Maybe the name of this place, Trawas, is a natural tourist destination in Mojokerto you rarely hear, it can even be said to be inferior to contemporary tourism which is currently very easy to explore on social media. But who would have thought, that Trawas is an interesting place, in addition to being a natural tourist, it also has historical value and can also learn about the environment.

Trawas is an area located 60 km from Surabaya or about 45 km from Malang. The atmosphere is perfect for those of you who love the environment, with beautiful nature, cool and clean air.

The Beauty of Trawas

The attraction of Trawas is the beauty of Dlundung waterfall, which is in PPLH Seloliman and also Petirtaan Jalatunda Temple.

Dlundung waterfall is located in Kemloko Village. Trawas, with a height of about 23 meters is also at the foot of Mount Welirang. This waterfall is also located in a tourist area in a forest dominated by pine trees covering an area of 1,600 hectares owned by Perhutani KPH Pasuruan, Mojokerto Regency.

The area of Dlundung Waterfall tourist area is about 4.5 hectares. In addition to waterfalls, in this area, there is also an area to relax and also a spacious and comfortable camping ground.

Trawas, a Natural Tourism Destination in Mojokerto
Dlundung Waterfall (Picture:

Once entering the gate, you will pass an asphalt road up for 1 kilometer, with views of pine forests and rice fields, before arriving at the motorized vehicle parking lot.

The motorbike parking lot can accommodate around 50 motorbikes, while the car park area can only accommodate about 5 cars.

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About 30 meters from the parking lot, there is a permanent saung with a size of 5 x 5 meters with tiled floors. Here you can sit back and relax after enjoying the Dlundung waterfall.

Learning Environment at PPLH Seloliman

After enjoying the beauty of Dlundung waterfall, then you can continue to PPLH (Environmental Education Center) Seloliman, which is located in Seloliman Village, on the western slope of Mount Penanggungan with an altitude of 350 to 400 meters above sea level. The distance of Dlundung waterfall is about 15 km and takes 30 minutes by car.

PPLH Seloliman was founded by Yayasan Indonesia Hijau (YIH which was established in 1978), in 1990 and then used as an environmental education center. All activities are carried out in this PPLH, ranging from tropical forest management, environmental pollution, waste management, organic farming, micro-hydro plants, and solar cells, to sawdust furnaces.

Learning Environment at PPLH Seloliman
PPLH Seloliman (Picture:

PPLH Seloliman is open to anyone who wants to visit, from kindergarten to college, even from the information community to formal organizations, and must be coordinated with the board before arrival.

At PPLH Seloliman, you can learn a lot, especially those related to the environment and its preservation, ranging from getting to know tropical forest ecosystems, environmental pollution, rural family environments, alternative energy and appropriate technology, waste management, and landscapes, and also environmental architecture.

Petirtaan Jalatunda Temple

After enjoying the beauty and learning about the environment at PPLH Seloliman, you can stop by Petirtaan Jalatunda Temple which is in the Seloliman area, located about 2 km from PPLH, precisely on the slopes of Mount Bekal, which is one of the peaks of Mount Penanggungan at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level.

Petirtaan Jalatunda Temple (Picture: @hendra.sdc)

This temple is a bathing temple left by King Airlangga, which occupies an area of about 1 hectare, but the area of the temple is only about 200 m2.

At the highest part, it is only 6 meters from ground level. Based on references, this temple is a petirtaan temple prepared by King Udayana of Bali who will edit Princess Gunapriyadharmaphatni, Airlangga's mother. Its construction was carried out in 997 AD.

Petirtaan Jalatunda Temple consists of three main parts, namely the bathing pool on the left and right of the temple with stone walls, the main temple in the middle surrounded by water channels, and the pool that holds overflow water from both parts before flowing into the sewer.

Jalatunda Temple
Jalatunda Temple (Picture: @elvinnurul)

In this shelter pond, there are koi fish of various sizes that are visible because the water is very clear. Even from various stories, this water is the clearest in the world.

In this temple, visitors can bathe or perform ritual offerings or make pilgrimages. There is even a belief, people who bathe in this petirtaan can stay young, besides that bathing can cure various diseases.

That's a little information about "Trawas, a natural tourist destination in Mojokerto". Hopefully useful for those of you who want to enjoy a tour with a refreshingly natural atmosphere.