Swimming in the river with cool and fresh water can be an option when the day is hot. Do you want to enjoy the coolness and freshness of the river that comes from the spring? Kali Udal Gumuk, the beauty of a glass-like river in Magelang, Central Java, can be an option.

Kali Udal Gumuk Magelang (Photo: instagram.com/aditya_kumara)

The location of "Kali Udal Gumuk" is precisely in Treko Village, Mungkid District, Magelang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia.

Route to Kali Udal Gumuk

The distance from the center of Magelang City is about 14 kilometers with a travel time of approximately 20 minutes.

The easiest route to Kali Udal Gumuk from the center of Magelang City is through Blabak T-junction.

From Magelang City, follow the main road south to Yogyakarta. Arriving at Blabak T-junction, turn left (direction of Selo Boyolali) and leave the main road.

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Then, turn left again at the T-junction in front of Rocket Chicken Blabak. Next is easy, just follow the main road to Candimulyo.

About 3 km on, there will be a fork in the form of a T-junction. Turn left at this branch (direction Candimulyo).

About 3 km further on the right of the road, there is an alley with a banner "Welcome to Kali Udal Gumuk Bath, Treko V Village".

Kali Udal Gumuk

Reporting from Kompas.com, this Udal Gumuk River tour is in the middle of trees.

The parking area, to the river, is not far away. Visitors only need to walk down for about 5 minutes.

Kali Udal Gumuk
(Photo: wisata.app)

Upon arrival at the river, there are already several tourist facilities, ranging from food stalls to bathrooms and toilets.

Refreshing River

The water of this river is very clear and fresh. The community dammed the flow of the river, thus making it a kind of pond.

Visitors can see for themselves the source of this river which comes from a spring, directly emerging from the ground.

Route to Kali Udal Gumuk
(Photo: magelangekspres.disway.id)

Tourists can swim or play water. The pool is also not very deep, only around the abdomen of adults.

The deepest part of the river is around the pouring water that flows into the pond. You can try to dive. With swimming goggles, the clear water of this river can be witnessed.

To more freely enjoy the river, visitors should come when it is quiet because the place is not too wide.

Visitors can also see springs that are the source of river flow. However, visitors are prohibited from swimming in the spring area because the water is taken for community purposes using pumps.

Admission Price and Opening Hours

Currently, there is no admission ticket to 'Kali Udal Gumuk'. Visitors only need to pay sincerely in the box in the parking area.

There is currently no rental of swimming equipment. There is only a tire rental for IDR 5,000 to use as much as you want.

According to information from one of the sellers at the stall, this tourist spot can also be for camping activities.

Therefore, Kali Udal Gumuk is open 24 hours (Free opening hours, no time limit). But for swimming, tourists usually do it from morning to evening.

That's a little information about "Kali Udal Gumuk, the beauty of a glass-like river in Magelang, Central Java". Hopefully, this tourist information is useful, especially for those of you who are curious about tourism in Indonesia with a different atmosphere.