What Is Batik Fabric

Fashion... There are interesting things when talking about fashion, from various types of fashion, whether about fashion, types of fabrics or clothing models that are commonly used around the world, there is one type of fashion that is interesting to discuss, namely "batik". As we all know that many things can be said to be fabric art techniques that can be found in various cultures in the world such as in Nigeria, China, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and other countries. But for batik, only batik from Indonesia which in our view has artistic value. But what about batik fabric? This will be an interesting discussion later, especially about what is batik fabric.

Batik (Picture: thejakartapost.com)

Panasaran with batik? Batik is an illustrated Indonesian fabric whose manufacture is specifically by writing or placing batik wax on the fabric, then the processing is processed in a certain way that has its peculiarities, as a whole technique, technology, and the development of related motifs and cultures, by UNESCO has been designated as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity since October 2, 2009.

What Are Batik Fabrics

Among the various choices of topics, batik is an interesting topic choice to discuss. Batik is the work of the Indonesian nation which is a combination of art and technology by the ancestors of the Indonesian nation. Indonesian batik can develop to a level that is incomparable both in design, motif, and process. The pattern of batik variety that contains full of meaning and philosophy will continue to be explored from various customs and cultures that develop in Indonesia. A motif is a pattern that is shaped in such a way that produces a variety of forms.

Batik motifs are patterns or patterns that become the framework of images in batik in the form of a combination of lines, shapes, and contents into a single entity that embodies batik as a whole. The batik motifs include animal, human, geometric, and other motifs. Batik motifs are often also used to show a person's status. Batik is a down-and-down tradition. Therefore, often batik motifs become a characteristic of batik produced by certain families.

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Indonesia has several motifs related to local culture. Some of the factors that influence the birth of batik motifs include geographical location, for example, coastal areas will produce batik with motifs related to the sea, as well as those who live in the mountains will be inspired by the surrounding nature; the nature and livelihood of the region; beliefs and customs in an area; as well as the surrounding natural conditions including flora and fauna.

How is Batik Fabric Made

Still curious about batik fabrics? Batik does have a different feel from other types of fabrics, as well as in the process of making them.

At first, batik was made on a white material made of cotton called Mori cloth. In its development, batik is also made on top of other materials such as silk, polyester, rayon, and other synthetic materials.

Batik motifs are formed with wax liquid using a tool called canting for delicate motifs, or brushes for large motifs so that wax liquid seeps into the fabric fibers.

Fabrics that have been painted with wax are then dyed in the desired color, usually starting from light colors. Dyeing is then done for other motifs with older or darker colors. After several dyeing processes, the fabric that has been bolted is dipped in chemicals to dissolve the wax.

What Is Batik Fabric Used For

Although batik is already known and used all over the world, the question is what is this batik cloth used for?

In Indonesian society, they wear batik as a casual and formal dress that can be used in various events.

At some events such as in the Javanese customs in Indonesia, batik is often used as a cloth for wedding clothes for the Javanese indigenous people.

Not only that but batik is also used as a material to make modern clothes today. In addition to being used as clothing, it turns out that several other batik functions are no less important. The function of batik can include aesthetic functions as decoration to social symbols.

Hopefully, a little information about what is batik fabric is useful and a reference for you in knowing and understanding batik.

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