Several tourist villages in Indonesia have won awards from the World Tourism Organization under the United Nations, and UNWTO. One of them is Penglipuran Bali Village, which won Best Tourism Villages 2023 from UNWTO.

Penglipuran Tourism Village in Bali was selected as one of the 54 UNWTO Best Tourism Villages 2023.

Penglipuran Village Bali, Wins Best Tourism Villages 2023
Penglipuran Bali Village (Photo:

The award was won by Penglipuran Tourism Village in the third edition of "Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO" which was held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, on Thursday (10/19/2023).

Penglipuran Village Bali Successfully Selected Among 260 Candidates

The Tourism Village located in Bangli Regency was successfully selected among 260 candidates and more than 60 countries listed.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia - Sandiaga Uno welcomed the award given by UNWTO to tourism villages in Indonesia.

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Sandiaga Uno in his written statement, on Saturday (10/21/2023) said, "I am very optimistic, this will be an inspiration for other tourist villages in Indonesia to optimize our Natural Resources, Human Resources, and cultural heritage."  

He explained this is the mission of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, namely for the revival of an economy based on justice for the community.

It continues to encourage quality and sustainable tourism, one of which derivatives is village tourism or tourism village.

Other tourism village awards

In addition to Penglipuran Village, three other tourism villages in Indonesia are included in the upgrade program of this initiative, namely Bilebante Village in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), Pela Village in East Kalimantan, and Taro Village in Bali. 

These villages are listed under the UNWTO Best Tourism Villages Upgrade Programme which are villages with great potential from various parts of the world.

Penglipuran Village Bali Successfully Selected Among 260 Candidates
Penglipuran wins Best Tourism Villages 2023 (Photo: Kemenparekraf)

For information, Best Tourism Village was held to capture pilot villages that have succeeded in developing tourism, by empowering local communities and preserving local traditions and heritage.

The upgrade program itself is a program providing support from UNWTO and partners to tourism villages that almost meet the criteria as Best Tourism Villages, but are still lacking in some aspects of the assessment.

Impact of Best Tourism Villages Award

Based on data, by 2023, as many as 190 villages have become members of the Best Tourism Village Network which is expected to become the largest global village network.

The success of Nglanggeran Village in 2021 and Penglipuran Village in 2023 which received an award as Best Tourism Village is an international recognition of the quality of tourism villages in Indonesia.  

Penglipuran Tourism Village Manager, I Wayan Budiarta, accompanied by the President Secretary of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ni Wayan Giri Adnyani, received the charter directly from the UNWTO Secretary General.

According to I Wayan Budiarta, "Best Tourism Village from UNWTO is an extraordinary international award in the development of Penglipuran Tourism Village."  

This award is not only for Penglipuran, he said, but for Indonesian tourism in general. This achievement is also said to further elevate Penglipuran Tourism Village at the international level.

Still according to I Wayan Budiarta, "In addition, this award is one of our motivations, the Penglipuran community, to maintain and preserve traditions and culture so that tourism in Penglipuran tourism village can be sustainable."  

The nomination of tourism villages is carried out by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy through a rigorous selection process from the winners of the Indonesian Tourism Village Award and intensive mentoring.

This ensures that the tourist village is indeed worthy of the international award. The results are then recommended to the UNWTO.

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