steel 750 ml. This thermos has a classic design, with a capacity of 750ml capable of maintaining hot water temperature up to 24 hours. At the time of purchase, you get a cover that will make you easier to travel.

Best Large Coffee Thermos
Shuma Termos Stainless Steel 750 ml (Picture Source:

2. Thermos Zojirushi 2.0 L SF-CC200XA. This thermos is perfect for those of you who enjoy activities outdoors, it can be said the thermos become the best thermos to climb the mountain because it has a vacuum technology. The thermos is made of stainless steel, which keeps the temperature hot and cold for well up to 24 hours, there are two sizes, namely 1.5 liters and 2 liters.

Best Large Coffee Thermos
Thermos Zojirushi 2.0 L SF-CC200XA (Picture Source:

3. SHUMA 1500. This thermos is a thermos for hot and cold needs that have a large size with a capacity of 1.5 liters, with material from stainless steel, and able to withstand heat up to 48 degrees.

Best Large Coffee Thermos
SHUMA 1500 (Picture Source: )

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Coffee is the rising class, why can it be said so?. Because coffee has become a lifestyle trend that began to develop in people’s lives. With the start of his liking coffee as a drink trend, then began to mushiness coffee outlets that exist throughout the city, this leads to increased consumption of coffee. There is even a positive side of coffee, which can improve the mood for coffee connoisseurs, it also raises a large number of types of coffee that is marketed to meet the needs of coffee. But without realizing this it also affects the connoisseur of coffee is not strong with the acid content on coffee, which makes the coffee drinkers are looking for low acid coffee brands so that the activity of enjoying coffee can run continuously.

In general, coffee has a bitter taste and also sour flavor. The sour flavor is what causes the coffee drinkers who are not strong with acidic content, to avoid coffee drinks. However to be known is the acid level on coffee is only at a pH of 5, which means that the coffee is still safe for consumption. The acid level of this coffee is still far below a drink of orange juice and soda. But what should be known is why coffee becomes a sensational drink, this is because coffee has an acidity that becomes an important component of coffee.

Coffee does have its appeal that resulted in some people still can not leave the habit of drinking coffee, especially for those who have problems with stomach acid. This is what brings out the idea for coffee producers to create coffee that has a low acid content.

What Coffee Brands Are Low Acid

For those of you who do not have a problem with the sour flavor on coffee, enjoy coffee with all kinds of coffee becomes a thing that does not matter, but for those of you who are very susceptible to acid, then enjoy coffee requires away so you can enjoy coffee with a sense of security. Speaking of acid content in coffee, when you have and worry about the sour flavor on coffee, it is better to choose the type of Arabica coffee, because this type of coffee is safe for the stomach because it has lower caffeine levels.

Low Acid Coffee Brands (Picture Source: maverickscoffee)

Speaking of acid levels in coffee, the important thing to note is that the rate of acidity in arabica coffee is smaller in quantities than other types of coffee, as well as the acidity level, type Arabica coffee has an acidity level Half of robusta coffee acidity. With this, arabica coffee becomes a coffee that deserves to be enjoyed by coffee lovers who are also ulcer patients.

List Of Low Acid Coffee Brands

Knowing about the level of coffee acid levels makes you understand about what coffee you should be able to enjoy, so you will feel safe when enjoying coffee, without the stomach shadows due to the taste of sour coffee. Several brands of coffee are safe and low-acid, among others:

  1. Java Planet.
  2. Nescafe DECAF Gold Blend
  3. Puroast
  4. Coffesso DECAF Coffee Pod.
  5. Cafe Don Pedro

Now let’s look at a bit of information, which can help you to choose the low-acid coffee you want, among others as follows:

1. Java Planet. It serves coffee grown organically from around the world, including Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, and Colombia. One interesting thing is the roasting process on this coffee helps the optimal flavor and the experience of drinking with mild acidity. Coffee beans come from high-quality arabica coffee.

