Coffee is one of the plantation commodities that is interesting to talk about, not just coffee, but everything related to coffee can be an interesting ingredient to be discussed. One of them is a coffee machine. As a tool that can produce delicious coffee, the coffee machine becomes a very necessary tool, whether it is in the coffee shops or at home. Therefore, it takes a coffee machine according to the needs, either from the features, shape, and even the budget used to buy the machine. One of the coffee machines that can be selected is a coffee maker with water line.

Coffee machine with water line becomes a different option because this type of coffee machine requires more attention that is different from other types of coffee machines, choosing this type of coffee machine means you must have a long-term commitment, that is in terms of Machine maintenance. This coffee machine is often also called an espresso coffee machine. The espresso machine became an early milestone in the birth of a delicious espresso coffee drink. This Espresso is produced by extracting coffee powder by spouting hot water under high pressure.

The pleasure of espresso coffee is determined by the quality of the espresso coffee machine, for that, you must be careful in choosing the coffee machine. There are a few things that you should look out for in choosing the espresso coffee machine, which is the type of machine, capacity, features, pressure bar, and the most important is the price.

Coffee Maker With Water Line and Grinder

Coffee machine with additional water line and equipped with a grinder, basically including a professional espresso coffee machine, this machine becomes a dream for the barista. In general, this machine has a large size and has a complete feature. This coffee machine has more than one part to extract coffee, which aims to support the speed of production of espresso coffee.

Coffee Maker With Water Line and Grinder
Coffee Maker With Water Line and Grinder (Picture Source: Pinterest)

There are several brands of espresso machine This model, among others Rancilio, La Marzocco, and also Nouva Simonelli. This coffee machine is very good at an expensive price. Therefore, you should be wise in choosing a coffee machine, especially to be aware of is adjusting to your budget and needs about a coffee machine.

Best Coffee Maker with Water Line

There are several models of coffee machines with water lines, one of which can be seen is Rocket Appartamento. This Appartamento coffee machine has a stainless body, which is a constraint with stainless materials is to have to diligently clean the splash or the rest of the water stuck. For that, you have to diligently Polish this coffee machine. Besides, you will love this coffee machine, because this coffee machine has a retro design, which is very pleasant to be looked at and also can serve delicious coffee.

Best Coffee Maker with Water Line
Rocket Appartamento (Picture Source: seattlecoffeegear)

The Appartamento coffee machine has a size of 25x45x35 cm, this coffee machine is equipped with a heat exchanger system with a capacity of 1.8 liters. At the time of purchase, you will get a machine coupled with other standard machine fittings, such as 2 commercial type Portafilter, single and double spout, and also blind basketball installed on the portafilter while backflush or cleaning The remaining dirt on the drain pipes leading to the head group.

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Coffee is still a sweet drink that makes love can not escape from the delicious pushers of this drink. Various types of coffee are available with a variety of flavors and benefits respectively. Behind the coffee pleasure, there is a coffee machine that can make this type of drink become a delicious drink. In the next development, it takes a coffee machine that can make coffee quickly and with a delicious flavor, and Keurig coffee pots become one of the options of coffee machines that can be chosen to make your favorite coffee.

Even with the improved coffee development, making the coffee machine made more sophisticated, coupled with the proliferation of coffee shops in the city, which is also known as a coffee shop is one of the triggers of the creation of a coffee machine that is capable Meet the expectations of the coffee-making industry worldwide.

There are many varieties and types of coffee that you can get in the market, but among the various options, the Keurig coffee machine is still one of the best options to have. Keurig has a coffee machine which is the latest innovation product equipped with a number of excellent features.

Keurig Coffee Maker Espresso

Espresso is a coffee produced from the extraction of coffee beans that process the manufacture using the machine. In the beginning, espresso can only be found in coffee shops, but with the growth of coffee machines, espresso coffee machines can be used for the needs of making coffee at home. Likewise, with Keurig as one of the manufacturers that focus on coffee, the coffee machine produced also has the best quality espresso machine, because the quality of the espresso machine is very determined the quality of espresso coffee be produced. There are many considerations that you have to do to choose the best coffee machine, such as coffee machine type, features that have a coffee machine, capacity, pressure bar, and most importantly is the price of the coffee machine.

