Nurse, this word reminds me of the relationship of a profession with health. Curious why the nurse said on this theme is connected to traveling. Nurses in Latin are called "nutrix" which means caring or nurturing, which is a profession focused on caring for a person, family or community to nurture and heal the pain to be healed Optimal. On the idea this time there is an idea that makes a curiosity about what is a traveling nurse?. With the development of time and still a lot of areas that are still isolated by health workers, then the solution is the existence of a traveling nurse.

A traveling nurse

Many people have a less precise opinion about nurses, many of whom assume that nurses are doctors ' assistants. It is less precise, nurses are nurses. A nurse is someone who has a special education to care for, whether they are sick or still healthy. And also, nurses are a profession equivalent to other healthcare professionals, including physicians.

About Traveling Nurse

Talking about traveling, means talking about a hobby to enjoy a trip, but what if you want to be or currently still a nurse, but want to have or enjoy your hobby in Doing traveling, doing adventure, discovering new places and also happy to help people?. So being a traveling nurse can be the answer to your hobby and your profession. Become a traveling nurse, including interesting and fun, if you have a hobby traveling.

Opportunity to be a keyword here, and according to the Travel nurse organization, Traveling Nurse is a nurse who fills the void of employee needs in a national and also international hospital. Why can the opportunity be said, based on information from the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in 2020 this year, various hospitals and health facilities will try to meet the shortage of nurses as many as 1 million nurses, this shows High demand for traveling nurse.

What Does A Traveling Nurse Do

A lot of positions can be filled by a traveling nurse. A traveling nurse can fill a position in the short term which can last for eight to thirteen weeks. And also a traveling nurse can work in various departments, such as the emergency room, operating room, intensive care unit, and many others.

As a traveling nurse, you will be paid to do the job you like, both in the United States and the region with an international scope. For assignments in the United States are focused on areas where the nurse lacks, and when the assignment is completed, the traveling nurse can apply again to get new assignments elsewhere, or it can also do Contract renewal if requested at the same location.

Especially for international travel nurses, will have a long task when compared to the usual traveling nurse Degan. With a period of one to two years. And for its task can reach out to areas that experience emergency health, for example, the areas affected by natural disasters or even disease outbreak.

What Is The Salary Of A Traveling Nurse

Especially for this, I very rarely discuss, because it includes the sensitive thing, which can be informed is only limited to the estimate. The salary of a traveling nurse between $52,000 and $93,000. With an average salary of about $78,120. To see your salary range, you can compare information about salaries in travel agents and travel nursing. The interesting thing here is traveling nurse is one nursing profession with the highest salary.

Can You Be A Traveling Nurse Practitioner

Becoming an expert or becoming a practitioner must be something to be desired, as well as a traveling nurse, after doing the profession of traveling nurse, hope to become A Traveling Nurse Practitioner, can be realized if you can do Various tasks of a traveling nurse with professional, among others:

  • A traveling nurse should be able to assess the patient.
  • Can create and implement a patient care plan.
  • Provide care and medication.
  • Can collaborate with other health professionals about patient care.
  • Can assess and perform an interpretation of diagnostic tests.
  • Assess and provide the needs of both physical and psychic patients.
  • Can educate patients and family patients about the patient's condition.

Requirements For A Traveling Nurse

Are you interested in becoming a traveling nurse? Here's the requirement to become a traveling nurse, among others:

  1. Have a nursing license and have been working as a nurse for at least one year.
  2. Completing the registration to become a traveling nurse, for example through NursingJobs, and also provide evidence about the nursing license you have and also other additional certifications.
  3. After registration, a recruiter will provide a guide for you to do the registration process. Tips for you: give recruiters clear and important information about the destinations you want to travel to as a traveling nurse, the type of nursing you want to do, and also the facilities you expect when you start working.
  4. If you are going to work in a state or another country, and you do not have a license, and you are required to have a license at the destination, then the nursing agent can assist you and assist in taking care of the licenses, including the costs Issued.

That's a little bit of information about traveling nurses. Hopefully, this information is useful for you, and help you to become the best traveling nurse. Thank.