Speaking of tourism, it is very related to the tourism industry itself, including the tourist attractions and various related things in it. The tourism industry in the world today began to experience tremendous development and performance has always improved. Besides, tourism is considered as a sector that has many advantages, because the majority of all activities are in the service sector. Tourism developments are also not separated from the increasing number of tourist visits. Even with the development of the tourism sector also creates other business opportunities, such as the need for travel agents. With these opportunities, the question is how to become a certified travel agent, which can help travelers make their journey.

A travel agent is a person or group of people who have a role in arranging or planning a trip or holiday tour. So the travel agent has a role to help planning, choosing and arranging holidays, for those of you who need a travel agent. In addition to the task above a travel agent will work to make a budget, assign, schedule and arrange people who have plans to travel or want to enjoy the holidays using the travel services Agent.

The travel agent also has a very important role, especially in providing the best advice on where tourists should go, where to travel destinations, events and also needs on the way.

How To Become A Licensed Travel Agent

With the development of tourism sector, let alone coupled with many tourism places that have been opened, this makes many tourists who want to visit new tourist areas. Even with the ease of doing traveling alone, sometimes many questions arise when going to open a travel agent, namely whether the travel agent business still has the current opportunity?.

Indeed for you traveling lovers who love to do traveling independently is the usual, but for those of you who do the tour by bringing families or groups in large quantities then the need of travel agents seems still very Needed. There is a reason why the travel agent is needed, such as a travel agent needed to arrange a trip, so that it can save you time and money.

Become A Certified Travel Agent;How To Become A Certified Travel Agent;
Become A Certified Travel Agent (Picture source: thetravelinstitute.com)

If you are interested in the business of travel agent, especially become a licensed travel agent, in general way as follows:
  1. Has a corporate legal entity, with business legality recognized by the Government of the country where your travel agent established, such as tourism permit, and also the association certificate from travel (for international travel using IATA).
  2. Have a System Reservation and Ticketing certificate (either for the owner of the company or the travel agent business manager).
  3. In a country, usually the travel agent is obliged to have a business place or office with a complete operational means, as well as employees who have certificates or can run a reservation system and ticketing.
  4. Usually the travel agent is obliged to provide a deposit to the airline to be able to get the appointment as an official travel agent, so that there can be a right to sell tickets from the airline.

Become a certified travel agent online

Online travel agent business still have considerable opportunity and potential. OTA Business Phenomenon (Online Travel Agent) is still wide open. This business is still flourishing with the development of tourism. OTA's presence is also related to the development of an increasingly good e-commerce industry.

Essentially, OTA's business scope is the same as conventional travel agents, but OTA opens its digital-based service. All transactions, ranging from information search, ordering and payment are done online.

As for the way to become a certified travel agent online, among others:
  1. You have to get a franchise that gives ease in registering as an online travel agent, especially as a airline ticket sales agent.
  2. Among the franchises there is a franchise that does not charge for your registration as an airline ticket agent with both online and offline systems.
  3. Choice of institutions that have certificates, trusted and also as official that.
  4. Look for information and guidance on how to become an airline ticket agent without capital.
  5. Follow the guidelines and procedures you have to run.
That's a little tips and how to become a certified travel agent, hopefully useful for you. Thank.