Keurig Coffee Maker Espresso (Picture Source: kitchenrally)

When you buy espresso at the coffee booth, you will get a brownish-yellow liquid on the top of the coffee layer, this liquid is called crema. Crema is very meaningful in a cup of espresso because it greatly determines the flavor and aroma of coffee so the coffee becomes more delicious. As a suggestion, choose the best coffee machine with a pressure of 9 bar, because Keurig coffee machine with pressure 9 bar, can produce crema very well, taste more delicious, and also the aroma of coffee produced become stronger.

Keurig Coffee Maker Images

Keurig Coffee Machine is a very much used coffee machine. Keurig coffee maker is made to fulfill the demands of coffee lovers who can make a cup of hot coffee with a distinctive flavor. Having a Keurig coffee machine at home, you don’t have to go to the coffee shops, when you want a delicious cup of coffee.

Keurig Coffee Maker Images
Keurig Coffee Maker Images (Picture Source: coffeemakersadvisor)

Keurig Coffee Maker Mini

Like a coffee machine maker, Keurig provides a practical offer in making coffee, one of which is with the K10 MINI coffee machine. Even to make a cup of coffee, you only need less than two minutes. This is due to K-Cup, which is a ground coffee that has been packaged in a small container.

Keurig Coffee Maker Mini
Keurig Coffee Maker Mini (Picture Source: cochranfirmdc)

There are many options for K-Cup options, which are 400 types of coffee from 60 coffee brands in the world, the use of K-Cup with the aim to accelerate the process of making coffee.

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A coffee table is one of the furniture that always decorates the living room, this furniture becomes one of the furniture that provides added value to the owner. In addition to the function to put a cup of coffee, a coffee table can also be used to put a variety of goods on it, for example, food or some work tools or just a book and a magazine. There are a lot of coffee table models that you can have, but this depends heavily on the design of your home and the living room design. White Distressed wood coffee table, could be your choice to fill the living room.

The coffee table is a table that has a smaller size and usually, this table is placed in the living room, this table is usually placed between the couch and other furniture objects. Besides its function to decorate the space, the coffee table is also a central point of attention from the interior design of the living room.

The type of coffee table with wood material does have many varieties and types, including a coffee table with the distress model. Distress is one kind of technique to cultivate wood with the aim that the wood looks to be like an old age wood. Wood processing technique with distress technique is very suitable for furniture with antique and rustic models.

Distressed Painted Wood Coffee Table

Having a coffee table with different models becomes a pleasure and sensation of its own, let alone the coffee table becomes a favorite place to enjoy the time as well as the place you work at home. There is a way for wood to look like it has long been used. The important thing to note is that the characteristics of the furniture are owned, it has a function to be able to recognize which part you want to be made to look like worn out.

Distressed Painted Wood Coffee Table (Picture Source:

From the many furniture, a coffee table is one of the furniture that is very easy to do finishing with chalk paint and technique distress, because it has a very simple shape. On the coffee table, the part that you want to make becomes obsolete, located on the top table and the elbow.

Distressed White Wood Coffee Table

As a coffee lover, then have a coffee table seems to be a necessity, especially with having a white coffee table, plus again with a coffee table that we have a distressed design coffee table, certainly become more interesting. The distressed coffee table looks more awesome, this is due to the use of chalk paint. Chalk paint is deliberately chosen to make a coffee table distressed interesting because its color is pastel. Paint in pastel colors, this is suitable for all furniture with vintage style or even shabby chic.

Distressed White Wood Coffee Table
Distressed White Wood Coffee Table (Picture Source:

Why distressed coffee table using white color?. This is because the chalk paint is used to have a color that is almost similar to lime for a whiteboard. As a coffee table that has a different design with a common type of coffee table design, this coffee table does provide attractive added value, especially for those of you who use a vintage concept as the concept of a house that you use.

The most important is not how expensive the furniture is, but the main thing is how the coffee table function can provide comfort for you at home.

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For a coffee lover and also often enjoy coffee at home, having a coffee table, it seems like must-have equipment. Putting the coffee table in the living room becomes a delight, besides being able to beautify the living room, a coffee table can be a fixture to fill space in the living room. Sometimes in a living room with a minimalist concept, and incidentally want to fill the living room with small furniture, then the choice is to fill it with a coffee table. Before filling it, you need to measure the empty living room part, and also need to know the average coffee table size, to create an interesting atmosphere in the living room.

