Currently traveling is still one of the fun hobbies. Many places in the world have the beauty that has its charm, so it makes it liked and curious lovers traveling. But behind the fun traveling activity takes a guarantee of yourself, whether health or accident protection can be covered all around the world. Travel insurance seems to be one of the options for covering such uncertainty. World Nomads Travel Insurance Review This time an interesting idea to be discussed, especially for those of you who like traveling abroad.

Having insurance can be an important thing, but it can also be said not important, it all depends on you and your beliefs. In essence, insurance, especially travel insurance, is useful to protect yourself in the event of an accident or a bad risk that occurs while traveling. Many countries (especially Europe and the United States) have required its citizens to travel to have travel insurance before arriving at the destination country.

World Nomads Travel Insurance Review

In general, travel Insurance has many types, the most common travel insurance is for international travel insurance, which is useful to protect you from medical risks with a predetermined time. There is even year-round travel insurance, which serves to cover domestic and international travel with a variety of purposes throughout the year.

World Nomads Travel Insurance Review Lonely Planet

It's interesting to discuss information about self-protection during the trip. I do not know the World Nomads Travel Insurance Insurance that can cover about self-protection during travel. But while looking for information on insurance, from a World Travel Handbook, the Lonely Planet, I found that the World Nomads could be one of those insurances that could cover self-protection.

World Nomads itself is a travel insurance company headquartered in Australia, established in 2002 by Simon Monk. With the idea to overcome problems that always arise while traveling, then Simon Monk set up insurance with the aim of being able to get freedom, safety and also connection.

As an insurance company focussed on backpacker and traveler, World Nomads has the advantage of good corporate management, competitive premium prices, and also corporate ethos as insurance for travelers.

Review of World Nomads Travel Insurance

It is interesting to discuss self-protection during your travels. A lot of satisfying experience when using the World Nomads as protection insurance while traveling. At the beginning of the process, you must buy an online policy, and in the latter days, you can extend the insurance policy indefinitely, and another important thing you can do is take a photo for all the documents and also receipts and upload them. And later when something happens, the process of claims can be done online.

How to make an insurance claim at World Nomads:

So please read carefully all the requirements to make a claim. And most importantly:

  1. Document all your items. You should be aware of and follow the rules and insurance policy, there is no evidence, then no reimbursement. For that, if you are going to make a claim, then you should prove if you have purchased something, therefore you should save the purchase receipt. And also prove that at the moment, you are there, or the lost item is there when it is stolen. Therefore, before traveling, do take a photo of the bag and its contents before leaving, so you can have a photo document and if the bag is stolen, you can file a loss report to the police, because the insurance company will Be Requesting a copy of the police report.
  2. Document your illness. If you are sick, keep all your documents and receipts. The note that you can remember here is: the more information and documents you have, the easier it will be for you to get a replacement.

For that, you can choose World Nomads as one of the best insurance companies, if you are looking for travel insurance to be done in the long run or you will be backpacking.