Cuba, a country located in the northern Caribbean, is a meeting of the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Whoever thought the country as small as Cuba became a fascinating country of a tourism destination. Although the country has an area that is not too large, Cuba offers uniqueness and beauty that cannot be missed. As well as us, when enjoying our trip to the United States, as we still have time, we proceed to another country, according to the next plan. Traveling to Cuba from the USA, Eventually, it becomes the next traveling destination.

There are so many interesting places to visit. It is still a country that is often missed because it is not as popular as the countries in Europe and Asia. But a visit to Cuba definitely gives its own sensation.

Traveling to Cuba from the USA
Traveling to Cuba from the USA (Picture source:
Cuba or officially referred to as the Republic of Cuba is a country consisting of the island of Cuba, as well as the Isla de la Juventud and several small islands. Although Cuba is one of the most exotic countries, Cuba is very rarely visited by tourists, it is because Cuba is a country that still adheres to socialism. However, currently traveling to Cuba is already a trend for all travelers, including tourists from the United States.

Preparing for a Cuban travel plan

Retrieving information from The New York Times, there are a few things you should understand before traveling to Cuba, as follows:
  • Get cards for tourists at the airport. You can buy a tourist card that has the same function as the visa, with the price depends on the airline you choose. You can also order them first via the Internet.
  • Not allowed to stay at the hotel. All travelers are not allowed to stay at the Hotel Cuban Military. But do not worry to stay, because in Cuba there are many options, and there is also a share program for renting rooms for local people.
  • Bring cash. Cuba does not allow American dollars to be used in its country, and tourists are not allowed to use credit cards. Therefore all transportation, dining, shopping, and entertainment must be paid with cash. If you want to take cash, ask someone else to transfer to Western Union and ask the local community for help to pick it up. Don't forget to give tips for that person.
  • Account for the money exchange rate. You must redeem the U.S. dollar at a 10% discount, in addition to the US dollar you must exchange for euros. Make up for the money exchange cut, because you are overwhelmed to calculate your expenses.
  • Cuba has two currencies. It is often missed when going to Cuba because Cuba has two types of currencies that are used depending on the needs. For everyday purposes, for example in restaurants and shopping centers, used currency Cuban Peso Nacional (CUP) or commonly referred to as Moneda Nacional. And for business people, use the currency Cuban Convertable Peso (CUC) called Pesos.

Favorite places to see in Cuba

There are many places of interest in Cuba that you can visit and can tell on this occasion, but I randomly take six of the best tourist attractions in Cuba, which you can consider visiting in Cuba, as follows.
  • The Vinales Valley
The Vinales Valley, a fascinating farm, is an interesting place to be an icon in Cuba. UNESCO has even made this valley a World Heritage site. The Vinales Valley is well known for its level of nature reservation and traditional farming techniques used to take care of this precise.

The Vinales Valley;Traveling To Cuba From USA
The Vinales Valley (Picture source:
Your Traveling will be impressive when you visit this place, because you can enjoy the natural green scenery, and can also do educational tours.

  • Partagas Cigar Factory
Cuba is the best cigar producing country. A lot of cigars are sold in the country, ranging from the lowest price to the best quality cigars.

Partagas Cigar Factory;Traveling To Cuba From USA;
Partagas Cigar Factory (Picture source:
Partagas Cigar Factory was built in 1845. When YOU visit this cigar factory, YOU are not allowed to use the camera, this is done to protect the way of making Cuban Partagas cigars in order not to be imitated by other factories.

  • Old Havana
In Havana, you can enjoy an interesting sight, one of which is Old Havana. While in Old Havana, you can try to visit the national Hotel De Cuba, which is one of the historical buildings that still preserved. Guests are welcome to enjoy the sunset in the hotel's garden, even if you do not stay at this hotel.

Old Havana;Traveling To Cuba From USA;
Old Havana  (Picture source:
The hotel building includes an antique hotel, the building has two canon weapons that are relics in the US era to fight against Spain.

  • Santiago de Cuba
This tourist spot is located in the east part of Cuba, which is the largest city and also the second oldest city after Havana. In this city, you can enjoy the carnival on the streets. The carnival is played every July.

Santiago de Cuba;Traveling To Cuba From USA
Santiago de Cuba (Picture source:
In this carnival, there are Afro-Cuban music performances and also dance all night on the streets. In the city, you can visit "the Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca" which is a fortress built around the year 1500.

  • Varadevo
Varadevo is a resort that also becomes a tourist attraction, and also an icon and a destination for tourists visiting Cuba. The Resort has complete facilities with a variety of entertainment and excellent rides.

Varadevo;Traveling To Cuba From USA;
Varadevo (Picture source:
This area is an area of 12-mile white sand beach, golf course and also features luxury hotels, such as Occidental, Melia, Sandals, and Barcelo.

  • Trinidad de Cuba
Trinidad de Cuba is an inner-city tour, discovered in 1954, and also recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 1988. Trinidad de Cuba is a jewel in Cuba, here built luxury houses around the Plaza Mayor.

Trinidad de Cuba;Traveling To Cuba From USA;
Trinidad de Cuba (Picture source:
These houses, have been preserved and served as galleries and museums. The favorite is the archeological museum and Palacio Burnet which are equipped with rattan wood furniture. It is located south of the Cuban coast.

Already no longer confused about Traveling to Cuba from the USA?. Now the Cuban government has given leeway for tourists to come to his country. Moreover, Cuba gained considerable income from tourists to Cuba. Hopefully, this little article is helpful for you. Thank.