By getting the exact size of the coffee table, the purpose and function of the coffee table to be placed in the living room becomes suitable. The existence of furniture or coffee table in space, essentially want to support the function of space, in the sense without a table, especially coffee table, then the living room will be difficult to use by the owners.

Therefore choose a coffee table for the living room with the best size and design. Adapt the coffee table to your home concept and space concept. Do not let you buy a coffee table arbitrary, because it reduces the beauty of your living room.

Average Size For Coffee Table

There is an easy way to choose the best coffee table, to be placed in your home. Taking what Estee Stanley says, an editor at, who says that a fan of modern aesthetics, usually prefer a coffee table with a smaller size. While fans of classic aesthetic design prefer classic-style furniture with larger table sizes.

Average Size For Coffee Table (Picture Source: royhomedesign)

Both models can be used anywhere, but on a condition that has the right size. From an aesthetic perspective, the coffee table is at least 10 inches (25 cm) long to 18 (45 cm). So, if you have a sofa with a standard length of 87 inches (220 cm), then look for a coffee table with a size between 51 inches to 57 inches (about 129 cm up to 144 cm).

Average Size Of Coffee Table

Average Size Of Coffee Table
Average Size Of Coffee Table (Picture Source:

A lot of types and models of the coffee table, but to choose the right size and best, you have to adjust to the shape of the space you have. Above we’ve got a reference on the size based on aesthetics. But on average, look for a coffee table with a high standard between 36 cm to 48 cm. And for the size of the width and length, it depends on the taste and design of the coffee table that you want. For coffee table width usually uses a size between 50 cm to 70 cm, and for a coffee table length, using a size of 90 cm up to 140 cm.

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What do you imagine with coffee?. Coffee is a delicious drink that can give you the effect of the spirit you drink. Besides, coffee is also a class-rise drink that provides business opportunities for anyone who moves in the coffee industry from farmers to coffee connoisseurs. There are so many things to do with coffee, which makes this plantation commodity a great business effect. But behind it all, who thought coffee can be useful for the health of the body especially for the face, namely “Coffee Scrub For Face”.

Coffee Scrub is an interesting idea to be discussed, for a woman, skin, and face becomes a sensitive area to talk about. What happens when you find your skin is different, of course, it’s something scary for a woman. Having a healthy, smooth complexion is sure to be a woman’s hope and craving. However, to get smooth and smooth skin it takes the cost for the treatment. One of them is scrubbing.

For you, a woman who loves coffee, of course, gives her benefits. Besides being able to enjoy coffee, you can also use coffee to add coffee as part of a beauty treatment routine.

Coffee Scrub Face Mask

Having a clean, toned and subtle face becomes a hope for you a woman. But this time, you don’t have to be confused to get an easy way of caring for your beauty, especially your face. It does need a sacrifice to get something good, both time and capital, to get a beautiful facial skin as you want.

Coffee Scrub Face Mask (Picture Source: steptoremedies)

Skin scrubs, especially for the face, become one solution to make your skin cleaner and firmer. And this time, you do not have to worry about expensive costs, and also you do not need to go to the salon or facial care clinics and do not have to pay expensive cream to get a toned and smooth skin, because there are natural ingredients that can be utilized to Raise the blackheads and make the skin smooth and toned, that is coffee.

Coffee Scrub For Face Benefits

Behind the black coffee, it turns out that coffee has tremendous benefits for beauty. Coffee Scrub can remove skin cells effectively (by removing dead skin cells), which can produce skin becomes smoother and facial skin becomes brighter. Also, coffee scrubs can improve blood circulation and also prevent premature aging.

Coffee Scrub For Face Benefits
Coffee Scrub For Face Benefits (Picture Source: myhaircare)

Taking from in a study conducted by Seoul National University in 1981, the researchers found that the effects of caffeine could reduce inflammation, which had the same strength as aspirin. So the use of caffeine-containing coffee makes it ideal for reducing inflammation and redness of the skin, which is because coffee is a strong anti-inflammatory trait.

How To Make Homemade Coffee Scrub For Face

How to make a coffee scrub is very easy, there are three main ingredients to make natural exfoliator grains, namely coffee, sugar and also salt.

