Those of you who have often visited Indonesia must be familiar with the name of this one area, "Brebes". This area is indeed famous as a producer of shallots and salted eggs. But who would have thought, it turns out that Brebes also has interesting tourism potential. Even one of them is Sirah Pemali, the beauty of springs in the middle of pine forests, Brebes Central Java, so attractive to domestic and foreign tourists in Indonesia.

Sirah Pemali is located in Winduaji Village, Paguyangan District, Brebes Regency. Sirah Pemali is a natural tourism managed by a Village-Owned Enterprise "Berkah Makmur Desa Winduaji".


The tourist attraction of Sirah Pemali is a spring (called "tuk" in Javanese) in the middle of a pine forest area, in the form of small lakes, rides, and pine forests.

Village-Owned Enterprise "Berkah Makmur Desa Winduaji" cooperates with Perhutani (State-Owned Enterprise in the form of a Public Company), because the forest area belongs to Perhutani. This 21-hectare tourist attraction was opened to the public on October 28, 2021.

The idea of Sirah Pemali tourism originated from an effort to revive the economy of residents after the pandemic while reducing unemployment. So, residents can work managing Pemali Sirah tourism or selling there.

Previously, the area was a pine forest managed by Perhutani.

Spring in the Middle of a Pine Forest  

The attraction of Sirah Pemali is the presence of springs in the middle of the forest, there are five springs in the tourist area.

The spring is in the middle of a pine forest, which is the source of water for the Pemali River in Central Java.

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Pemali River known as Kali Brebes is a river that flows in Central Java. With a length of about 125.4 kilometers (km), the Pemali River is the longest in Brebes.

If the upper reaches of the Pemali River are in the Pemali Sirah, then the upper reaches of this river empties into the Java Sea. So, this river flows from south to north of Central Java.

Spring in the Middle of a Pine Forest

When visiting Sirah Pemali, tourists can enjoy the freshness of the spring. It is said that residents who swim in the spring will stay young. Moreover, the depth is only about 1.5 meters, so it is quite shallow.

In addition to springs and pine forests, Sirah Pemali has several other tourist attractions such as small lakes, water games, camping grounds, children's pools, rabbit parks, halls, gazebos, and public facilities, such as toilets, prayer rooms, and parking areas.

Ticket Prices and Opening Hours of Sirah Pemali  

The entrance ticket price of Sirah Pemali is quite pocket-friendly, which is IDR 10,000 per person, valid on weekdays and weekends. However, the ticket does not include paid rides in it.

Ticket Prices and Opening Hours of Sirah Pemali

Sirah Pemali is open every day, starting from 08.00 WIB to 17.00 WIB.

That's a little information about "Sirah Pemali, the beauty of a spring in the middle of a pine forest, Brebes Central Java". Hopefully, this information is useful and a reference for those of you who come and want to enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia.