Fire on Mount Papandayan, hiking trails are temporarily closed. Mount Papandayan is located in Garut Regency, West Java, this closure is due to forest fires that are still occurring.

Mount Papandayan hiking trail temporarily closed due to forest fires (Photo: Screenshot Instagram/bbksda_jabar) 

Reporting from Antara, Tuesday (10/24/2023), according to Cisurupan Police Chief, Iptu Asep Saepudin, "The temporary climb is still closed due to safety considerations."

Climbing closures are carried out to facilitate the blackout process

In addition to safety, climbing closures are carried out to facilitate the extinguishing process and prevent the fire from spreading.

Previously on Sunday (10/22/2023), it was reported that there was a forest fire in the Tegal Alun Block. Fires are still burning today.  

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Joint officers, he continued, are still ready to extinguish fires that are still occurring at two points in the forest area manually.

"The fire spot has shrunk, only two points away, now it will be extinguished again by a joint team."  

The cause of the fire is still unknown and it is still focusing on extinguishing. The area of land burned is estimated to be around 100 hectares.

Tourist Attractions on Mount Papandayan Still Open

In contrast to the hiking trail, tourist attractions located far from the fire site are still open to tourists.

The fire spot is located quite far from the gate of Mount Papandayan Nature Park, precisely about three hours on foot.