Materials needed, among others:

  • 1 cup of coffee powder that has been milled roughly
  • 1/2 cups of sea salt or palm sugar.
  • 1 cup olive oil

 How to make coffee scrub:

  1. Mix all the dried ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Add the oil into the bowl.
  3. Stir well until it becomes a coarse dough.
  4. Rub the coffee scrub dough into your face.

Note: Use fresh coffee powder instead of coffee or instant coffee in a sachet. And choose the type of robusta coffee for caffeine levels to be doubled compared to the ingredients of arabica coffee.

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Mug Coffee is still a personal item that must have a coffee lover. Using other equipment to enjoy coffee is normal, for example replacing it with cups or coffee cups, the flavor of the coffees is also unchanged. But different is the feeling of using the coffee equipment, of course, because it is used to use, such as using personal items that are only special for self-use. One of them is to have a coffee mug with a cute theme, make a mug favorite coffee that you must have. Nerdy Coffee Mugs can be a mug of coffee options that you can collect. Besides funny, the picture that is in the mug is very interesting to accompany you enjoy coffee.

Drinking coffee becomes a fun activity, which is not only done by the urban people, but the tradition of enjoying coffee has been done by people since the time, even enjoy coffee has become an activity to establish social relations. Many types of coffee cups evolve with the progress of the era, even this time developed coffee mugs with interesting images that could be one of the collections of cute mugs to put in your home.

Nowadays, coffee mugs have become a very personal item, so the elements are personalized into one thing that must be a concern, especially for producers of coffee mugs. Opportunity to make a coffee mug with the idea of personal and funny products becomes a business opportunity that can be developed.

Funny Nerdy Coffee Mugs

Choosing a coffee mug Nerdy make your coffee event more meaningful, besides being able to enjoy coffee with a pet glass. So does the coffee mug, which can show the identity and character of a person with a coffee mug that he chooses. Similarly, when using the Nerdy coffee mug, it shows you are someone who has a relaxed, humorous, and happy nature on things that are relaxed but serious.

Funny Nerdy Coffee Mugs (Picture Source:

Nerdy Coffee Mug is one of the unique coffee mugs because it brings out the funny side of things. And of course, this can show your side when enjoying coffee by using a Nerdy coffee mug.

Cool Nerdy Coffee Mugs

Lots of types of coffee mugs that give a choice of glasses with unique design, funny and cool. Starting from plastic material, stainless steel, glass, even a porter. So also with the Nerdy coffee mug, is a mug made besides, this coffee mug on the base is a white color with a size of 15 x 10 x 7.5 cm.

Cool Nerdy Coffee Mugs
Cool Nerdy Coffee Mugs (Picture Source: uniquehunters)

These cute cups and cool Nerdy models indeed have a fascination for coffee lovers. On the side, there are lots of funny nerdy pictures and funny writing that will make you smile while enjoying your coffee.

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Coffee, this drink into a fast-growing drink, not only the types and trends of coffee drink but also the modification of coffee that happened is amazing. Various kinds of coffee drinks menu modified to give a different delicious coffee to be liked by coffee lovers. The not only modification of coffee drinks with milk and ice cream, but also coffee mixed with alcoholic beverages to drink a trend in the development of coffee, which is also called “Coffee Flavored Liqueur”.

One of the countries that found this drink (coffee liqueur) is Italian. Italy became a country that continues to develop this type of beverage. Call it Caffe Borghetti from Fratelli Branca, this drink is brewed coffee beans at a concentration level that is almost the same as the espresso. Or a drink with the name Galliano Ristretto, which is a thick black coffee, but has a taste of liqueur which is almost identical with one full-pressure coffee shot.

Coffee Flavored Liqueur Brands

In addition to Italy, liqueur also develops in the United States, one of the produced brands of coffee liqueur is St. George’s NOLA Coffee Liqueur, produced by St. George Spirits, a distillery in Alameda, California, with coffee Chicory as the main menu.

Coffee Flavored Liqueur Brands (Picture Source: cocktailhunter)

Not only in Alameda, the Lexington House, located in Los Gatos, California, owned by a bartender named Jimmy Marino, made a modification to the liqueur coffee by mixing a coffee from the St. George with rum that gave birth to coffee New type liqueur called Coffeed Negroni, with a taste not too sweet yet balanced.

