If you say sorry because you missed not visiting this cool spot. It must be very regretful. Maybe it can be said to be missed because of the many activities when visiting various tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, even having visited Ratu Boko Temple, still not aware that the location of the cool spot is near Ratu Boko Temple. The tourist spot is "Ijo Temple", a place with the best sunset in Yogyakarta.

Ijo Temple, A Place With The Best Sunset in Yogyakarta
The Beauty of Ijo Temple Yogyakarta (Photo: instagram.com/fkierana/) 

Actually, before this pandemic happened when enjoying the atmosphere at Ratu Boko Temple, some friends had invited me to sit back and take pictures at Ijo Temple, but because they forgot or still enjoyed the atmosphere at Ratu Boko Temple, making the invitation like a breeze. Recently, when I saw various photos of traveling memories in Jogja, I realized that Ijo Temple also has cool spots besides Ratu Boko Temple.

Ijo Temple in Yogyakarta

Ijo Temple is the highest-located temple in Yogyakarta, which shows the charm of nature and also a very good culture. If you are enjoying the atmosphere and sitting on the steps at the main gate of Ratu Boko Temple and facing the west side, on the left side you will see a hill and that's where Ijo Temple is located. Because of the existence of Ijo Temple, the runway of Adisucipto Airport cannot be extended to the east.

Ijo Temple is a temple built around the 9th century, on a hill, which people call "Gumuk Ijo" or Green Hill. This temple is located at an altitude of 420 meters above sea level. What is interesting is that this temple offers a beautiful panorama of Yogyakarta City. Even at one point, you can see the runway of Adisucipto Airport.

Ijo Temple in Yogyakarta
Cool sunset at Ijo Temple Yogyakarta (Photo: @jogja.lungo)

Ijo Temple is a temple consisting of 17 building structures divided into 11 stepped terraces. The building on the 11th terrace is the top terrace, which is the main building in the form of one main temple facing west and 3 perwara temples in front of it facing the main temple. In addition, there are also eight phallus pegs.

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The temple courtyard is also very interesting, which is overgrown with green grass and also a stretched landscape that is a favorite place for visitors, especially with its good scenery.

Location of Ijo Temple

Ijo Temple is located in Groyokan Hamlet, Sambirejo Village, Prambanan District, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta. Or about 18 km from Yogyakarta City, but only 4 km from Ratu Boko Temple. For access to Ijo Temple, don't worry, it is very easy, especially with the various facilities available.

Location of Ijo Temple
Ijo Temple (Photo: ihategreenjello.com)

Speaking of Ijo Temple, this temple was first discovered accidentally by an administrator of the Sorogedug Sugar factory by the name of H.E. Doorepaal around 1886, while looking for land for sugarcane cultivation. Then in a short period, C.A. Rosemeler also visited Ijo Temple and found three stone statues, this finding attracted the interest of archaeologists to carry out further excavations.

Isn't it interesting? Hopefully, you can come soon to enjoy the beauty of Ijo Temple and travel fun. And hopefully the information about "Ijo Temple, a place with the best sunset in Yogyakarta" is useful and can be a reference for those of you who want to enjoy traveling in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.