List Of Low Acid Coffee Brands
Java Planet Coffee (Picture Source:

2. Nescafe DECAF Gold Blend. The coffee product is made from a mixture of arabica and robusta coffee beans, which makes it has a bear origin low acid from the old roasting process. And the process to eliminate caffeine is done with natural water decaffeination system that makes coffee decaf still has a special aroma of coffee is strong.

List Of Low Acid Coffee Brands
Nescafe Decaf Gold Brand (Picture Source:

3. Puroast. This coffee provides the best option for you who want a coffee with low acid level. The secret of the process is in a roasting process that reduces acid content to more than 70% when compared with similar brands.

List Of Low Acid Coffee Brands
Puroast Coffee (Picture Source:,com)

4. Coffesso DECAF Coffee Pod. This coffee is a coffee pod made from a mixture of robusta and arabica coffee from plantations in Africa and Central America. The process of caffeine Removal makes Coffesso Caffeine-free up to 99.9%.

List Of Low Acid Coffee Brands
Coffesso DECAF Coffee Pod (Picture Source:

5. Cafe Don Pedro. This coffee is the best coffee dish offered by Cafe Don Pablo which offers coffee with low acidity without diminishing taste. The Arabica seeds of Honduras are planted, harvested, then processed by natural methods.

List Of Low Acid Coffee Brands
Cafe Don Pedro (Picture Source:

That’s him some selection of low-acid coffees that you can choose. Hopefully useful.

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Furniture is still an eye-catching home. A lot of choices of furniture that can decorate the contents of the house, from the type and model is simple to the complex and modern. If you are someone who puts the side of beauty and harmony, then the selection of furniture will be based on the concept of an artistic house. Likewise, if you are a coffee lover, you will choose the furniture that gives you the comfort of enjoying coffee, one of which is a coffee table. There are a lot of shops that provide attractive furniture, one of which is Joss and Main. You can choose Joss And Main Coffee table at Joss and Main furniture shop.

Joss and Main are one of the subsidiaries of which was founded by Wayfair LLC around the year 2011. Joss and Main is a sub-organization or can be called as a new division of the company that provides household furniture. As a company that provides furniture and furniture, Joss and Main is a website with a membership system and offers all kinds of decorations for the home.

By offering household furnishings of all brands, Joss and Main provide a great deal for those who need furniture for the home. Especially if you need a coffee table, Joss and Main can be an easy solution to get your furniture needs. Joss and Main is the largest company engaged in furniture sales in the United States, headquartered at 177 Huntington Avenue, Suite 6000, Boston.

Joss And Main White Coffee Table

A coffee table can be said to be one of the most important household furniture to fill your living room. And your choice is very precise when determining the choice to Joss and Main to choose a coffee table. If you like a neutral color coffee table as white, then Joss and Main give a choice of the white coffee table from various famous brands and with the best and attractive design.

Joss And Main White Coffee Table (Picture Source: 12thandwhite)

The White coffee table of Joss and Main is a furniture product that has a luxury furniture design. You can choose a coffee table made from mahogany wood with super grade A quality. By having good quality, the coffee table model is made with precision and thorough, and has the best quality, more durable and can be worn in the time Long.

Joss And Main Rustic Coffee Table

In addition to a selection of coffee tables above, Joss and Main also provide a coffee table with a rustic concept. The Rustic Model coffee table is a coffee table concept with nature and natural themed. The blend of rustic coffee table furniture will make your living room appear to be nicer and beautiful, even with a natural impression will be reflected from the use of wood and make the living room warmer.

Joss And Main Rustic Coffee Table
Joss And Main Rustic Coffee Table (Picture Source:

The combination of rustic concept as well as a small touch of your modern house will complement the design of your space. Rustic architecture is a style or architectural model from the United States that are used for buildings in the village or on the structure and also the interior of a private home. But in its development, the modern rustic concept develops into a concept that fills each other and makes furniture more attractive.

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