On Thursday (10/19/2023), the status of Mount Slamet rose to Level II, climbing was closed. This status rises from Level I (normal) to Level II (alert).

As a result, activities within a radius of two kilometers (km) from the summit crater of Mount Slamet are prohibited.

The Peak of Mount Slamet (Photo: instagram.com/slametviabambangan)

With the rise of the status of the mountain as high as 3,428 meters above sea level (masl), how is the climbing activity?

Climbing to Mount Slamet has been closed for more than a month

As for the status increase, climbing to Mount Slamet, Central Java has been closed for more than one month.

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That's because climbing Mount Slamet has been closed since September 14, 2023, in anticipation of forest fires.

Taking information from Kompas.com, Sugeng Riyadi who is an officer of the Slamet Mountaineering Basecamp via Bambangan, said "Yes, that's right, climbing Mount Slamet has been closed since September 14, 2023".

Baturraden tourism is still safe

Although the hiking trail is closed, tourist destinations around the highest mountain in Central Java are still safe to visit.

One of them is Baturraden in Banyumas Regency, Central Java. According to Kompas.com, Thursday, this tourist destination is still safe to visit.

According to Setia Rahendra, Head of the Banyumas Regency Youth Sports Culture and Tourism Office, "The increase in volcanic activity of Mount Slamet is common and is a volcanic dynamic".

He continued, that tourists do not need to worry about coming and traveling to Baturraden.

In addition, the distance from the tourist destination Baturraden from the top (crater) of Mount Slamet is quite far, which is about 12 km.

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