It's fun to be able to provide interesting experiences about traveling, this time traveling in Indonesia is done on the north coast of East Java, and coincidentally the article with the title "Exciting traveling at Bahak Indah Tongas Beach Probolinggo, a form of pride in traveling in Indonesia" became one of the winners at the Mystery Topic Pesona Indonesia competition with the theme: Sustainable &; Responsible organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in April  2023 yesterday.

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Indonesia is indeed a rich country with all kinds of cultures, tribes, and customs, not only that Indonesia is also rich in tourism that continues to be developed. So many local tourist attractions are not inferior to other countries. Similarly, the theme this time is "Exciting traveling at Bahak Indah Tongas Beach Probolinggo, a form of pride in traveling in Indonesia". As if to show that local tourism can also be the pride of the community.


There are many reasons why you should be proud to travel to Indonesia, especially local tourism around where we live. Traveling in your area, such as at Bahak Indah Beach in Tongas, Probolinggo does not require a large cost, just ride a bicycle, and we can enjoy the beauty of the beach with a cool breeze, and can also channel hobbies, whether writing, taking pictures or just enjoying the beauty.

The Charm of Bahak Indah Beach A Combination of Beach Beauty and Cool Cypress

Who would have thought that the northern coastal area of East Java in Probolinggo has beautiful beaches that can be developed into tourist attractions? So far we have always focused on the beauty of Bromo Mountain Tourism which is included in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, and incidentally, going to Bromo, Tongas can be an alternative way to the famous tourist attractions.

Bahak Indah Tongas Beach Probolinggo
Bahak Indah Tongas Beach Probolinggo

Different used to be different now, a few years ago, Bahak Beach was just a beach where fishermen went and went home to fish, without any development, the beautiful beach was constrained by the surrounding area which was hot and arid. One time, Bahak Beach which was later called Bahak Indah Beach began to be developed by the Village Government together with the Probolinggo Regency Government to become the beautiful beach it is today.

Bahak Indah Beach is located in Bahak Hamlet, Curahdringu Village and Dungun Village, Tongas District, Probolinggo Regency. The mention of Bahak, because this beach is located in Bahak Hamlet, so to facilitate it, the name Bahak became the name of Bahak Indah Beach as it is now.

To get to this beach is very easy, especially now that there are many guides to Bahak Indah Beach, from the direction of Surabaya or the direction of Banyuwangi, you just need to look for the Tongas Regional General Hospital as a benchmark or 1.2 km from this hospital, then just walk along the road to the north, passing the railway track and a school "MTS Negeri Tongas".

Currently, with the ease of information and technology including from social media, as well as promotions from the manager and also the Probolinggo Regency Government, making this beach began to be crowded with tourists including local Probolinggo tourists themselves who want to enjoy the beauty of the beach.

On this beach many activities can be done, enjoying the natural beauty of one of them, such as the beauty of the sunset that is always awaited by tourists or those who want to swim in the sea while looking for shells can be done, or just enjoy the activities of fishermen who are looking for fish in the sea.


In addition to the above activities, you can see the beauty of the beach from a vantage point, if you want to see the scenery around the beach, you can also take Instagramable photos, coupled with the beauty of shady cypress trees and also neatly arranged, making this beach more beautiful.

To enter this beautiful beach tour does not need an expensive cost, before it was renovated, it was still shabby and just free of charge.

But after being renovated with various facilities that are very supportive, visitors have to pay an entrance ticket, and calm down it is very cheap, only Rp. 5,000 per person, and parking fees for motorbikes are only Rp. 2,000 and Rp. 10 thousand for four-wheeled vehicles.

Starting from an Arid Beach to a Beautiful Beach with Cypress Around It

Currently, Bahak Indah Beach is also getting more beautiful, especially with neatly arranged cypress plants, making the beach unsightly.

Behind the beauty of fir at Bahak Indah Beach there is a figure who plays a very important role in the beauty of fir, namely Mr. Samsuri who was moved to plant it with fir trees which at that time Bahak Beach was full of garbage and also mangroves that were done with his wife and children.

The sneer he once received, is now bearing sweet fruit with the success of planting these plants, especially with its positive impact on making the beach no longer eroded and the pond is also protected from abrasion.

For his persistence, Mr. Samsuri even received an award certificate and also a trophy from the Regent of Probolinggo.

In addition to the rows of cypress trees, there are also mangrove trees or mangroves which are currently also a special attraction.


At first, around 2015 it began with an assistance program from the Probolinggo Regency Government which was used for mangrove planting and other activities, making the beach face begin to look beautiful. And also improvements in the process of road access that makes this beach can be reached by tourists including those who ride four wheels.

This row of mangroves is indeed very interesting with varied shapes, with varying sizes, making mangrove trees an interesting photo spot especially when the sea is receding.

Of course, the existence of this beautiful beach is an advance in the development of the village community, starting from welfare with the arrival of tourists as well as for the village government. Because of its location in two villages, namely Dungun Village and Curahdringu Village, the management of Bahak Indah Beach tourism is managed by the Probolinggo Regency Youth, Sports, and Tourism Office with Bulk Dringu Village and Dungun Village Owned Enterprises.

Tips for Being a Nature-loving and Responsible Traveler

Of course, as a citizen who must love and be proud of Indonesia, he must always maintain cleanliness and beauty, wherever he is.

Similarly, when enjoying the beauty of nature or traveling, he must always instill in himself to become a traveler who is "sustainable and responsible travel" which will later become a sustainable lifestyle that makes him a traveler who always keeps tourism sustainable so that it does not only aim to find pleasure.

As a traveler who is proud to travel in Indonesia, there are tips for you to protect nature so that tourism is maintained in the long term, including:

1. Do not litter.

This step is very easy and simple, especially in the context of tourism related to nature, producing garbage in its place is an easy step to keep nature awake.

Similarly, when traveling on Bahak Indah Beach which is already famous for its beauty, do not let you reach the beach or even the sea, because if done continuously it will certainly pollute the beach and sea.

2. Reduce the use of plastic.

This step can be done, there are many reusable bags that you can use, so there is no need to carry plastic bags that end up being thrown in the trash.

3. Plant trees.

Currently, in Bahak Indah Beach, mangrove tree planting has been encouraged by government agencies, the private sector, and also the community independently.


You can also participate in helping to grow, this will give pride yourself, and also provide an understanding that preserving the environment is very important for the preservation of coastal and marine ecosystems.

4. Maintain marine ecosystems.

This method is very simple and easy to do, for those of you who come to Bahak Indah Beach, maintain the beach ecosystem in the sea by not littering carelessly in the sea, this will keep fish and other ecosystems maintained.

That's a little note and information about "exciting traveling at Bahak Indah Tongas Beach Probolinggo, a proud form of traveling in Indonesia". Hope it is useful.