Talking about tourism and natural beauty in Indonesia, it cannot be separated from the wealth of tourism in North Sumatra. In addition to Lake Toba, there are also other tourist attractions. This time, Bukit Lawang Tour, enjoying nature and fauna from orangutans to bats, is an interesting choice for you nature lovers.

Bukit Lawang Tourism, Enjoy Nature and Fauna from Orangutans to Bats
Orangutans in Bukit Lawang (Photo: indonesiatourism)

Bukit Lawang is an orangutan-endemic animal conservation area that is included in the Gunung Leuser National Park area.

Bukit Lawang Tourism Location

Bukit Lawang Nature Tourism is located in Bohorok District, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra.

Bukit Lawang Tourism Location
Getting to Bukit Lawang (Photo: Instagram@aurora.rlubis)

The tourist area is located within Gunung Leuser National Park. This makes Bukit Lawang still has beautiful nature and environment.

Things to Do in Bukit Lawang

Quoting from, several tourist activities can be done in Bukit Lawang, including:

  • Interact and see orangutans in their natural habitat.

Bukit Lawang is an orangutan rehabilitation site that has been established since 1973, and a Sumatran orangutan observation site since 1991.

Interact and see orangutans in their natural habitat.
Orangutans (Photo:

No wonder that when visiting there, many orangutans live freely in the wild which is their natural habitat. This is because 90 percent of the tourist area is forested.

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While exploring the Bukit Lawang forest, tourists will be accompanied by a guide who will provide information about orangutans there.

  • Jungle trekking

Bukit Lawang has a beautiful environment. If you want to enjoy it, tourists can do trekking in the forest.

Nevertheless, visitors must prepare stamina so as not to get tired easily. This is because climbing through the forest will go through an up-and-down path.

Treking in Bukit Lawang Forest
Jungle trekking (Photo:

During trekking in the forest, it's a good idea to keep a safe distance if you meet orangutans.

In addition, the orangutan habitat is not disturbed.

Not only orangutans, but if you are lucky, you may also meet ferrets, king kaua birds, long-tailed monkeys, macaques, or other animals that you may not have met before.

  • Enter Bat Cave

Bat Cave is located not so far from the entrance of Bukit Lawang. You only need to walk about 15 minutes to reach it. Just as the name suggests, the cave is the habitat of thousands of bats. 

Enter bat cave in Bukit Lawang Forest
Enter bat cave (Photo: instagram @benjamin.rother)

To see it, you need the help of a flashlight. In addition to bat viewing, Bat Cave also offers an interesting view of the inside of the cave. You will see some large stalactites that have been formed hundreds of years ago.

  • Down the Bahorok River

Bukit Lawang has a river called Bahorok. When visiting there, you can wade the Bahorok River using rubber tires.

Down the Bahorok River in Bukit Lawang Forest
Down the Bahorok River in Bukit Lawang Forest (Photo:

However, while wading the river using rubber tires, tourists will not be given life jackets. If you want to stimulate adrenaline, you can take part in these activities.

Although it sounds scary, the natural scenery around the river might make you forget the fear. In addition, if you are lucky, maybe you will see orangutans walking by the river.

In addition to river rafting, there are also rafting activities. To follow it, you will be given a life jacket and helmet.

  • Photos in Instagramable spots

Not only can you enjoy the beauty of nature, but Bukit Lawang also offers several Instagramable spots that are worth visiting.

One of the Instagramable spots in Bukit Lawang is a suspension bridge that stretches quite long.

Suspension bridge in Bukit Lawang Forest
Suspension bridge in Bukit Lawang Forest (Photo:

There are also steps in a building near the river for rafting, piles of rocks in Goa Bat decorated by sunlight peeking from the trees above the cave, as well as a seat located on the Landak River.

Route to Bukit Lawang

From the city of Medan, you need about 3 hours 18 minutes and cover a distance of 94 kilometers.

The route is from Medan, directing the vehicle to Binjai. After that, follow Google Maps to go to Bohorok. Then follow Jalan Bukit Lawang to reach the location of the Orang Utan nature reserve.

Bukit Lawang Opening Hours and Entrance Ticket

This natural tourist attraction in Langkat is open every day. The opening hours of Bukit Lawang Langkat are 24 hours every day. This 24-hour operational schedule is certainly following the camping activities offered by the manager.

The entrance ticket to Bukit Lawang Langkat includes a ticket to enter the Gunung Leuser National Park area. So, it is enough to pay once when entering the national park.

Here are the price details: 

Details of entrance ticket prices in Bukit Lawang Forest
Details of entrance ticket prices in Bukit Lawang Forest (Photo:

That's a little information about "Bukit Lawang Tourism, enjoying nature and fauna from orangutans to bats". Hope it is useful.