After forest fires and 504 hectares of land in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park for 10 days, finally the tourist route in the Mount Bromo Tourism area opens again on September 19, 2023, at 00.01 WIB.

Mount Bromo Tourism Opens Again September 19, 2023
Aerial photo of land conditions after the fire in the Mount Bromo area, Probolinggo, East Java, Friday (15/9/2023) (Photo: ANTARA FOTO/Muhammad Mada)

The opening applies to all routes, both through the entrance of Coban Trisula Malang Regency, Wonokitri Pasuruan Regency, Cemorolawang Probolinggo Regency, and Senduro Lumajang Regency.

The hike to Mount Semeru is still closed

However, not all areas are open for tourism. One that is still closed is the ascent of Mount Semeru.

Taking information from, according to the Head of Administration of the TNBTS Great Hall, Septi Eka Wardhani through his written statement, "As for climbing Mount Semeru is still closed because the level of volcanic activity is still at Level III or Alert".

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The closure of climbing the highest mountain on Java Island has been going on since July 3, 2021, due to the implementation of restrictions on emergency community activities.

The hike to Mount Semeru is still closed
The condition of the TNBTS savannah is burnt due to forest and land fires (Photo: KOMPAS.COM/Imron Hakiki)

The closure continues until now due to increased volcanic activity and has not abated.

Remembering the Climb of Mount Semeru

While still open for climbing, Mount Semeru climbers start the journey from Ranu Pani in Senduro District, Lumajang Regency, East Java.

Along the way, climbers will be treated to the beauty of natural panoramas, one of which is Ranu Kumbolo.

The lake at an altitude of 2,389 meters above sea level (masl) is usually a camping place for climbers.

Usually, climbers will welcome the arrival of sunrise or sunrise at Ranu Kumbolo, before continuing the journey.

Next, climbers will go through the Love Climb, Oro-oro Ombo, and Cemara Kandang, to the last camping ground at Kalimati Post.

Hopefully, Bromo Semeru tourism will come back to life, as well as "tourist routes in the Mount Bromo Tourism area open again September 19, 2023", can be interesting news for all traveling lovers.