Sheridan’s Original Coffee Flavored Liqueur

In addition to Italy and the United States, there is one more country famous for the liqueur coffee, which is Ireland. Two Irish coffee brands are exposed in Ireland, namely Baileys or Sheridan. Irish coffee in Ireland was first discovered by Joe Sheridan, a cook in Foynes, County Limerick. There is an interesting story when the first Irish coffee was found. Around 1940, when it was winter, passengers from the new United States arrived at Foynes Harbor feeling cold due to freezing temperatures, and over the idea of Sheridan, which then added whiskeys to the coffee drink to warm their bodies from the cold temperatures.

Sheridan's Original Coffee Flavored Liqueur
Sheridan’s Original Coffee Flavored Liqueur (Picture Source: notcot)

Over time, Stanton Delaplane, finally bringing Irish Coffee from Ireland, entered the United States, after having had a drink at Shannon International Airport. Since then, Irish coffee has grown not only to the United States but also other countries.

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As a coffee lover, surely you know with a coffee machine, at least you hear about a coffee machine that serves to cultivate, make, grind coffee beans and brew into a coffee drink that is ready to be served to you. With the development of technology, coffee machines become more sophisticated, especially with the completeness of the features in coffee machines that can make coffee quickly. This machine can make a coffee drink, for example, Espresso, Cappuccino, and various other coffee menu offerings. To make a cup of coffee, you will need a coffee machine or a quality “Coffee Grinder And Brewer”.

Many types and models of coffee machines circulating in the market, but of the different types of coffee machines, to choose a coffee machine should be tailored to your needs, whether for commercial purposes or just for personal benefit at home. Enjoying a cup of hot coffee at home every time to be a pleasant thing, then the need for a coffee machine becomes a necessity for you, so you can enjoy the coffee whenever you want.

Coffee machine does give the main thing that is speed in making coffee, it is different when you prefer to make coffee manually. The tools used are different between brewing coffee manually and brewing with a coffee machine. Coffee machine intentionally provides delicious coffee quickly, especially for those of you who want coffee due to limited time.

Coffee Grinder And Maker All In One

The coffee machine does have a different character between one machine with another coffee machine. For example, automatic coffee machine like espresso coffee machine, from the way of brewing using hot water with high pressure or high pressure, which is certainly different from the manual coffee machine. An espresso coffee machine is a coffee machine with an automatic coffee grinder and brewing tool, which produces a fine coffee grinder, this is because the extraction will not be perfectly processed when the coffee powder has not been shaken until Really smooth.

Coffee Grinder And Maker All In One (Picture Source: homestratosphere)

In the espresso coffee machine, coffee beans are inserted in the Portafilter, only then connected with the espresso machine, the new extraction occurs, which is due to high pressure and hot water. In this coffee machine, the process is done quickly, it is different when using a manual system.

Coffee Grinder And Maker Combination Single Cup

For those of you who want coffee quickly and can enjoy tasting every time, then the solution is you must have a “single cup coffee maker”. A coffee machine is a coffee grinder and maker which is also called a personal coffee maker. This is so-called because the coffee machine has a small size designed just to make a cup of coffee only. This coffee machine is suitable for those of you who just want to make a cup of coffee, but often in a different time.

Coffee Grinder And Maker Combination Single Cup
Coffee Grinder And Maker Combination Single Cup (Picture Surce: delishably)

How to operate a Single Cup coffee maker is very easy, starting from grinding coffee beans, then putting a sieve on the machine, add coffee. Just then press the button to make a cup of coffee.

Best Coffee Grinder And Maker Reviews

From the many coffee machines, I saw one interesting coffee machine, and in my opinion the best coffee machine Krups XP5620. The machine has a capacity of 1.1 liters equipped with auto tamping designed to make the espresso, which produces the same coffee brew result every day. This coffee machine provides the freedom to use coffee powder or coffee beans when you want to make coffee.

Best Coffee Grinder And Maker Reviews
Best Coffee Grinder And Maker Reviews (Picture Source: gadgetspeak)

There is a completeness of machine that is a thermoblock that serves to accelerate the healing process before the machine is used. This machine is very thrifty. With a very affordable price, you have to choose this machine to make delicious coffee.

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